John Harbaugh: Ravens weighing whether to add Owen Daniels


The Ravens, who lack accomplished depth behind starting tight end Dennis Pitta, could be open to adding a veteran well-versed in Gary Kubiak’s offense.

Head coach John Harbaugh indicated Tuesday that former Texans tight end Owen Daniels is under consideration, the club’s Twitter feed reported. Also, Harbaugh said re-signing tight end Ed Dickson was also a possibility, according to the club.

The 31-year-old Daniels has caught 385 passes for 4,617 yards and 29 TDs in eight NFL seasons, all with Houston. Throughout Kubiak’s tenure as head coach, the Texans used multiple tight ends in the offense, so Daniels could have an important role in the Baltimore scheme even if Pitta were the top target. The same could be said for Dickson, who’s made 44 starts in four seasons with Baltimore.

The Texans released Daniels on March 11. Were the Ravens to sign him, he would not count in the formula the NFL uses to determine compensatory draft picks.

24 responses to “John Harbaugh: Ravens weighing whether to add Owen Daniels

  1. I say hold off until the draft. If we draft Ebron or Jace we wont need his services. I expect the ravens to grab one of these guys in the first two rounds if available. Something tells me they wont be. Either way, i dont think the ravens should mess with daniels. We already failed on dallas clark. poor guy couldnt take a hit to save his life…literally.

  2. … and mike brown sits on his hands (and wallet) and doesn’t do anything to improve the receiving depth of the Cincinnati Bengals.

    Get a REAL #2 wide receiver.

  3. The Ravens need to add a receiver with size and physicality. Smith is a burner, but doesn’t have the stature to fight for balls over the middle. With Kubiak’s offense, someone is going to need to run the Andre Johnson position. You don’t necessarily need someone as talented as Johnson, but that size, speed, hands combo will allow that offense to be a little less predictable. Daniels would be a good depth signing, considering Pitta’s recent injury history, though.

  4. When Ebron’s stock was lower (pre-combine) I think the Ravens expected him to fall to them and didn’t need a second TE. Now that Ebron is project no lower than 12 and next TE available via draft is Amaro who is second round talent, and the Ravens won’t reach (best available) so Daniels seems like the logical answer.

  5. I can’t believe he’s still unsigned. There are multiple teams that should be interested, if the price is right.

  6. “Maybe Ozzie can play the #3 TE spot.”

    That’s not a bad idea. He would be better than anyone else in the division.

  7. Owens is not a TOP tier TE like Gronk, Graham or Davis.

    He is definitely in that 2nd tier though. The guy is a catching machine though. He will catch anything you throw to him.

    We will miss OD in HTown. You need someone to catch it across the middle on 3rd and 9… OD’s your guy.

  8. Ozzie is the best gm in the game bar none. People talking smack about Smith and Daniels being old should shut their mouth! If talking loud and saying nothing was a sport, they would be the best. But this is building and maintaining a highly competitive franchise. They can’t build so they tare down who can do what they only dream of.

  9. I am sick of watching spirals bounce off Dickson’s shoulder pads. I am not sure about OD, but I am we don’t want Dickson back. That is part of Flacco’s problem. He had too many receivers that drop balls, or just don’t try very hard to catch them.

  10. Lmfao…. Someone actually said Smith didn’t have the size to fight with people over the middle.

    Typical blinded by media. You see he’s blazing fast and just assume that’s all he does. Torrey smith routinely goes up in the air over defenders and out-fights them for the ball.

    And other times… He’s typically interfered with and it’s ignored because they don’t want to call it every passing play.

  11. The Ravens need a true threat on offense, a guy that can be moved around and make plays from anywhere on the field. Brandon Cooks / Eric Ebron etc. A conventional WR isn’t going to do what the Ravens need, they need to keep opposing DC’s up at night and there is nothing they have that does that right now.

  12. Daniels is a reliable TE behind Pitta. Let Dickson go. And use the draft pick for an O-lineman, safety, WR. I think Daniels would fit right into the Ravens scheme from the start. And can probably get him at a fair price. Ozzie has been hitting it out of the park so far. Why stop now. I don’t have playoff expectations for this team. SB expectations. Ravens need another shot at Manning and Tammy.

  13. I would take a 30 year old proven player over an unknown in the draft any day. But the really good ones aren’t going anywhere or are too high priced. I think Daniels would be a good fit for the right price. Dallas Clark had a tough career catching passes from Manning. He’s done. Owens has plenty left in the tank. At least a few years worth.

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