Ravens give John Harbaugh one-year contract extension


Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh’s job status has never been in question. However, that didn’t stop the team from giving him a contract extension as a show of good faith.

According to Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com, the Ravens gave Harbaugh a one-year contract extension last month. His contract now runs through the 2017 season.

The Ravens missed the playoffs last season for the first time in Harbaugh’s six-year tenure as head coach in Baltimore. Owner Steve Bisciotti said the extension is “a vote of confidence.”

Harbaugh received a four-year extension after the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII in February 2013.

“[The extension] covers years seven through 10 with him,” Bisciotti said, “and I anticipate he’ll be here longer than 10 years.”

32 responses to “Ravens give John Harbaugh one-year contract extension

  1. This is an example of why the Ravens, Bengals and Steelers are competitive and the Browns ARE NOT. These teams have coaching consistency, while the Browns (aka the Stains) have had like 4-5 coaches since Tomlin, Harbaugh and Lewis have been with their respective teams.

  2. Another solid move on The Ravens part. John has done nothing but win or break even. He has shown the ability to lead young men and has instilled a consistent winning culture in Baltimore. He deserves every penny he earns and am very happy to have him represent my football squad. Harbs is the man

  3. I can’t wait until the Ravens unveil the statue of Ray Lewis doing a bojangles jig.

  4. The myth that is the Ravens have drafted decent and recently and their picks pan out. Real fans know better.

  5. Top 5 NFL coach + #1 GM + top 5 owner = recipe for long-term success. Steelers fans will say otherwise, but the proof is in the record books.

  6. Oh you mean that coach who has never had a sub .500 season as a HC, and in his 6 years as Ravens HC has only missed the playoffs once, has been to the AFCC 3 times and has a SB ring? Yea that guy.

    Again, I cannot stress this enough- Steelers fans, please bring something logical to the table if you want to knock Harbs. None of the “he sucks” or “that franchise is a joke.” Give me something worth arguing instead of the typical run of the mill insult launch that garners nothing more than a pat on the back for yourself after you punch “enter.”

  7. 2 division titles, 5 straight playoffs, 3 AFC Championship Games & a World Title. His worst year was 8-8 in a transition year, and they were one quarter away in the final game from a 6th straight post-season appearance. This is a bottom line business, and over the last five years few if any have been better than Coach Harbs. I love our coach, and am glad ownership is taking care of him.

  8. He also was given a lifetime supply of Kleenex for all his whining and crying. Him and his worthless brother complain on every play. Their belief they are entitled makes most football fans sick, actually all football fans sick. Crybaby – Har – Bawlers…. Ravens are the worst franchise in history of the NFL.

  9. The Ravens joined the NFL in 1996. Since then, we have won two super bowls and so have the Steelers….so as far as I’m concerned it’s a race to 3!!!!

    Go RAVENS!!!!!

  10. Caretaker at best. This many years in still can’t manage a clock or his timeouts. Has no experience with, or apparent understanding of defensive or offensive schemes, nor influence on his coordinators – see the meltdowns with Mattison, Cameron, and Caldwell that just steamrollered downhill beyond his control for too long. He inherited a perennial top 10 defense with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed running the show. Got to the playoffs and crapped out early four times before finally making it to, and and managing to barely win a SB, riding the one good streak in Flacco’s career, against a second-year / first year playing Kaepernick. He can’t motivate his sloth -like QB for jack. Has a petulant “doghouse” he reserves for uppity players who play hard but don’t buy his BS, all at the expense of wins. Caretaker at best. Much like Billick and Flacco, if they were available tomorrow there wouldn’t be a rush to hire them.

  11. Ten years and beyond according to the owner. I recall John Fox reportedly talking to another coach and he said when he was hired in Charlotte he never expected to be there for nine years. The other coach nodded in agreement.

    I grew up in an army family and we moved a lot, and it’s kind of a shame for so many NFL and college coaches that there’s not a lot of job security so their wives and kids end up moving a lot too. That’s tough when you’re growing up and having to change schools.

    But then, in these times, very few of us have real job security… if we’re lucky enough to even have a job that’ll pay the bills.

  12. “Again, I cannot stress this enough- Steelers fans, please bring something logical to the table if you want to knock Harbs. None of the “he sucks” or “that franchise is a joke.” Give me something worth arguing instead of the typical run of the mill insult launch”

    Agree with you here man. I honestly think there are some stinker fans that are confined to a hospital bed and all they do is hit refresh waiting for a Ravens article to pop up. It would be sad if it wasn’t so pathetic.

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