Report: Falcons willing to move up from No. 6 in Round One


Three years ago, the Falcons made a bold move up the board in Round One to take wide receiver Julio Jones.

Now, it appears they are pondering trading up in the 2014 draft, too.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Falcons “are open” to dealing for an earlier pick in the first round.

The Falcons hold the No. 6 overall pick. The Texans (No. 1), Rams (No. 2), Jaguars (No. 3), Browns (No. 4) and Raiders (No. 5) select ahead of Atlanta.

Any move up the board would not be cheap for the Falcons, given the value of any of the early first-round picks in what is regarded as a deep draft.

The Falcons are not suitors for a quarterback. The big question, then, is whether any of the other five teams ahead of them are willing to take a passer, thus pushing the top talent at other positions down the board. The Falcons’ reported willingness to move up may suggest Atlanta believes it could have to grab an earlier spot to get its desired player.

Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson, South Carolina outside linebacker/defensive end Jadeveon Clowney and Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack are among the top non-quarterback prospects in the upcoming draft, and all would fill needs for Atlanta.

35 responses to “Report: Falcons willing to move up from No. 6 in Round One

  1. With the Falcons reported interest in moving up in the round 1 — I also wouldn’t rule out Watkins. Roddy White is about 33 years old and has bum knees. If they added Watkins opposite Julio — you’d be looking at some damned scary weapons.

  2. i pray they don’t move up. if anything, they should move back and gain a pick. need to much help to be giving away picks to move up.

  3. But Kevin Colbert from the Steelers said everybody wants to trade down and he was pretty sure about that due to the unusual depth of this particular draft that he and only he has discovered. He couldn’t possibly be wrong could he?

  4. If the Texans take a QB with the first overall pick, then do the Falcons trade up with the Rams to get Clowney – giving the Rams their second chance at hauling in a substantial loot to move back from #2 to #6?

  5. Not a Raiders fan but, would like to see DE Clowney in silver & black. He reminds me of some of those great Chiefs, Broncos, and Raider defenders of the old AFL. He just personifies the “Raiders.”

  6. TD-
    Please do not trade up and give picks away. The draft is too deep for that. Hang at 6 or trade down. Don’t blow this we need depth!
    Houston takes Bortles
    Rams – Robinson
    Jags – Clowney
    Browns – a QB
    Raiders – Watkins or a QB
    Falcons – (Mack or Matthews will be there, just chill out with this trade up stuff, damn!)

  7. They should definitely move up if they believe the price is fair. If they identify a franchise player that they believe won’t be there at 6, then you definitely make that move.

  8. This would be the ideal thing for Cleveland if they have actually decided not to go for a QB in round one.

  9. So Atlanta has multiple holes and could beef up both sides on the ball in the trenches and they want to move up!?

    I think Dimitroff would be better back as a Browns line painter.

  10. For goodness sake, don’t move up. We need as many picks as we can get at this point to fill glaring holes. If mack is available take him. If not move down and pick up a second or third rounder and take the best OT or safety available.

  11. I would be in favor of my Texans trading picks with Atlanta. They could still get one of the top 3 QBs and keep them from being tempted to take Clowney.

  12. Why do the Falcons operate as if they are a great team that is just 1 or 2 players away from the Super Bowl?

    They have plenty of holes and should not be trading away a bunch of picks.

  13. There’s probably 12 studs in this draft and another 100 good players. The Jags can use any one of those top 12 so package up your 2nd and 5th rounders and we’ll swap ones.

    You get the guy you want, we get a stud plus another solid guy and some depth. Win-win.

  14. texans -qb

    rams- robinson

    jags – any possibilty- qb,Watkins, Clowney, Mack

    browns – qb

    raiders – matthews, watkins, mack, or clowney

    atlanta – who’e ever left over..

  15. If Clowney isn’t available, draft Matthews.

    Falcons need to get better up front, protect Ryan. He’s the franchise. I expect Atlanta to make the playoffs this season. Saints will win the division, ATL will get a wildcard spot.

  16. There are a lot of Falcons fans saying don’t move up,stay put and take the best OT & DE left. Idiots they done that their entire existence on OT & DE’s which is why they’re one of the few NFL teams without a ring! A scared man can’t gamble and a jealous man can’t work!

  17. If they want to trade up, it’s because they are ready to give up on Matty “Ice Cold”. He stunk in 2013 and there is no reason to believe it was an aberration. As their playmakers have gotten old, Ryan has been unmasked as the Matt Schaub or the Mark Sanchez of the NFC.

  18. I believe they’re after Sammy Watkins Clemson WR and they believe the Raiders would beat them to drafting Watkins, especially since they’ve aquired the QB they needed in Schaub or they’re looking at Auburn OT Greg Robinson.

    I think Watkins is a dynamic WR that would definitely present problems for any defense, by stretching the field, commanding double teams and opening the ground attack as a result. With Watkins, White and Jones, you would almost be forced to play dime coverage for the entire game.

    I can also see them drafting OT Greg Robinson, and that would definitely give them a great pass protector and road grader that would solidify they’re offensive line and provide QB Matt Ryan with blindside and backside protection for years to come.

  19. It seems the Falcons have learned nothing from last season when hey had little to no depth to speak of. They ended up like that because they’ve traded so many draft picks away to move up in past drafts.

    But the consistently good teams don’t move up in the draft, they move down and acquire more draft picks. The more picks you have, the more likely you’ll hit on some.

    And just like with Julio Jones, what happens when the player you traded so much to get ends up injured for an extended period of time? It’s a double whammy. You don’t have the services of that player, and you don’t have the depth you would have had if you’d never made the trade for them either.

    I can understand that jobs are on the line if they have another losing season. But this “one player away” mentality the Falcons have isn’t very smart. A team is never one player away. It takes multiple players at key positions to make a team a champion. The Falcons should stay where they are or trade down.

  20. The reason they’re considering this is because the just received 3 compensatory draft picks at the owners meeting yesterday. They get a 4th round and 2 7th round picks (139, 253 & 255 overall).

  21. There’s no way THE ATL is going Sammy Watkins: despite a recovering Julio Jones, an aging Indian giver Roddy White but underrated gem Harry Douglas + Darius Johnson & Drew Davis are young bucks who can get the job done. They will move up for Clowney or Greg Robinson only, they will stay put or move down most likely. There are just too many holes.

  22. As long as it only costs them an extra pick or two (2nd rd and late rounder to move up), I’d say do it especially if you can grab your player but they really shouldn’t move up as the deep draft is filled with talent. At #6, they can get Mathews if they don’t get Robinson, Mack if they can’t get Clowney, or even Mike Evans, if they can’t get Watkins. At #6, they are a prime canidate to trade down as they can get a team to give a boatload of picks for 1 player and even a future #1.

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