Rex Ryan on 2014: “Watch out for the Jets, man”


Old Rex was a lot more fun.

Then again, New Rex is still OK.

The Jets head coach didn’t reprise his Super Bowl prediction or anything, but insisted Tuesday morning that his team shouldn’t be overlooked.

Watch out for the Jets, man,” Ryan said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I’m just telling you.”

That doesn’t mean Ryan doesn’t have high hopes, after owner Woody Johnson said “patience” is no longer part of the conversation.

“My expectations have never changed: I want to win and I expect to win,” Ryan said. “I’ll say this: It’s time to deliver. It’s time to deliver for this community, for New York, for this entire area. We got to step up and deliver. I’m not running from it. Let’s put it that way. I expect a lot out of this football team.

“Nobody’s really talking about us and that’s fine and dandy. They’re going to.”

There’s no doubt about that, as the Jets always manage to make themselves a spectacle. Whether Ryan can make them a playoff team for the first time since 2010 will be another story.

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  1. This, from the same guy, who dubbed Mark Sanchez as “the Sanchise.”

    This from the same guy so confident that his wife has a permanent tattoo of the Sanchise on her person.

    This from the same guy who regularly promised Super Bowl victories out of the Jets in seasons past.

    Yeah, sure.

  2. rex ryan will retire a raven

    i guarantee he couldnt give a flip about the new york jets

  3. Pick Sanchez back up as a free agent on a new contract, that’ll get folks talking again. Please, Rex, I’m begging here.

  4. “Nobody’s really talking about us and that’s fine and dandy. They’re going to.”

    Now that you’ve opened your fat mouth with another silly prediction, I’m sure they will.

  5. DO YOU REALLLLLY want to know what is so bad about this bozo and this team,,,LACK of COURTESY, and Professionalism,,,,,,the HEAD guy on down sound like 12 year olds on the playground,,,talking the “dozens”. When have you every heard BB or any of his peers say…YOU BETTER WATCH OUT FOR THE PATS,,,Nooooo they extend the prof courtesy to their opponents and give them their profs.
    IT’s called “BRAGGING” and BOASTING,,,,without the ability to back it up. It is childish, immature and plain distasteful.

  6. You gotta say this about Rexy, it certainly doesn’t bother him to continually make an azz out of himself with his silly predictions.

  7. The Jets haven’t won anything since the moon landing. Just let that sink in for a minute.

  8. AKA – “Watch out for an awkward QB controversy in August, followed by Vick getting hurt Week 5, followed by Geno coming in and mixing in a few flashes of being good with a plethora of picks, all culminating in an 8-8 season.”

    Yea, watch out for the Jets.


  9. I suppose he’s going to be bashed for saying he expects his team to play well. What a whacky guy that Rex is, demanding and expecting a high level of performance from the team he’s paid to coach!

    I’d rather he not say anything, if only to avoid the media blowing it out of proportion, but what is he supposed to say? “Oh yeah, we’ll probably be somewhere around 6-10 or 808 and and I’ll be fired. Nothing to see here, no further questions please!”

  10. This is right up there with “I guarantee Mark Sanchez will lead the Jets to a Super Bowl”

    and… “As long as I’m here, Mark Sanchez will be the QB of the NYJ”

    You think his players, let alone NY fans, believe him anymore?

    Enjoy the tattoo removal surgery Wrecks!

  11. Well he’s not exaggerating their roster by the time the season starts will be pretty good Super Bowl good No! But a good one I just wish he would stay quiet and let this team fly under the radar so we can sneak up on all the haters who love to comment on the Jets and listen to you all slink back under your bridges caves and holes.

  12. Why not talk it up? Nothing to lose at this point. Win and he’s right. Lose and he’s fired.

  13. Jets record is 5-11 this coming season. If you don’t agree write back with who they beat. Dates are not set but teams they play are.

  14. now that Vick is on the team i will watch out for them…to make sure I NEVER watch or root for them
    -jets fan of 30 years

  15. ESPN only talks about the Jets?!??
    -and this from a Patriots fan??

    Are you serious?

  16. did he really just say ‘nobody is talking about the jets?’

    i wish that were the case. there is nothing interesting about the jets. but all you hear about is the jets.

  17. If the media turned Bill Belichick into the media darling they want him to be, they’d complain about that too. Whatever grabs the eyeballs…..and we all know sucking toes, butt fumbles, tattooing players on your body, bringing in Brett Favre/Tim Tebow/Mike Vick, and making outrageous predictions grabs eyeballs.

  18. Nobody is really talking about them?


    Has this man ever read a newspaper or gone on a website in his life? No mediocre to bad team has ever gotten as much press as this team.

    We talk about them every day.

  19. How can the Jets not trade up and take Clowney? I mean they have the car, and the tent, and the circus, it is a natural fit in name alone!!

  20. So does this mean I can’t say “Same ‘ol Jets” now? No? Too soon…lol. Ah, what the hell…. “Same — ‘ol— Jets”! Ah-ah-ah! 🙂

  21. I love the Rex attitude. Jets will be standing in your path……..We will give you our best shot…..We will get yours….May the best team win. Since Rex came into the NFL he has always been apart of teams that are all heart and tough as heck to play against….. Rex believes in his players…..His passion is contagious…8-8 last year with one of the least talented rosters.

    Say what you want. I’m a Jets fan. I’m glad Rex is our coach. From the reaction in the locker room last season, so are the players…

  22. Poor Rex, when he left Baltimore, he was at the top of his game. We still love him here in Charm City, but this guy has ran this team into the ground, and now hes flat out lying to you poor people and that just isnt right! I mean over paying a number 3 wideout number 1 wideout money is one thing, But thinking you’re going to be any more then a 7-9 team with vick @ qb is bonkers. This team has literally NO talent. Decker is hardly an upgrade, as he has no one to throw him the ball. Its not right to give all these new yorkers false hope like their yankees are doing. Its just not right.

  23. Really Rex, no hope to compete for the division, no hope unless Brady gets hurt. Rex has kept his mouth shut making one to believe he learned his lessons the hard way.

  24. Rex Ryan is a great motivator but he needs to be a defensive CO on a offensive team to win the big one. He’s just not a HC great with D but not to smart with anything else other then running and that’s hasn’t been great recently. Plus the front office is not helping him either Rex is a great D mind and he should do just that with a team like NE GB or
    Phi. His brother did it with No he can do the same. Rob will have a ring soon and if Rex follow the same way he will to. Great O Needs Great D.

  25. “this guy has ran this team into the ground”

    “This team has literally NO talent. ”

    You are aware that the GM is the one who gets the talent, right?

  26. We really have to appreciate Rex. He talks to the media, doesn’t treat people like crap, and has a reputation as a hard working & honest coach. You really want a league of head coaches like Belicheat? The only thing Belicheat gives you is dishonest injury reports….after he talks down to you.

  27. Well, Rexy, you did it again…in 2013 when nobody had the Jets going higher than 4-12 or 5-11, the Jets came together toward the end when they were 5-8 and won last three games, in other words exceeding expectations and finishing second. So now that Rexy and the media is saying the Jets are possibly a playoff team thanks to Decker and Vick (never mind they lost Cromartie and were played by Revis) and that wonderful young D-Line or something like that does it mean the Jets will, as usual, blow it? Revis knows the Jets and as a Patriot now he will be able to handle anything Jets give him as motivation. Bills offense will get better and with Wilson passing on now they are motivated. Bullygate is behind Miami and now with Albert Tannehill has time to throw. I mean, really, have the Jets improved to where Rexy can say they are a contender? I doubt it!

  28. You think this guy is a blowhard now, just imagine how he would be if he ever won a Super Bowl. He’d think he’s better than Vince Lombardy.

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