Snead says Rams have “better than 50 percent” chance of signing Britt

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Receiver Kenny Britt remains a free agent.  He may not be a free agent for much longer.

The chatter at the league meetings indicates Britt could pick his next team within the next 48 hours.  In an interview with PFT, Rams G.M. Les Snead pegged Britt’s chances of landing in St. Louis at “better than 50 percent.”

A first-round pick of the Titans in 2009, Britt’s rookie contract has expired.  With the Titans (as G.M. Ruston Webster confirmed to PFT earlier in the day) clearly not in the mix to keep Britt, he needs a new home.

The former Rutgers receiver has visited the Rams, Redskins, Patriots, and Bills.  In St. Louis, Britt would be reunited with coach Jeff Fisher, who drafted Britt in Tennessee.

Britt’s play has fallen off in recent years.  After a great start to the 2011 season, Britt tore an ACL.  He has struggled ever since then to regain the form he was beginning to display.

22 responses to “Snead says Rams have “better than 50 percent” chance of signing Britt

  1. Britt should join the Jets. They badly need another WR for Geno to overthrow. Since the DeSean Jackson pipe dream has exploded, Britt would be a more realistic target for a team like the Jets.

  2. Not good enough for Patriots.
    Plus, he doesn’t fit into our ” team ” concept. Britt goes against everything the Patriots stand for.

    #patriotway #belichickisgod

  3. Jets.?

    Jets weren’t even an option.. It clearly say. ” Rams, Redskins, Patriots, and Bills. “… Shut up about the Jets. ( Yea. I gave your comment a thumbs down. Lol. )

    Yea.. Come on to St. Louis Kenny.
    Only thing about this pick up. Kenny to St. Louis makes the chances of Sammy coming to St. Louis change.
    K. Britt, S. Watkins, T. Austin, C. Givens, & J. Cook would be LOVE for Sam.. Lol.

    I just know. Kenny Britt pick up = Trading the 2nd pick.

  4. I’m an eagles fan so I have little stake in this, but why the heck won’t the pats sign at least one free agent receiver , they needed one when it came playoff time. Brady is only going to take them so far he needs a weapon, ASAP

  5. New England should sign a FA WR. Lord knows they can’t draft one. Need to get a pic of their draft board of WR’s – to make sure we don’t draft any…

  6. St. Louis has a better than 50% chance of signing a Pro Bowl talent with a Pop Warner work ethic. Big mistake, Snead. Can’t you find a guy who actually wants to play in the NFL, as opposed to one who just wants the paycheck?

  7. kenny played well for fisher in tennessee and my guess is that after the pats said no thanks kenny, will look at the remaining teams and locations then decide but, redskins and bills would have to outbid the rams for his services in my estimation cause if all was equal i think buffalo is way too cold and washington has a new everything but thats just my opinion. it would (the signing) allow the rams to concentrate on other aspects of their needs in the draft.

  8. So, with Givens, Austin, Quick and Cook all needing reps to develop, they’re going to add Britt to the mix?

    If I’m Britt, I go Bills, Pats, Redskins and then the Rams…only if Carolina won’t return my calls.

  9. It has taken him 2.5 seasons to try and regain the form he only showed for several weeks in 2011. That’s WAY too long. The fact Tennessee did not/could not trade him, speaks volumes. Belichick probably got the honest truth about him from Schiano. There is only one place on his free agent tour that actually has a QB, and it looks like they are gonna pass. What now?

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