Chris Johnson says he’s ready to workout, for somebody


Chris Johnson ran this week for the first time since knee surgery, and he plans on being ready to begin offseason workouts when they begin.

Whether that’s with the Titans or another team remains to be seen.

But Johnson told Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean that he plans to be in Nashville on April 7 when the Titans begin their conditioning program, though the team hasn’t declared their intentions.

Yeah, I plan on being there,” Johnson said. “If I haven’t been traded or released by that time, I will show up in Nashville and be ready to go from day one with the team. There’s been a lot of speculation about the future, and where I’ll be. But I am under contract with the Tennessee Titans. That’s my team. And whatever team I am with when the offseason program starts, that is where I am showing up.

“I want to run and lift with the team and do what I can to make the team better. If April 7 gets here and I am on the Tennessee roster, then I am going to show up ready to go.”

Of course, that gives the Titans plenty of time to make a deal, and there seems to be a market, with Johnson is willing to restructure a contract that’s scheduled to pay him $8 million. The Titans won’t want him working out there, as an injury would put them on the hook for the amount. They banned former quarterback Steve McNair from the program under similar circumstances in 2006 before dealing him to the Ravens.

Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt was noncommittal about Johnson when asked Tuesday.

“This whole thing is a process,” Whisenhunt said. “There’s not a timetable on doing it. We’re trying to do what’s best for the team. We’re certainly sensitive to try and resolve this whole deal sooner than later. It’s just a process that you go through. I hope the fan base understands we’re trying to do what’s best for our team. All that matters is what we do on Sundays and winning those games.”

It’s clear the Titans are thinking about moving on without him, so it makes sense for Johnson to remind everyone he plans on showing up, just to keep a little pressure on them too.

19 responses to “Chris Johnson says he’s ready to workout, for somebody

  1. Huge mistake. They aren’t even going to spend that cap space on anyone this season. They should see how he does with a real offensive mind in Whisenhunt for 1 year

  2. Wow, are we sure that was CJ2K actually talking there? That sounds NOTHING like the OLD Chris Johnson. Do whatever it takes to help the team…..until they miss a block….then it’s back to, “I shoulda had more yards than that….I can’t block AND run!”

  3. I’d like to see him with the Browns, punching holes for Tate. I definitely think he has something to prove.

  4. I’ve been over Chris Johnson since the 2010 offseason when he started attacking his frustrated fans on Twitter. And it went further downhill from there. That’s four years of waiting for his departure. … Can’t come soon enough.

  5. CJ career is not over but he is not a guy that can carry the team no more he need to go to a place that’s pass first. The saints is the best choice but they don’t have the money so a team with that type of offense should look at him he will be good when the focus is not all on him the field will open up so much. Atlease 3 years left in CJ

  6. He reminds me of Shaun Alexander – a great, great RB for a few years but it was like flipping a switch and BOOM, his career was over. I think CJ’s switch has been flipped.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if Whisenhunt is trying to convince the front office to hold on to him one more year. Coach did pretty good last year with a trio of mediocre backs, but he never had any talent at the position in AZ and that lack of a run game showed up big time without Warner under center. With Locker’s injury history it’s hard to just let go of a guy that can be such an explosive playmaker. And it wouldn’t be a big deal for the team to carry the salary this year; they’ve already missed the FA boat this year. Next offseason is when the Titans are going to need that cap space. That being said, as a Titans fan I was ready to see him go three years ago.

  8. There shouldn’t be quotation marks around that paragraph. Johnson can’t even say one decipherable sentence, let alone a paragraph.

  9. CJ trying to be a nice guy after refusing to take a cut for the team that made him their star player for so many years… Screw you CJ, willing to take a pay cut for another team but not for your hometown Titans? Despicable. We see through your act.

  10. I might suggest the Arena League teams… The NFL really does not have a use for another whining, poorly performing running back who had a few decent years, held out on his team, has a HUGE MOUTH, and has lost his step already…

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