Eagles previously gave Mathis permission to seek trade


The league’s annual meetings have a way of generating information that previously existed but hadn’t been leaked.

Regarding Eagles guard Evan Mathis, for example, news of a possible trade first surfaced on Wednesday.  Per a league source, however, the team gave Mathis permission to seek a trade weeks ago, after Mathis requested a new contract and the team opted not to give him one.

To date, no serious suitors have been found.  But Mathis isn’t being shopped because the Eagles want to move on; Mathis is being shopped because he wants a raise that the Eagles don’t want to give him.  If Mathis can’t find someone who will, the only alternative will be to return to the Eagles at $5.15 million for 2014.

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  1. Mathis is one of the best guards in the league. I’ll be amazed if no team wants to pay him like one. At the very least he’s being underpaid by the Eagles.

  2. Also, note that he and Herremans are both in the top 15. Eagles just may be at their “position budget” for guards. Only two teams pay their starting guard tandem more than the Eagles.

  3. My boss gives me the same old line, “If you don’t like the pay I give you, you can look for another job.” lol

  4. This is his first year going to the pro-bowl and he was a journeyman guard before he came to the Eagles. He should be happy with his pay…and see what happens when his contract is over (age 36?) by that time too old…he shouldn’t complain.

  5. Unlike Jackson I’d hate to lose Mathis.. that being said at 33 his play will soon be declining so he’s not worth what he’s asking.. maybe lace his contract with some performance bonuses or something.

  6. No one will trade for a 33 year old guard who only excelled the last few years of his career because of a system that fits him. He’s undersized and won’t work on most teams lines. He needs to shut rosenhaus up before he ruins another guys career.

  7. Please Eagles don’t make any more All Pro’s…they will want to be paid like one and ul have to continue ur Joe Banner routine.

  8. All of you guys calling him a journeyman because this was his first pro bowl are ill informed. ProFootball Focus has had him as their top rated guard four years in a row. Just because pro bowl voters don’t have a clue who the good interior offensive lineman are doesn’t mean coaches looking at the tape don’t see it.

  9. What isn’t mentioned in the article is that he not only has to find a team willing to give him a pay raise (which he is probably looking for a substantial increase), but is also willing to give the Eagles compensation for over paying for a guard, and that is a much bigger hurdle to get over than the money.

    If Mathis was coming off the last year of his contract and was a FA a team would pony up 7 or 8 mil per year over 3 or 4 years, with 15 mill or so guaranteed. Teams overpay players in FA, but if the Eagles want say a 3rd round pick, well that is a lot more than just overpaying for a FA.

  10. I understand guys have short careers and want to get paid but this dude needs to get real. Well actually reality found him. Not one NFL team will pay him more then the Birds. Evan, go bank your 5M and live good life. It beats carrying a lunch pail.

  11. This guy has had the luxury of playing alongside Jason Peters, Evan Mathis, Todd Herremans, and last year, a rookie stud in Lane Johnson. That’s a pretty high pedigree.

    Put him on a line with average players, and I promise you, he starts to look like the cast off he was before he landed in Philly, where the o-line has been a priority for over a decade.

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