Evan Mathis wants a new contract, Eagles may trade him


DeSean Jackson isn’t the only Pro Bowler the Eagles might trade.

The Eagles are also willing to trade Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

Like Jackson, Mathis is a good player whom the Eagles’ offense would miss. But there are issues related to Mathis’s contract: Mathis is due $5.15 million this season, and there’s been talk that he thinks he deserves more than that as a first-team All-Pro, while the Eagles don’t want to pay a guard who’s turning 33 this season that much money. When the player wants more while the team wants to pay less, that’s not a good combination.

After bouncing around the league as mostly a backup for six seasons in three cities, Mathis has emerged as an excellent guard in Philadelphia, and he still has three more seasons remaining on the five-year, $25 million contract he signed with the Eagles before the 2012 season.

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  1. I understand as a player you fight for as much as you can as the team will ruin your career and throw you in the garbage in an instant (see Mark Sanchez) but it seems that none of these guys want to live up to the contract. 5.15 million??? a year! I won ‘t make 5.5 million in my lifetime. In fact if you combine the incomes of my father, brother and myself for our lifetimes I don’t think it will add up to what this lineman is going to make for one year. Shut up and play fool!

  2. At 33 there’s not much upside left.He better just keep playing good to earn the contract he’s got.

  3. I can see this on both sides. Players have a short career span in the league so they have to take care of their families while they still can as long as they are able to save well but unlike done other sports their contracts are not guaranteed as you a team can cut then and take only a cap hit. They aren’t sustaining injuries unless they are paper cuts and I’m not sure that as many people are dying from paper cuts as they are from complications related head injuries.

    Should they be greedy? To a degree yes but I feel they should at least go three years in before asking to rework a 5 year deal. I believe this was his first all pro and first pro bowl so he should hold his horses on this.

  4. He’s been the highest graded guard in football the past 2 seasons according to those advanced stats websites. He was the best run-blocker in the NFL BY FAR.

    This would be a HUGE loss.

  5. So, Iggles plan to trade everyone? That’s their offseason plan? Must be trying to take advantage of the NFC Least why they can.

  6. If Mike Vick and Riley Cooper were worth sticking your next out for, perhaps they can fix this issue by trading Mathis and going (Dr. Evil face) “Incognito”?

  7. Eagles gave out some bad contracts when Banner left – Jackson, Celek, Mathis. As an Eagles fan, I have no issue with releasing guys to manage the cap. That’s a fact of life and key to being a good football team. That’s what the Steelers have consistently done.

    What bothers me is that that Eagles, unlike Pittsburgh or New England, have consistently failed to REPLACE the guys they let go with strong players. They go from an All-Pro to a bench warmer, and the team suffers.

    And when you leak that you want to trade people, all you do is damage their trade value. This offseason has been bizarre. Not sure if it is Howie or some agents making a point. But I bet the fans will be the ones who lose.

    Dean, an 8 year old in Bangladesh would do your job for a dollar a week. Does that mean you should go into your boss today and take a 99% pay cut? By your rationale, the answer is “yes”. You can’t compare your job with the job of a man who is one of the best 64 players at his position in the world.

  8. “5.15 million??? a year! I won ‘t make 5.5 million in my lifetime.”

    You’ll also never be as good at football as Evan Mathis. And you’ll never make as much as the owners who are paying players millions of dollars.

    So it’s not really comparable.

  9. Now this is dumb.

    This guy needs to get locked up.
    You don’t just let the #1 rated anything walk out the door when you $18 million in cap space

  10. Playing between Jason Peters and Jason Kelce has made this guy a much better player than he has ever been. I think he has been well compensated for a player that happened to have all his chips fall in the right pot. Shut up and go earn that lucrative paycheck.

  11. what i don’t understand is why people sign these 5 yr contracts and then when they do good just one season they ask for more money. its not like they will want to restructure to take less money when they have a bad year. Whats the point of having a contract anyways if you don’t intend to honor it? I completely understand with just out of college players who exceed their contract but not when you have been in the league for so long.

  12. I don’t get the Eagles and Mathis in this situation. Obviously, Mathis wants to be paid more but guards don’t get paid in this leauge. Mathis is also a byproduct of a system. He benefits from the Eagles schemes that fit his skill set. Knowing that, he should probably be fine taking the 5 million he is owed this season.

    But from the other side, this offseason has been way out of character for the Eagles. This is one of the first years you could actually acuse them of being “cheap.”

    They came into the offeseason with a large amount of cap room, even after extentions for Cooper, Maclin, etc. The team has really done nothing to upgrade the defense, although Jenkins was a solid move. That defense got blown off the field last year by the Saints. So one would think if you aren’t valuing creating a top 10 defensive team, you would run out an insanely great offensive team, ala Denver of last year. But when you hear stories that make you think the Eagles have a quick trigger finger, it makes you wonder what exactly they are trying to do.

  13. At 33 he will get no takers for a Trade. What is interesting is that he is a “one hit wonder” and managed to sign a decent Contract considering he was a backup journeyman for the many previous years. Philly has no choice but to pay or cut him.

  14. I like Mathis and agree, as far as guards go, he is probably underpaid. That said, he signed a contract and should honor it. I see him wearing an Eagles uniform this year. The Eagles will not cut him, and I cannot foresee them trading him either. If a player holds out, he is usually the one who loses. He is smarter then that.

  15. I have a few reasons to not like this guy. One, he went to Alabama, plus, he was a total bum with the Panthers and he goes to Phily and becomes an All-Pro. I’m with deanvernonwormer – shut up and play.

  16. Dont hear these kinda things from our players.. or have to deal with a owner who is losing their marbles (Cowboys) Do Mara and the Giants have anything to say while we keep quiet and build our team/organization?

  17. Sign a 5 year contract and then complain after two? Man up and play the contract you agreed to

  18. I see people saying shut up and play this guy makes 5.15 mil??? He outperformed that contract the eagles have the money but are being cheap you got this guy as a steal pay him and it’s not his fault that he chose a profession that pays it’s employees so much you’d want what you were worth also it is a business first ask all the players that will be cut in the weeks to come for not taking a pay cut!!

  19. He is 33., He is under contract. He has the greatest trade value he will ever have and the Eagles need draft picks to get younger.
    That offensive line is flirting with “old”
    Next year the Eagles have som serious contract issues to solve. A solid young guard, or two, under contract will help solve those contract problems.

  20. Kelly’s learning the harsh realities of the NFL– the coach ain’t the biggest show in town.

  21. A player has every right to negotiate and get his true value. Maybe the Philadelphia Eagles don’t believe he’s worth the $5.5 million but I am sure a team that desperately needs a solid guard would pay more for his services.

    @denvernonwormer: your argument doesn’t make sense. Evan Mathis plays in the NFL, he doesn’t have the normal 9-5 job that most do. He’s an All-Pro guard, meaning his value is at its peak, he needs to be opportunistic. He isn’t grossly overpaid, some kickers are making as much as he is. Your salary is miniscule compared to his because you’re not a professional athlete.

    It’s not OK for a player to try and get more money but it’s OK for an owner to cut a player because he’s not performing to his contract? The double-standard is obvious, doesn’t mean it’s right.

  22. Anybody else get the feeling that reports are more wrong than ever this offseason? If desean Jackson starts the season in Philly than 50 percent of the national media loses all credibility. If you really look into the desean issue it was a reported who started it as a rumour and then when te eagles didn’t deny it the media ran with it. The word sources means nothing anymore because sources have no problem lying.

  23. People get all riled up over this so let me help you guys out. This is how the NFL works. A team thinks your contract pays too much? They will try to force a pay cut or trade the player. The player feels they’ve outplayed the contract this year? They will force a renegotiation for more money. It doesn’t matter how many years remain on the contract in either case. It happens every year and fans act shock it’s happening every year. Well usually they act shock if the player does it but not the team. Stop it. Just stop.

  24. Mathis trade rumors, D-Jax trade rumors. Welcome to the NFL in March in the era of the 24 hour a day, twitter fueled, instant news cycle. Anyone can say anything and it instantly becomes news. And since the most interesting thing to come out of the Owner’s meetings is the ridiculous rule change banning crossbar dunks, we might as well get used to it until the draft!

  25. Is he worth more than $5.5? Probably not. Will he be worth that much when you have a 5th round pick blowing his assignments and getting Shady and Foles killed? One wonders.

    If you have 3 salesmen in the same cubicle and you pay 2 of them a ton of money and make a big deal of it, you have to expect that the guy left out is gonna be pissed. And that may not be “right” or “professional”….but it is a human response. And you had to have foreseen that as a GM. Just sayin’.

  26. “Kelly’s learning the harsh realities of the NFL– the coach ain’t the biggest show in town.”

    Right, but he’s a bigger show than a 33-YO guard with an inconsistent career.

  27. i disagree with anyone that tells a player to work out their contract.

    If a player over performs, they should go out and try to get every penny they are worth. You only get one shot at this league with a limited shelf life & earning potential.

    Teams and GM’s structure contracts in order to be able to cut ties whenever they feel. They ask players to re-structure when they underperform. and usually cut or trade players when they start to age.

    whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

    in this situation Mathis has been rated a the top G in the NFL over the past two seasons. $5.15 isn’t much at all for that type of player.

    age shouldn’t matter if production is still top level.
    Not to mention, almost none of the money is guaranteed for Mathis anymore.

  28. He is in the perfect situation in Philly. He plays between Peters and Kelce (two outstanding linemen). I do not think he will perform this well anywhere else. He is the perfect lineman for this offense. Are contracts in the NFL worth anything anymore. Rarely do you see a guy or team honoring a contract. It disgusts me.

  29. i see people saying things like “one hit wonder” and “after one good season” and i ask if you people watch football. evan has been the starter for the eagles parts of 2011 and all of 2012-2013. during that 2-2.5 year period he has been rated as the number one guard in football by anyone who knows what they’re talking about. so do us a favor and shut up, please.

  30. This is coming from a source close to Mathis. From the sound of it, the Eagles aren’t shopping the guy, they just said that they could trade him when he came looking for more money. In other words – if you want a bigger contract, we’d be happy to trade you to a team that will give it to you.

  31. You sign a nice deal. You’re making 5.5 million a year.You finally make the pro bowl for the first time in an average at best career at the age of 33 yrs old and you want a raise?!? What is going on in Philly?!? Starting to bad for Eagles fans. #HTTR

  32. Wow, this guy couldn’t even earn a starting spot with the Bengals and now gets 5mil/yr.
    Real strange how someone goes from meh to the best in a couple years.

  33. Pffff…should’ve taken the Ravens’ offer instead of Philly’s. Might have had a ring…something you’ll never get in the city of brotherly losers.

  34. The nfl in march is a joke. Couple weeks ago these same reporters and “sources” said Allen had signed in Seattle. Get rid of these reporters

  35. Dion Jordan for Mathis straight up


    Philly sports fans in general think that the other teams are just there to help their team. We always get the better end of the deal. Other teams are not as smart as us. And that’s why you end up with donte stallworth and stacy andrews etc.. Oh we can trade down and get lots of draft picks because this is such a deep draft. The other teams will help us do that. they don’t realize that. Time to realize that the mangement in this town is not as smart as they want to make you think.

  36. One if the best guards of all time. I can’t think of a better use of Vikings cap space. Make this happen Spielman.

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