Goodell says support for expanded playoffs is “tremendous”


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seems fully on board with adding two playoff teams.

Although the owners have not yet voted to expand the postseason to 14 teams, it sounds like just a matter of time, based on the comments Goodell made at the league meeting today.

“We had a good discussion on it on several fronts,” Goodell said. “As you know, the Competition Committee has been looking at this for a couple of years. We have discussed it in various committees, including broadcasting. We had a full discussion on the floor with the owners and other executives this week. I think there’s a tremendous amount of interest in this, possibly even to the point of support, but there are also things we still want to make sure we do it right. We’ve been very incremental in trying to do this, but we believe competitively it could make even our races toward the end of our season even more exciting with more teams vying for playoff positions, which is great for our fans. We still want to do some additional work, including talking with the players association. We have a scheduled meeting set for April 8. This will be one of the things we’ll probably discuss and then we’ll also have to talk to broadcast partners and there are some scheduling issues that we still need to work through.”

It seems unlikely that the league will expand the playoffs for the 2014 season. But it looks like it’s going to get done in 2015.

82 responses to “Goodell says support for expanded playoffs is “tremendous”

  1. Love em or Hate em we should all be able to agree Goodell is very good at what he was hired to do and that is to help make the NFL lots of money.

  2. Why wouldn’t they? The second seeds in both conferences don’t deserve a bye. Make them play on wild card weekend. On Monday night football.

  3. Fantastic, I can’t wait for more flukey 8-8 teams (or worse, like the 2010 Seahawks at 7-9) to back their way in. Really heightens the game and doesn’t water it down at all.

  4. Support for increased greed by the owners among the owners is tremendous.

    Among the fans, no. I know NO fan that wants expanded playoffs. This would dilute things terribly and is just another step down the “kill the NFL” road.

  5. The NB…errr…. NFL really hates its fans, doesn’t it?

    And why should they care what we think.

    We only pay good money to go to the games and what not. The NFL is the only business I know of that constantly does things to piss off its customer base and still grow.

    And that’s on us (the fans)

  6. Great. Thanksgiving Day will now be the start of Wild Card Weekend #1 each season.

    Way to get rid of the 18 game schedule guys.

  7. So, 43.7% of all teams will make it to the playoffs. It will certainly cheapen the experience when a team makes it to the playoffs. But hey, more football to watch. I’m torn.

  8. Let’s just let everybody make the playoffs. Man Goodell is horrible. It seems to go along with the leadership in the rest of the country.

  9. Expanded playoff is ridiculous. It makes the regular season worthless like the NBA and NHL. Too many damn teams and too many damn games followed by a death march of a playoff system-boring. Keep it the way it is and return the NFL/College draft to the weekend!

  10. Why not just have all 32 teams make the playoffs? We can still make the regular season even more meaningless!

  11. Its about REVENUE! that is all it is. More playoff teams, more ticket sales, more tv revenue. Its about revenue. It isn’t about a good product. Mark Cuban is right. The NFL is becoming overexposed and this is an example. What owner would want to expand. I will tell you which ones. The handful that make it every year. I got an idea, why don’t every team make it. Isn’t that what they do with kids today. This is what it will be like in the future … and now presenting the Lombardi trophy to EVERY TEAM! because they are all winners in our book.

  12. it’s not that bad. 2 more teams. from 12 to 14. out of 32. not the end of the world. sure sometimes an 8-8 or 7-9 team get in. but last yr ariz was 10-6 and didn’t get in. and 2 yrs ago tenn was 9-7 i think and didn’t get in.

    would would be great is if 1 div had all teams make it. div champ and all 3 wc’s…

  13. Money grab. More playoff teams equal more playoff games equals more money for the NFL.

  14. sounds like some of u people are scared of a little more competition to me. this would be good for teams like Arizona having the record they had last season and didn’t make it and so what if an 8-8 team makes it in. if an 8-8 team makes it to the playoffs and moves on to the superbowl then so be it they deserved to be there if they get there so quit the whining.

  15. He’s right about it making weeks 16 and 17 much more interesting. As it stands, there are usually only about 3 games worth watching by the final week.

  16. this is an awesome idea. these guys put their bodies on the line for our entertainment. they should be rewarded with being able to play for a chance at a championship at the end of the season.

  17. They really are going to kill pro football, aren’t they? Goodell isn’t going to stop until the whole thing is consumed by greed and the sport becomes a joke. It’s no longer about the game: it’s about maximizing profits at any cost, even the cost of watering down the playoffs. How sad.

  18. Somehow I get the feeling he will keep asking until the owners say yes.

    Ditto for London.

  19. Of course it’s more money for each team in the posy season tickets jerseys and apparel . Not to mention the biggest of all TV . It’s stupid to do but it’s going to happen .

  20. Goodell grabbing the golden goose around its neck and squeezing. Sad that my grandkids will have a hard time believing me when I tell them pro football once was king, and the greedy owners and their chosen fool destroyed everything that made it special.

  21. Yea, just like there is a tremendous amount of support for putting a team in London! Both ideas are stupid. But there is a tremendous amount of support for $$$$$$$.

  22. The way Goodell couches everything he wants as something “our fans want” is disgusting. What a smarmy, disingenuous person. We see through you Roger — it’s all about the MONEY.

  23. Absolutely love it, no more than this, though. It’s still under half the league, and makes it so only the 1 seed gets a bye. More competitive across the board, and that way 10-6 teams (at least in the NFC) won’t be left out like they have been the past two years.

  24. I always respected that the 14 or 16 game season meant something to the NFL.

    Not like the NHL or NBA that lets tons of teams into a diluted first round pool games that leave you wondering why they even played a regular season, if it was practically pointless.

    Hey Roger and NFL owners, how about you don’t try to bleed out every last drop of cash? How about paying service to the integrity of the game? And not just when it is convenient and easy?!

    THIS IS AN AWFUL IDEA. Leave it alone.

    You want to mess with something? Put a damn GPS in the football, so we know when the ball crosses the goal line.

  25. Sure, why not. Maybe throw in a 24 game season and a best-of-seven Super Bowl as well.

    The Red Sox and the Yankees are scheduled to play each other nineteen (19) times in the upcoming 2014 MLB season. This is why I don’t follow baseball anymore: almost none of it ultimately matters.

  26. Goodell has complete and full support of all parties, except one. And that one, is the most important party of all, we the fans.

    Man, Cuban is right. This hog is on its way to the slaughter house. The only thing Cuban was wrong about was the 10 year timetable. Might be 5-7.


  27. Would someone point at the quote in the piece where Goodell said there is tremendous “support” for the idea? Because he actually said there is tremendous “interest” in the idea that might become support.

  28. Translation: Support from Goodell’s Employers for a Potent Infusion of “Free” Money at the Stroke of a Pen is Tremendous

  29. Anyone with half a brain knows Mark Cuban is on to something… Might take longer than 10yrs but its coming…

  30. I dont think the players, coaches, or fans want this. only the owners do because it means $$ in their giant pockets. this league is about to get really watered down. the regular season isnt going to mean nearly as much

  31. I honestly don’t know a single NFL fan who thinks this is a good idea.

    Of course, who cares about us? As long as the owners are happy.

  32. To those talking about how this is some unprecedented change, or that making the playoffs will be devalued, consider this:

    The NFL has always been expanding the playoffs as new franchises are added. The playoffs used to be 8 teams. Expansion teams joined the league, and then the playoffs were expanded to 10 teams. In 1990, they moved to the 12 team format. Since then, they added the Panthers, Jaguars, Ravens*, and Texans.

    Moving to 14 teams is just natural evolution of the traditional playoff system. This is nothing to cry over. You really don’t want to see more playoff games?

  33. 49ers, Packers, Saints, Eagles, Seahawks, Bears, Cardinals……. No specific seeding order there, but sorry Jerrah Dallas misses again. Oh but that’s right, Garrett doesn’t need to make the playoffs to keep his job anyway.

  34. It’s getting to the point where you can’t get too exited about regular season games. May as well wait until December to follow your team, most likely they will still have a shot.

  35. I want proof from coaches and owners whom publicly come out and lobby for it.

    PS- idiots like jerry jones don’t count. Of course he wants playoffs, less than .500 winning percentage this decade alone.

  36. Yo, Rog . . . if expanding the playoffs will be so “great” for fans, why are 99% of us AGAINST it? One of the things that makes the NFL so compelling and its games such events is that there are so few of them, and therefore each game is about as significant as 10 MLB games. The NFL is risking ruining that by going to 18 games and by expanding the playoffs, thereby making the regular season less important.

  37. All of you Couch Potato and Fantasy fans that come to PFT 5 times a day aren’t going to watch? In the words of Mike Ditka, ‘who are you crappin’?

  38. @ MARK CUBAN

    Good call sir. It took Goodell but one day to confirm your statements that football is on it’s way to ruins.

    Stop ruining football @ Roger Goodell.

    WE, the fans, who supply your salaries and more importantly, your TV RATINGS, do NOT want more playoff teams. If the idiot commissioner does this, were about to watch over saturated football during the first rounds of the playoffs.

  39. And slowly, the NFL continues down the slippery slope of dilution that the NHL suffered through. Cuban was right, greed of the owners will ultimately ruin the game. Sadly, the NFL is just a microcosm of the whole US of A.

  40. A 12 team playoff is what makes the NFL unique. No only does it ensure that the best teams will get in, but it also improves the quality of the match-ups.

    Look at the NBA. Seriously, who the hell wants to see the Heat/Bobcats series. No one. That is who.

  41. It’s tremendous. So say all of the owners and league executives who will have their coffers grow fatter with money from the expanded playoff field, which are really the only opinions Goodell is concerned with.

  42. Cuban is right, they are going to oversaturate their market to the point of implosion.

  43. The only way I can see something close to this happening is if they get rid of two preseason games add an extra bye week and only one regular season game that way teams either have a winning or losing record, no more .500 teams

  44. im all for it take the 2 best teams with the best records so teams with like a 10/6 record who do not get in because 2 other teams were 11/5 in thier division got in. this would even out the teams so its fair. a team that makes the playoffs at 8\8. gets in but a team with a better record doesn’t. give these teams the new playoff spots lets make it fair to those teams.

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