Jerry Jones: Garrett doesn’t necessarily have to make the playoffs


Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones says coach Jason Garrett doesn’t necessarily need to make the playoffs in 2014 to keep his job.

I don’t think so,” Jones told the Dallas Morning News. “I don’t look at it that way at all.”

Jones says Garrett is growing as a coach, and that the two of them work well together. That works in Garrett’s favor.

“We’ve got a lot of experience together,” Jones said. “It’s no secret that we probably are shoulder to shoulder on the success we’d like for this team to have with him as head coach and what it would do for our fans’ future, our future. He’s more capable today than he was when he took over as head coach. If that arrow is going up, it just makes sense to have our future with Jason.”

But it would be hard to argue that the arrow is going up if Garrett doesn’t make the playoffs. Jones isn’t saying so, but it’s awfully hard to believe that he won’t fire Garrett if the Cowboys miss the playoffs for the fifth consecutive year.

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  1. This doesn’t even surprise me. Jerry Jones will bring Garrett back no matter what. It’s what he does: Bring back the players and coaches that will keep this team from winning a single playoff game.

  2. Being that his team is the 3rd or 4th best team in the worst division in the NFC, that’s good for Garrett.

  3. Here we go again! Jerry Jones would make a great politician. He seems to lie to the public and is out of touch with the community. Well done, Jerry!

  4. When the cowboys don’t make the playoffs Jerry will make another excuse for Garrett,after watching cowboys lose again on last week of season and have the qb position make the same stupid mistake its coaching,by now garrett should have drilled in all his qbs if your not sure throw it way,he is just not a good coach point blank

  5. Way to set that bar low. Not a cowboy fan in an aspect, but this seems the direct opposite of the old Parcells way of thinking that your record is what you are in many ways – and used as a motivational tool to achieve higher. I guess Bill’s stop there has long since been forgotten. Enjoy being home for X-Mas as usual.

  6. Well, there you go boys and girls! But, keep buying those tickets and other stuff…..LOL. The sad part is the Cowboy’s fans will, and therein lies the problem. Jerry will never change until the cash register starts hurting.

  7. Well we all know he will never make the playoffs with that defense

    Must be the kiss of death

  8. So he doesn’t necessarily have to make the playoffs to keep his job,

    Ain’t that special.

    I’m sure glad this bum decided not to take the Ravens job. Harbs is 10x the coach this guy is.

  9. Jerry, just make yourself head coach already and have your sons be the offensive and defensive coordinators. Let’s see just how low we can take this.

  10. Translation: Our Defense is going to be terrible and the offense will have to score 40 points a game to be competitive.

  11. All depends on what puppet strings Jerry wants to pull next year… Since Garrett’s already been neutered, I guess the only thing left is a stab in the back. I don’t see how a man with any ego could accept being the head coach with zero power or control.

  12. Kind of mind blowing, for an owner who supposedly wants more than anything to get back to the super bowl, he’s sure got a back-asswards way to try to get there. You can crack on Jimmy Haslam all you want, but Dallas has a worse owner in my book. They are really and truly going backwards. Bet they don’t break 500 this year…..

  13. What a mess. What does he see in this guy? He refuses to fire his “guys” because of how bad it would make him look. He reassigns Kiffin, he refused to fire Garrett. He reassigns Callahan.

  14. Too too funny!

    Jerry Jones taking long strides setting new standards in mediocrity..

    Why even go to the games? Pathetic.. Nice way to give the fans so egging to root for. At least give them a playoff hope facade for the first half of the season..

  15. Translation: Jerry knows he screwed up the roster and can’t possibly have a playoff season, but his ego is too big to admit he needs a legit general manager to fix it.

    Three consecutive Week 17 win-or-go-home losses on NBC, in front of the whole country… you can’t make that up.

  16. Garrett doesn’t necessarily have to make the playoffs? Good for him, because he’s going to go 8-8 again, like he does every year.

  17. How bout them Cowboys,

    In March the Playoffs aren’t even a Goal !!!

    Jerry is the New Al Davis

    Dallas is the new Raiders.

    >>> LOSERS <<<

    On behalf of Eagles Nation I thank you for being in the NFC East

  18. Why would he need to make the playoffs? It’s a culture of mediocrity and losing. That old “how bout dem cowboyz” winning culture is so far removed it might as well have been in the last century…. oh, wait. It was.

  19. “We’re okay with losing”

    How many fans of ANY team would be happy with this?

    I feel genuinely sorry for Cowboys fans reading this.

  20. Does Garrett have tapes of Jerrah playing golf with Satan? Because it would be the only way for him to still have a job!

  21. Jason Garrett might have the worse job in pro football. His boss hinders his team by acting as the GM when he clearly has no aptitude for the job, the team is in salary cap hell which results in losing some of his best players, and he has to stand next to the clown on the sidelines when the spotlight is on.

    Jason is well paid for all this but still, who can tell if he can really coach or not when the deck is stacked against him?

  22. Jerry Jones should take note that most successful franchises have an owner that keeps relatively quiet in the public eye and doesn’t issue statements that may cause unneccesary attention and distraction.

  23. The only reason he said that it because if they do not make the playoffs and you fire the head coach then you would also have to fire the person who is responsible for the mess . . . that would be the General Manager . . . . the General Manager deals the cards . . the coach only plays them . . . the reason that team is a disgrace is due to Jerry the GM.

  24. So basically he can miss the playoffs and still keep his job. The success arrow is pointed up. I am now sending my application to Jerry Jones.
    If I am promised that I have job security if I do not get Dallas to the playoffs AGAIN then I’m the man for this job. Hell I will even take a few dollars less if it helps me get hired.
    Dallas fans have to be doing the PeeWee Herman dance all over bars through out Dallas with this kind of expectations. Playoffs? We don’t need no stinking Playoffs! Well all Dallas fans can cheer they finally will hit a goal they have set for this team.

  25. Being a head coach in Dallas is unlike anywhere else.
    You have to be willing to surrender your nuts to Jerry, and keep your mouth shut while Jerry assumes your duties, including play calling.

    I’ll never forget a certain prime time game a few years back, when the camera zoomed in on Jerry up in his “suite”, sitting there with a phone in one hand and the color-coded play chart in the other…

    Spineless puppets are hard to find.
    That’s why Jerry keeps the ones he does.

  26. The success of the Cowboys is a reflection of the entire Dallas Cowboys organization, not just the coaching.

    By keeping Garrett around, JJ has an excuse.

  27. I never agreed the Cowboys earned the title: “America’s Team”… because if that’s the case, America is in a world of SH**. I feel the team that wins the Superbowl for any given year, should have those bragging rights, and be called “America’s Team”… Just sayin

  28. Way to set expectations Jerry.

    I guess he figures the HC shouldn’t be held to higher standards than the GM.

  29. Jones knows that neither the team nor the coach are remotely good enough to make the playoffs. I see them in 3rd or last place this year in the East

  30. “so, but it’s awfully hard to believe that he won’t fire Garrett if the Cowboys miss the playoffs for the fifth consecutive year.”

    Not at all…Owner Jerry hasn’t fired the GM who has yet to orchestrate a successful draft or win a championship in 20 years. Garrett gives him just one more person to blame for his own inadequacies.

  31. Really How can an owner give so much confidence and comfort to a guy that hasn’t did nothing. I believe Jerry know its going to be hard to bring in other top head coaches so he is hanging on to Jason as long as possible which is sad because he can fix the ownership. I respect Dallas fans and the history but It must be bad watching your Mr. Jerry continue to fail. Dallas history is way deeper then My Ravens but Jerry has faild u since our first SB in 2000. Y’all time will come again Dallas fans believe me

  32. I suppose Jerry Jones is thinking that his team has been “knocking” on the door to the playoffs for 3 years in a row, and they are bound to break through sometime. I guess there is something to be said for that, not sure how many teams are able to say they have either A.) Made the playoffs the past 3 years in a row, or B.) were one win away from making the playoffs 3 years in a row. Either way, the defense is going to hurt this team unless they have the draft of a lifetime!

  33. Somehow, the ghost of Jim Mora’s tirade lives on…

    “Playoffs? Playoffs? Don’t be talking to me about playoffs!”

  34. As a life long cowboys fan I’ve almost had enough!!!! The Joneses smile makes me wanna throw up! I may have to start rooting for the hometown Ravens

  35. Just goes to prove Jerry Jones is getting senile in his old age. The Cowboys will not have another chance at a super bowl with his decision making skills! Retire or bring in a respectable GM Jerry!

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