Mike McCarthy “can’t say enough about” Jarrett Boykin


When injuries struck the Packers’ receiving corps last season, reserve Jarrett Boykin had to take a significant role in the offense.

Given an increase in snaps, Boykin did his part for division-champion Green Bay, catching 49 passes for 681 yards and three TDs, the bulk of which came with Aaron Rodgers out of the lineup.

With James Jones departing in free agency, Boykin, a third-year pro, will again get plenty of reps in 2014. Speaking at the NFL meetings in Orlando on Wednesday, Packers coach Mike McCarthy praised Boykin’s development.

“I can’t say enough about Boykin,” McCarthy told reporters, according to a transcript of his remarks from the Pro Football Writers of America.

Added McCarthy: “The young man is a heck of a player,” with the Packers’ head coach noting that “he’s done it the right way, special teams, he’s performed every opportunity he’s given.” McCarthy also indicated that the 24-year-old Boykin will likely ” see more challenges” from defenses this season.

McCarthy also told reporters that he “wouldn’t say we were looking to move on from” Jones, who signed with Oakland, with the Packers’ head coach noting that well-built rosters will occasionally lose veteran players seeking other opportunities.

The Packers have some interesting decisions to make at wide receiver in the near future, with Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson entering the final year of their contracts. Both are important parts of the Packers’ offense and will not be cheap to retain.

Boykin, meanwhile, will make $570,000 in 2014, per NFLPA data. He is a restricted free agent after the season, which will allow the Packers to maintain their first-refusal rights. Should he continue to progress, he will prove a nice value for the Packers, even if he were to receive one of the high RFA tenders next offseason.

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  1. Between Boykin, Nelson and Cobb’s expiring contracts, the Packers are likely to lose at least one of those players next season. Look for a high round WR to be drafted. And a new star will be born.

  2. Well….I hope my mutually respected Packer fans are ready for yet another division battle between the 2 most historical teams in the NFL. I look forward to this upcoming season. Bears(9) and Packers(13) combined have 22 NFL Championships, best rivalry ever!

  3. I like the top 3 receivers – Nelson, Cobb, Boykin but would love to see a tall, fast receiver who can return kicks drafted in the first 4 rounds. It is supposedly a deep draft at that position. And we need that deep threat because Rodgers throws an amazingly accurate deep ball. Remember in 2011 it was just ridiculous how many bombs he was hitting receivers in stride with.

  4. Rodgers is a lot like Brees, Manning or Brady in that no matter who you trot out at wide receiver he’s going to make them look good. No sense in panicking and overpaying a wideout when you can keep cycling through guys on rookie deals.

  5. Mike McCarthy is the worst coach in the divison.

    Jarett Boykin has no top end speed or any excellent attributes.

    While he does have good hands, he could never be a #1 receive in this league.

    Cordarelle Patterson has 10x the upside, plus he’s already made a pro bowl.

  6. I would keep Boykin. He was one of the few Packers that stepped up with Sharon was down. Nelson was lucky to have 2 catches a game

  7. I think Boykin can be a fair replacement for Jones. He has great size, and a good potential for a possession WR.

    I think he will have numbers similar to Jones in 2 seasons, especially with Rodgers at the helm, because when Boykin did play it was with Tolzien and Flynn. Its pretty obvious its a different offense when Rodgers is running it.

    I also think the Packers will take another WR in the draft. Its impossible, for a WR core to say healthy the whole season.

  8. Here’s the biggest difference between franchises; the Packers bring in a street free agent and he catches 49 passes on a part time basis for $570K counting against the cap.

    The Vikings sign an Ex Packer for $17.8 million, he is allegedly their #1 WR and he catches 62 passes while being featured in their offense.

    And here is the kicker, the Packers get a 3rd round comp pick in this draft for Craig Jennings.

    Thank you Minnesota Vikings !

  9. Here’s the biggest difference between franchises: Vikings fans wish Jared Allen well in Chicago and thank him for his years of service.

  10. All the people saying Boykin is better than Patterson, and that Patterson is a terrible WR, obviously you hate the Vikings and aren’t being impartial.

    Patterson didn’t even play that much last year, and when he DID get the opportunity, he was a solid overall WR even with the likes of Ponder and Cassell throwing him the ball, and the fact he has a lot of growing to do.

    He may not be as polished a WR as Boykin at this point, but he has 10x the upside and was a pretty good overall WR last year. Saying he’ll never be a good WR and comparing him to Hester is just ignorant.

    Imagine if Patterson was playing with Rodgers, he would be a BEAST. Way more so than Boykin.

  11. nice picture. due to the lens used , they were actually 4 feet apart. rodgers nmumbers were way off last year…………china doll…..seattle seemed to do much better

  12. “The MN “braintrust” didn’t give Patterson the opportunity to play much WR last year because he isn’t a very good WR.”

    He isn’t a complete product yet. He just started to play WR at TEN for less than a full year before he was drafted by the train wreck that is the Vikings offense. At the end of last year he’s only been a WR for under 2 years.

    He has a LOT to improve on, but look at the impact he had as a WR for MN last year. Like Percy, he took handoffs out of the backfield for TD’s, and he took multiple short passes and broke loose for long TD’s. Saying he isn’t a very good WR isn’t accurate.

    He isn’t polished yet, but even with his limited knowledge of the position he was an impact player for a pathetic Vikings team last year. If he completely sucked at WR he wouldn’t have had such an impact as a WR last year (not even considering the impact he had on special teams).

    Long term, I’d rather have Patterson than either Harvin OR Boykin.

  13. I’ve gotta feelin…Green Bay goin to da Super Bowl!

    Just wait until they unleash another stud by the name of Chris Harper.

    “Look out, Mama there’s a white boat comin’ up the river!”

  14. With turd bay having the worst offensive line in the league and not having a running game since WWII will they be able to keep China doll Erin healthy all year?

  15. Boykin will never be a #1 WR, but the Packers won’t ask him to be.

    Jennings use to be a number 1 and is paid as such, but is losing a step, so 10 million a year is going to be tough to be worth it, especially with their QB situation.

    Boykin is a better 3rd WR than most other teams will have.

  16. Ken Dorsey/Chris Harper/Myles White are the guys competing for the 4th job.

    We could probably draft a speed/returner type guy as the fifth WR.

    We’re good here, now let’s go build up our defense!

  17. Packers 7th in rushing last season, and that was with defenses loading up against the run during the second half of the year when Rodgers was out.
    Should be even better this year – pick your poison, Rodgers or Lacy.
    Expecting a great battle with the Bears; Lions may have a chance too. The other team in the division clearly understands it is at least a couple of years away from being a threat.

  18. To the Bears fan offering the acknowledgment of mutual respect; the gesture is appreciated and returned in kind. Thank you.

  19. Doesn’t matter what offenses do in the NFC North – they’ll win nothing until they discover defense… Now back to your basements.

  20. Only a Packer fan would positively compare Boykin to Patterson. Boykin runs a 4.74, Patterson a 4.4. Boykin was an undrafted FA originally signed by Jacksonville. Patterson was a 1st rd selection. Boykin, in his 1st year caught 4 passes, 49 in his second with 3 TDs. Patterson caught 43 with 9 TDs in his first year. But Patterson also had 1,393 return yards. Use your brain before making idiotic posts like that. Stick with Rogers > any QB…I’ll give you that one.

  21. Cobb and Nelson are why the Packers are probably done in free agency for awhile. TT has got to save back some dough to extend those two.

  22. He is a hall of famer waiting to happen. He’s had a few good games but I can tell.


    every packer fan

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