Mike McCarthy wants Matt Flynn back in Green Bay

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When Aaron Rodgers went down to injury last season, the Green Bay Packers had to turn to Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn to keep the team’s postseason hopes alive until Rodgers could return.

Flynn guided the Packers to a 2-2 record in four starts to keep Green Bay in the hunt until Rodgers returned for the final weekend of the regular season.

Now head coach Mike McCarthy wants to bring Flynn back to the Packers.

According to Jason Wilde of ESPNMilwaukee.com, McCarthy is hopeful the two sides can work out a deal to keep Flynn in town.

I’d like to have Matt back,” McCarthy said. “I thought Matt was a good addition to our football team. I have great respect and admiration for him, just being around him a lot on a positional basis. Yeah, I’m hoping financially it works out.”

Flynn returned to the Packers after a whirlwind season that saw him on the rosters of the Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills. Flynn completed 62 percent of his passes for 1,392 yards with eight touchdowns and five interceptions in seven games split between Oakland and Green Bay.

58 responses to “Mike McCarthy wants Matt Flynn back in Green Bay

  1. System qb in college, system backup in the pros. Not a knock, depth is all important in the NFL.

  2. Why not keep him the guy single handedly embarrassed the Vikings with that great comeback after only being on the team for 2 weeks. Too bad your 2 million dollar man Freeman couldn’t say the same. Well you always have Ponder to fall back on or is it Cassell I get confused with a team of backups, could you guys shed a little light?

  3. Matt Flynn is the only quarterback in NFL history to be beaten out by not one, but two undrafted rookie free agents on two different terrible teams, then start for a third team in the same season. And he was hailed as a savior by that third team.

  4. Something about Green Bay worked for Flynn in the past, so let him stay and have the cozy backup job. If I’m Flynn, I would be thankful to have a place that wants me and knows I’m a decent player.

  5. The only reason Flynn was a failure everywhere but Green Bay is because they were all missing the key ingredient for success… clown music during practices.

  6. Both sides would be crazy to not make this happen. Flynn should be there ’til Rodgers’s last minute as a Packer, at least. There are natural fits in sports, and this is one of them.

  7. Okay, but it’ll cost ya. Flynn doesn’t play for anything less than $100k per snap. Man has his standards, after all.

  8. Matt Flynn’s amazing run of getting well compensated for negligible backup QB performance, continues. He’s set for another $5M+ per annum.
    In the spirit of Hollywood screen legend, Errol Flynn – “It’s good to be in like Flynn”.

  9. I would be OK with Tolzien as the backup, after one full season and training camp under his belt.

  10. So he was at Barnum and baileys and he’s now going to circus circus well good for him,by the way he went 1-2-1 not 2-2 last year,what a joke!

  11. What else is he supposed to say when asked about a player? GB was nationnally embarrassed when it was caught with its pants down when it didn’t have a capable backup. TT couldn’t swallow his pride and it nearly cost them a division title and playoff spot. Flynn was on the market quite a while before TT finally brought Flynn in, almost as an act of desperation. The Pack has had such stability at the QB position that it forgot you need to have a guy that can actually do more than hold the clipboard.

  12. I know Flynn flamed out in other cities but he seems to have a knack for the Green Bay offense. I hope we can keep him around (for not too much money)

  13. I like Matt Flynn. He’s been around enough to know the plays for the Packers and has enough experience that he doesn’t mess up that badly. Problem is that he holds the ball too long. He’s a good general go to guy until the Packers can draft a better QB. I’d rather him than Wallace or Tolzien. I just want them to do well and have a good hand.

  14. It would most definately be in the best interest of both the team and player here to do another deal.
    Flynn knows the Packers system inside out, I’m sure; and gives them one of the most valuable backup QB’s in the league should their starter go down.
    And at this point, being entrenched as the Packers #2 QB is possibly the best career move for Flynn, as he doesn’t seem that likely to land a starting job in the NFL very soon, if at all.

  15. Mike Zimmer wants Flynn, too. After all, he’s better than any QB on the Minnesota roster (including the first round bust the Vikings are planning to draft in 2014).

    Matt Flynn > Ponder + Cassel + ???.

  16. Flynn won more games than Ponder in half of the games. And chances are high Flynn wouldn’t even return to the Packers in 2014.

    The question is, will the Vikings send their plane to Austin Straubel Field to pick up Flynn and will Zimmer sport a pair of knee pads when he picks him up at the airport?

  17. Matt Flynn on his worst day is still leaps and bounds better than any of the 4 QBs on that awful Vikings roster last year.

  18. the 2nd most important player in GB is the back-up QB, last year proves it. how about getting a legit QB to back-up, like a 1st round QB who may drop like A-Rodg ……Johnny Manziel. A-
    Rodgers will get injured again, Matt Flynn at his best can get you a couple wins, Manziel is a future stud, plus he has a name that should be with a storied franchise.

  19. He’d start for every other team in the NFC North, so yeah, bring him back.

    Uhhh no he wouldn’t! Until Lovie reached and did his new team in weeks ago, it was:

    McCown > Flynn

  20. After the personal disaster Flynn went through last season after he recieved his huge salary and didnt crack any starting lineup signing now with the Packers seems like the logical move he would want to make,he should take the Packers offer and fast.job security should mean more to him now than any other factor,even money.

  21. I would hate to see the Packers use a first or second round pick on a QB, although with two third round picks that is a possibility, especially if they can use him as trade bait in a year or two while they still have time to bring in another guy and coach him up before AR retires, so bring back Flynn if possible, unless he thinks he is worth more than he really is.

  22. I know Flynn flamed out in other cities but he seems to have a knack for the Green Bay offense. I hope we can keep him around (for not too much money)


  23. I’m not so sure about this. Sure, Flynn humiliated the Viking defense, but even that noodle armed Ponder chick could light that hapless and tasteless defense up.

  24. Flynn has something Adrian Peterson doesn’t have…a SB Ring


  25. The comeback for a tie that Flynn led against the Vikings was a win. Huge margin to make up, and he did. It was the difference-maker for in-common opponents with the Bears…which ultimately allowed the Packers to win the North Division…for the third time in a row. Give frecit where credit is due. Flynn is good.

  26. Unwanted by any other team, and costs next to nothing. Nop wonder Green Bay has interest.

    They haven’t figured out that just signing someone will not make the team better..Poor Rodgers..

  27. You have to admit, he’s better than anything in Minnesota. At this point, he’s even more talented than the rapidly declining, only-good-when-he-takes-PEDs Adrian Peterson.

  28. ariani1985 says:
    Mar 26, 2014 11:09 AM
    With Erin on the decline and with no running game, maybe he can be the savior?

    You guys actually had a player named Erin. Perhaps you’re confused? That wouldn’t surprise me. After all, you clearly have the IQ of a drugged up rodent.

  29. Well turd bay fans, at least you get to sign AJHAWK- bust to another large contract, lol! With BJ Bust up front and Samantha shields in back ur defense is set to finsh at least in the top 30 somewhere?

  30. They should be more concerned about getting a dependable running back that’ll be available when Lacy’s hurt, or 13-15 weeks of the season. And before you all ask – no, Le’Veon is not available for a trade.

  31. How the hell can you knock a guy who gets a ton o money from Seattle and ends up on the bench -still gets da moooney; is shipped to Oakland for another ton o mooney and sits on the bench; shipped off to Buffalo and sits on the bench, then in desperation gets a ton o money to go back where he started from.
    If this isn’t a success story I don’t know what is. I mean he may have made more money than any other player for doing nothing. Brilliant. and on top of it his original contract is up and he is due for another big payday.
    Its just a hair below Vanna White’s gig. Work 8 days a month in Jamaica, Las Vegas, all the nice golf places and turn silly letters over. If there is reincarnation I’m coming back as Vanna White.

  32. Ted and Mental moran Mike, probably feel Rogers had his big injury so they really don’t need much of a back up at all. Keep Flynn for insurance, every thing will be just fine.

  33. He is an ideal backup for the Packers. He does very well in that system. It will depend on the money, as always. If he gets a chance to start somewhere else he will obviously take it.

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