Most coaches don’t want to be able to challenge everything


Patriots coach Bill Belichick brought forward a proposal at this week’s league meeting to allow coaches to challenge any call that they think instant replay could correct. But the NFL’s owners voted the proposal down.

And it’s not only the NFL’s coaches who opposed the proposal. According to Rams head coach Jeff Fisher, co-chair of the competition committee, most coaches don’t want that responsibility.

“The support among the coaches was less than 50 percent,” Fisher said.

Fisher said there is support, however, for altering the way replay works in the NFL.

“We are going to take a look at replay,” Fisher said. “We have to look at our entire system. With technology changing and the fact that the membership agreed to allow [the NFL officiating department] to oversee and consult with officials this year is a major step. We are constantly evaluating our replay system because we all want to get things right.”

Belichick believes that one way to get things right is to give coaches the opportunity to request another look on replay. But the majority of coaches believe that’s just one more thing they have to worry about, and they’d rather not constantly be thinking about whether to challenge the previous play.

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  1. Not one to side with BB very often, but I agree here and am pretty surprised that the other coaches aren’t in support as well.

    It’s better to have options…if you’re really that distracted by having more power over the outcome of the game, you might need to reevaluate yourself as a head coach.

  2. Get it right by allowing more than 3 challenges per game as long as they keep getting them right! Why limit it to three? Are we to believe that the officials will make only three correctable mistakes per game per team? I highly doubt that! As long as the Coach continues to get the challenges correct allow them to continue to challenge. Give them 2-3 flags and don’t take any away unless they get the challenge wrong. You get three wrong then your done. They get it right they keep the flag and earn the right to keep challenging.

  3. BB has job security. Do you think a guy like Dennis Allen wants to walk into his owner’s office Monday morning and explain why he didn’t or did challenge a call that lost a game?

  4. Since NFL coaches are only being paid multiple millions per year it clearly would be too much to expect them to take on this added responsibility !!!

  5. You’d have a coach challenging every single holding call, etc.

    The loose ball replay’s been approved, now just expand it to cover PI’s & Personal Fouls

  6. The way it stands now a Coach can get three challenges correct and he’s done for the game. Why is that? Officials only make 3 mistakes a game??? Why not allow unlimited challenges until you get 3 wrong? Why get your challenge flag taken away when you are correct? You should NOT lose the challenge flag when you win the challenge.

  7. Maybe coaches don’t want to have to be more vigilant. For them, the game is more intense if they can’t trust the officiating and have more power. But if you can’t trust them, then, yes, you need more options to challenge, and someone on staff needs to be dedicated to looking for those opportunities to challenge.

  8. I can only imagine some of the weird crap Belichick would challenge if this were to pass. We would probably have td’s called back because the left tackle didn’t have his mouthpiece in

  9. I hate the Patriots and Bill, and I think he goes out of his way to skirt the rules.

    THAT SAID, he would be an awesome NFL commissioner if he retired from coaching. He knows all the tricks, but he also clearly seems to have a great feel about whats best for the game. Plus you know he would put football first.

    I agree with almost every rules change he came up with.

  10. Think about this – You ask an NFL coach if he should have the power to challenge a bad call that could hurt his team and he says “NO” …..?? Id fire that coach.

    A lot of these coaches are cowards who are afraid of fans and media questioning their poor decisions. So they take the cowardly way out.

    And I dont trust Jeff Fisher to tell me what the other coaches think about something – The media should get their opinions from the coaches themselves.

  11. Even if it’s obviously right for the game, allowing more replay challenges would be a competitive advantage for the smart coaches like Belichick. It’s not surprising that morons like Andy Reid and Marvin Lewis wouldn’t want even more ways for Belichick to out-smart them.

  12. i personally think that with the refs on the field, with a couple more on the booth, perhaps 3 refs, they should be able to review everything and make the right calls on every penalty.
    Nobody would have to challenge for anything. This is for the fairness of the game.

  13. I really don’t understand this one…they should definitely be able to challenge any call as long as they keep the 2 challenge rule.

  14. I wonder which coaches voted no. If you don’t trust yourself enough to make the right call, either don’t throw the flag, or step down from a job that pays you way more money then you’re worth. I really don’t see any reason this shouldn’t be a rule…

  15. Just more proof of how rigged the games are that we watch in the National Fixed League.

    Can’t challenge everything = more control of crucial calls @ crucial moments of the game to the OFFICIALS = more control of the game OUTCOME from the OFFICIALS.

    = NFL gets to picks the lucrative markets offered from the tv ratings and advertisements that they desire.

  16. Jeff Fisher seems like a slimeball, greasebag. I don’t want him representing all the coaches. When was the last time he’s been truly successful??

    I don’t want an outdated coach, get me someone who knows a thing or two about the current game, NOT snake-like Jeff Fisher

  17. this proposal would have made the league look bad. it would have brought a much higher level of scrutiny to the judgement calls that are now just quickly passed over and forgotten. it would also more clearly illustrate just how many subjective and bad rules exist in the rulebook.

  18. Why not take challenges out? Stop slowing the game down. I find it ironic so many fans want more challenges like it helps the integrity. It doesn’t. So many times I sit on the coach during a challenge and listen to the announcers disagree on what happened, while I’m arguing with friends and family on the couch about what happened. Challenges aren’t 100% or even close to. If they actually were, then I’d be for them.

  19. How hard is it to delegate reviewing replays to an assistant coach or someone in the booth that can notify the head coach when to throw the flag. Why pretend like it has to be the head coach who is paying attention to all of this while deciding what plays to run etc.?

  20. I can’t understand how we’ve made it this far with the challenge system. It’s terrible. Seriously guys, scrap it and start fresh. College football is embarrassing the NFL with their replay system, and yet here the NFL sits trying every year to fix a stupid system that has never worked.

  21. The reason why a lot of coaches don’t want to change the rule is that many football coaches are mouth breathing meatheads. Being able to challenge everything will give them too much to think about on every play, and will give the more cerebral coaches an advantage.

  22. Come on coaches, time to put on your big boy pants and not be so scared. Yes, you’ll be open to more scrutiny, but you are grown men making millions; deal with it. Also, if you are still limited to 3 per game you can always say, “I didn’t challenge X because I was concerned about a bigger challenge later in the game” (like they do now) or the reverse, “we took the challenges when they popped up, which is why we didn’t have one near the end.” (like they also do) Grow the hell up. Even better, hire a guy whose only job is to evaluate the value and likelihood of success of challenge calls. He needs to be an advanced stats guy to understand that a 1 yard call reversal on 3rd and 9 at mid-field (no matter how obvious) is a lot less valuable than a possible fumble at the opponents’ 5 (to use really obvious examples).

    Disliking BB and the Pats is in my DNA, but I think this is a brilliant suggestion (along with the 6 goal line/sideline cameras, which was also rejected). Go figure….

  23. The NFL doesn’t want coaches to be able to challenge everything….Belichick and maybe 2 other head coaches would upstage every referee and official and be correct 100% of the time. League doesn’t want the embarrassment of Belichick and others taking their refs to school on the rules.

  24. What are these coaches thinking? I thought they were supposed to be leaders. Don’t want to play in overtime in preseason? Very easy to avoid it. Don’t want to challenge a call? Then don’t.

  25. How about instead of expanding replay the league puts more resources in getting refs to make the calls correctly? Have the league review game tapes every week, and for every duffed call issue fines, suspensions and ultimately firings. It is called accountability.

  26. I guess we aren’t dealing with a bunch of rocket surgeons here! Less than 50%??? You have to be kidding me. They have been playing and coaching football their whole life…ride the officials all game…yet don’t want added responsibility??? What a joke!

  27. I’m throwing the B.S. flag. Most coaches don’t want to be able to challenge anything? I find that hard to believe. Lets ask coaches after they get screwed by a non reviewable play and they lose their job because of it. Coaches should be able to challenge anything. Just keep them at 2-3 challenges and let them challenge anything, including pass interference.

  28. “The support among the coaches was less than 50 percent,” Fisher said.

    Among the ones he asked, which was just himself.

    Fisher loathes BB, my thoughts are he would shoot down anything BB suggested, just because he can.

  29. they’d rather not constantly be thinking about whether to challenge the previous play

    A smart coach would have a competent person upstairs on a monitor making that decision for him.

  30. I think we need a list of coaches who says they dont want the power to challenge everything. That way, when they get hosed on a call this year, and lose because they couldnt challenge the play, we can all point and laugh at them, and their owner can fire their sorry ass for not having the nuts to want to have the power that would have changed the outcome

  31. Of course they don’t. These guys are overwhelmed as it is and can’t even keep track of all the stuff they currently have to stay on top of. Their current solution is to not get the job done because these people aren’t very focused and cerebral to a high enough level to avoid making mistakes and not missing stuff that they are responsible for not missing!!!! There’s not ONE coach in the NFL that does a good job of keeping track of everything that they should be keeping track of!

  32. This was a ridiculous proposition (challenge everything) and thankfully it didn’t pass. Do we really want to watch coaches take over games and spend the whole time reviewing plays which already takes up too much time?

    No surprise that Belichick (Mr. spy gate) supported such a bad idea.

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