NFL wants to crack down on on-field taunting


Officials monitoring players taunting each other has been in the league’s rule book, as a point of emphasis.

It’s now moving from the back of the book to the front of the book.

“We’re going to raise the standard on the field,” Rams coach Jeff Fisher said.

Fisher, speaking for the league’s competition committee, said this morning that the NCAA had also asked the league to crack down on taunting, to prevent a trickling down through all levels of football.

As such, the league’s going to crack down on taunting.

The new emphasis adds one more thing for officials to worry about on the field, but Fisher was adamant that things were moving down the wrong road. With commissioner Roger Goodell opening the meetings with an emphasis on “respect,” it’s hardly a surprise.

But it’s clear they want things to change.

107 responses to “NFL wants to crack down on on-field taunting

  1. “… but… we will not crack down on bogus pass interference calls awarded to tom brady that give home field advantage and a bye week to new england patriots”

    – NFL Competition Committee

  2. No more trash talking? No Fun League.

    I’m first to admit, Seahawks will be heavily penalized

  3. Long overdue. Mark Cuban should have warned the NFL that they are starting to take after the NBA. And being anything like the NBA with the way the players run things over there is not a desirable outcome.

  4. The talking isn’t the big issue. It’s the standing over or walking over somebody that’s down that’s the BS that needs to be put to a stop.

  5. Trash talking doesn’t interest me or make the game better since WE can’t hear what has been said.

  6. In another five years if things continue in this direction, offensive linemen will be handing each other a flower after every play.

    Geesh, this is a man’s game and taunting is a huge part of it… get into the other guy’s head, and you have a major edge.

  7. The Sherman Emphasis……It will be interesting to see what actually happens each week and what is considered taunting. Putting your hand out to shake the opponent’s as Sherman did, we now know is considered taunting. Certainly the choke gesture should be. If someone gets sacked and the big fellow does his “dance” or does a military crawl, is that taunting?

    Where is the line? My guess; Like pornography, the refs will know it when they see it.

  8. The NFL isn’t a “man’s game”.

    This has been proven over and over by the infantile or adolescent behavior of the majority of NFL players.

  9. leftlaneisforpassingonly says: Mar 26, 2014 10:24 AM

    The talking isn’t the big issue. It’s the standing over or walking over somebody that’s down that’s the BS that needs to be put to a stop.


    This…..and Golden Tate waving to someone as he runs into the end zone.

    I hope a FS takes his legs out then runs beside the cart as they take him off waving.

  10. Isn’t taunting already penalized? Golden Tate WAS penalized in St. Louis, Coach Fisher after he taunted your secondary. Richard Sherman WAS penalized for the choke sign he gave to Harbuagh. The rules are already in the books. What more do you want– 30 yard penalties?!?!??!

  11. I’m really leaning towards just watching UFC. Even after winning a Superbowl, Goodell is changing this game so much for the worse that, as a fan, I’m starting to lose interest. He’s trying to turn this game into golf.

  12. Taunting is another sign of the breakdown of our society and the traditional family with 2 parents in the household.

    No player needs to taunt his opponent and the physical taunts, standing over another player, getting in their face, head butting/face masking, etc. should never be allowed.

    You guys can talk “No Fun League” all you want but taunting should never be tolerated – it’s the ugliest side of football and sports.

  13. How tired is the fan base getting of the NFL. They need to thank their lucky stars for TV contracts and how big the NFL fantasy football has become. Tired of paying more than premium prices for NFL tickets on ticket agency’s sanctioned by the NFL to watch less and less product.

  14. Taunting is fun to watch (excluding when someone is injured). Good players use it as motivation to shut down serial-taunters and give them their comeuppance. And when elite players score a big-time touchdown and just nonchalantly hand the ball to a ref, it’s even more badass.

  15. Soccer moms/kindergarden don’t hurt the feelings of grown men mentality.

    AL Davis didn’t force a merger for this watered down Political Correct weak NFL!

  16. Seriously? What’s next? $1000 fine for farting with a larger fine for a more offensive cut? The NFL needs to start paying more attention to things that affect the outcomes of games. Why are they wasting time if someone does a dance, points or says something bad about the other guys momma? Let em’ play Roger. The micromanagement is getting out of hand.

  17. I hate all the rule changing too but, honestly, the way some of these morons act every time they make a simple play is ridiculous.

  18. Fine the player, don’t penalize the team.

    Penalties for infractions like often lead to first downs being awarded or great plays being nullified. The results of the game are therefore not being decided by the football skills of the players and teams. Sometimes that can’t be helped but it should attempted to be avoided. See if fining works before hurting the competition on the field.

    Also, make the fines variable based upon the players contract so it hurts about the same to all players.

  19. all the these kind of rules changes cater to a certain demographic. this demographic doesnt like another certain demographic celebrating or acting a way that they dont like.

  20. Taunting “should” cause the recipient to get better….
    No problem with taunting in a man’s game.
    Man up or GTFO…

  21. I don’t care for the taunting and would be glad if they got rid of it! I understand they are trying to get in each others head but it goes to far imo. I would much rather let them celebrate after a score and get rid of taunting all together.

  22. sherman clapping like a beyatchh after getting burnt for a td in the playoffs

  23. Hopefully they don’t put the same guy on this problem that they put on cracking down on off the field issues.

    I would probably guess punching your wife in the face on the elevator would be more than likely a 15 yarder.

  24. I don’t mind some talk. I like all 3 as football players but when it gets to the Steve Smith, DJax, Sherman level my initial thought when I see it is “shut up and get back in the huddle”.

  25. Another example of excessive flexing of power by the NFL to regulate everything that will eventually lead to regulating themselves out of business as the game become stale and boring. Jeff Fisher should focus more on coaching his team up to a competitive level that attempting to control things that are discretionary anyway!

  26. I don’t like it but I could live it if it were going to be called consistently. But we know that won’t happen… it’ll be more games and seasons decided by different officials’ whims.

  27. Taunting in the NFL trickles all the way down to youth football. So I’m all for enforcing it.

  28. After you score and running up to a player you beat on the play and getting in their face… taunting no doubt. You’re asking for trouble.

  29. i don’t think this is as much to do with trying to take the fun out of the NFL as it is trying to set a better standard for kids playing pop-warner/peewee football and up through high school. kid sees Joe Pro laying someone out and then standing over them taunting them, notices all the fans going crazy for it. now Kid thinks that he needs to start taunting/show boating in order to draw attention to his play on the filed (much like the Sportscenter affect on the decline of the mid-range jumper abilities in basketball) … next the kid is thinking that taunting/showboating is how he should be in life and carries that over to the class room and into the streets.

    have all the fun you want in football and in life but respect the game, respect your opponent. knock the **** of of him, get up and get ready for the next snap.

  30. “We’re going to raise the standard on the field.”

    Thanks, NFL! Really, I like this.

  31. Good. A football player’s job is to make plays. If your job is to make widgets, do you whoop and holler every time you make one? If you work in an office and your job is to produce reports, do you beat your chest every time you do? Sick of players thinking the standards that apply to every other workplace don’t apply to them.

  32. I dont pay to watch these idiots celebrate a tackle 20 yards downfield. Get up and get to the huddle. Stop this crap. I AGREE WITH THE LEAGUE AGAIN!!

    Seems to me its Ballet since they dance more than they play football. Better check your comments again!!

    Cant have fun without the stupid rants and dancing?

    blacknole08 says:Mar 26, 2014 10:22 AM

    OMG this is football, not ballet. Let these guys have some fun!

  33. I have to agree to a certain extent. Some of these “men” that play in the league are just man children that never were forced to grow up and they act like it.

  34. this isn’t going to stop taunting. u really think that these players aren’t going to talk smack to each other when they’re lined up for the next play. they may not do it after a play but they’ll still do it. Jeff Fischer u have accomplished nothing. Congratulations.

  35. ‘I can eat Oreos faster than you’

    – Scott Fujita to Peyton Manning in Super Bowl XLIV–

  36. They should crack down on Peyton Manning. That guy points at defenders and calls them names on every play.

  37. 30 years ago taunting was spiking the football, now it’s choreographed charade by a much of grown men.

    You made a play and did the job you’re paid handsomely to do, now act like you’ve done it before

  38. Might as well. In this easily offended culture we live in. Plus, it might not be a bad idea to put a special pink skirt on Aaron Rodgers for when the Bears unleash Jared Allen and Lamar Houston on him. I know Aaron is tough and is a man about things, but, the Packer fans might get offended when he’s spending more time on the field on his back. Just a thought.

  39. 84smooninlambeaunevergetsold says:Mar 26, 2014 11:20 AM

    Who’s Richard Sherman?
    All-Pro cornerback of the Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. There, I made you smarter.

  40. They need to curb taunting because a lot of the players out there are not mature enough to handle it, that is how fights break out and this is what the NFL DOES NOT want to have happen, especially on the big stage like Monday Night Football.

  41. This is inevitable as each generation gets softer and softer. The schools are more focused on making little Johnny feel special than making sure he can do math.

    Now you have a generation that can’t deal with hardly any adversity at all. If you fail at something, you don’t look in the mirror and try to improve, you accuse the test of being unfair and have the standard lowered.

    If you have an issue with another person, you don’t try to settle the matter yourself, you call a teacher.

  42. Convenient that Fisher emphasizes this only after Cortland Finnegan is no longer on the Rams.

  43. The NFL does not need more rules! My goodness. The more penalties, the more officials have to make judgement calls, and the more they can decide the outcome of a game. All these anti celebration rules are ridiculous.

  44. I mean….it DOES get pretty old when you see a WR taunt someone every time they catch the damn ball. Act like you’ve done it before

  45. If taunting is such a problem let these guys hit more. Receivers used to shut up when they got crushed by a safety on the next play. Same with corners. Sherman would have been shut up by a tight end after he did half of his crap. Could you imagine dick Butkus seeking this guy out after he talked some trash?

  46. Next stop every team get a Lombardi trophy and every player gets to play in the probowl.

  47. Good.

    There is no reason in the world why somebody has to act like a moron after they made a nice play.

    “I just made a tackle!” *flex, pose, stare down the guy, act like I just totally owned him and I am the only one on the planet capable of making a tackle, stand up and make sure I walk over him while getting up.*

    Nonsense. No need for it. No place for it. Talk about unsportsmanlike conduct.

  48. Ironic that Fisher is the spokesperson for this. His teams have to be the league leaders in this childish behavior. It’s been my observation, the more a player talks, the less talented he really is. I’m glad the NFL is going to finally curtail it. Maybe others pay to watch that stuff, i prefer the actual game itself

  49. I commend the NFL for trying to foster sportsmanship at the professional level. Kids imitate what they see the professionals do in all sports. If they are professional, act like it!

    If not, we cant complain when kids at the youth levels talk trash to referees, parents to each other, which eventually leads to violence on the field.

    Nothing better than quietly walking of the field after beating an opponent.

  50. As the NFL continues to evolve, they never fail to realize what helped make the league so great. Banning dunks on the goal post, now trash talking? Wow, it sure will be fun to see them run around and play touch football here soon.

  51. Good lord they already penalize it. Now take the emotion out of the game too. Well done if the goal is to ruin the league.

  52. The NFL is hilarious.

    They use Sherman’s taunts to sell their product, using his lines in promos for Sound FX, and now, they want to hit the kill switch. Just like they made bank promoting “Hard Hits” videos of hits that in today’s game would draw a penalty flag and lead to a fine.

    Imagine Sherman in Sound FX next year. Instead of “You weak. Need to lift more.”, he can now say “Capital effort there, old bean, but if you really wish to get the best of me, perhaps you should spend some more time in the gym. Just a suggestion, have a lovely day!”

  53. I think people have the issues confused.

    1) The slam dunk on the goal post is only being penalized because it actually stopped the play of game when the goal post was actually damaged. If that had never happened then maybe it would still be okay.

    2) The game is played with a lot of emotion and passion. Nobody disagrees there. The NFL is not trying to take this out of the game.

    3) Taunting an opponent has nothing to do with your passion or emotion of the game. It has everything to do with degrading another human being.

    I am all in favor of celebrating a TD, celebrating a sack, or making a big hit. There is a way to do that where you aren’t clowning out another player because you just happened to beat them on that particular play. You tackle a guy, you don’t have to stand over him like you are some superhuman freak and then stare him down. Pop up, claps your hands, shout out, celebrate. But don’t make it at anyone’s expense.

    You make a touchdown throw, pump your fist…okay. But you don’t go seeking out the defensive back that got cooked and make some gesture to him. Etc.

    They started this just a year or so ago where spiking the ball near another player was taunting. I agree with that too.

  54. This is one that doesn’t bother me. Now days there are to many smartasses and not enough Barry Sanders types. They should double the penalty if you’re getting stomped by 20, make a tackle/catch, and start acting like a total buffoon. Sheesh it’s getting bad with some of these clowns.

  55. Kids emulate the big boys. Taunting if not corrected, trickles down to college, high school and pee wee leagues.

  56. No place in the game for it. From pee wee leagues up through college, if they see it, they emulate it.

  57. Whatever happened to Football, this product that’s on the field now is becoming head scratching… Seriously it’s a man’s game!! Way to many changes, I’m definitely with the safety of the players, but no taunting, no celebrations. . Pretty soon we’ll be looking for the excitement as well because i thought having fun was also a huge part of playing the game with passion. SMH…..

  58. Wow…the pot calling the kettle black, huh ?? Fisher coached defenses and teams are notorious for talking and taunting…notorious….

    And he’s the main figure on the competition committee ?? What a joke…

  59. Have no problem with this. The actions of Tate, DRC, and Sherman went too far last year. NFL players are both professionals and representatives of their respective teams and taunting paints both the player and the team in a negative light.

  60. I haven’t read the comments section but I’m hoping to the all Sherman and Seahawks haters realize this photo is that of Roddy White taunting . Sherman clapping bc he “got one ” on him on a disguised route slow go .

    Lol the Seahawks have only 2 players who taunt golden Tate and Richard Sherman one of them is no longer on the squad . Seahawks will still intimate your sorry team with big hits and celebrations not over their body . Nothing’s changed . Trash talking isn’t going anywhere EVERY SINGLE DB TALKS $hit . Only some are smart enough to become 5th rd write offs to all pro and best at their respective position. Seattle fans love RS that’s not changing he brings a arrogant confidence that’s infectious and has many of these low picks playing above their grades . His bravado is invaluable and will get the man paid with endorsements a like we haven’t seen since Dion !

    Keep ya hate up the hawks are they ingest Super Bowl champ and are extremely young and proven . Good luck Delong with your aging team . The hawks attitude had them hunted all year bc if their crash nature being the champs changes NOTHING . If the hawks don’t win another in 2-3 years it will literally be an upset . That’s just a sign of what’s happening . Quit playing checkers were playing chess here in Seattle !

  61. Fisher teams taunt fight past the whistle take cheap shots more that any other team as long as he has coached! This in itself shows how hypocritical this league is Fisher is the last person who should have a say so on the competition panel

  62. I said a few years ago that Roger is going to ruin this sport that he has never played. I already have given up my season tickets. Do to all the penaltys. You can’t hit players until they catch the ball and have a chance to not get hit is the main reason, and unessary rouchness when a player just hits someone hard. Please Boycott going to games everyone, and just watch i on TV.

  63. “This is a man’s game”

    Since when do grown men need to dance around and get in other men’s faces to prove themselves manly?

  64. if you can get into your opponents head you have the edge that you can build not saying choke gestures and doing cart wheels after big plays but you know how they get fired up to themselves pumping the fists and stuff like that is that a penalty now too ?

  65. The problem is so many guys don’t know when to stop. It’s after every play! Five yard sack or a 7 yard gain. And eventually, the taunting gets escalated into an illegal hit. Taunting has always been a part of the game. Unfortunately, some players use it to self promote.if it goes unchecked it will get out of hand because of those selfish dudes. Unfortunately ,It won’t matter unless the penalty hurts. 15 yards won’t stop it.

  66. It’s part of the fun of the game why crack down on it Tom Brady getting his feelings hurt. ? All the league talks about is taunting in the back field in the secondary but they don’t even mention the amount of trash talk from the line men on both sides of the ball

  67. Don’t want to be taunted? Play better…..and I’m gagging over the hypocrisy of having Jeff “I taught Gregg Williams everything he knows,” Fisher talk about raising the standard. That scum should he under investigation for the dirty play that just so happens to follow him around, not making the rules. Why has no one called the NFL on the fact that the members of its rules committee regularly change rules that don’t need changing to gain a competitive advantage for their teams.

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