Rams land Shaun Hill, which should end Mark Sanchez speculation


With the wheel spinning feverishly, the Rams have found their backup quarterback.

According to Adam Caplan of ESPN, the Rams have agreed to a one-year deal with former Lions backup Shaun Hill. He had visited there last week.

That covers them after losing Kellen Clemens to the Chargers, and ought to clear up part of the doubt about former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

With one of the likely landing spots taken out of the equation, the way is a bit more clear for Sanchez to sign with the Eagles if they’re satisfied with the condition of his shoulder.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher admitted they were interested in Sanchez, but moving on with Hill makes it seem he’s destined elsewhere.

Hill’s a perfectly functional backup, and the Rams better hope they don’t have to turn to him as often as they did with Clemens, because that would mean starter Sam Bradford has broken down again. He’ll get plenty of time to learn the offense in OTAs while Bradford recovers from a torn ACL.

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  1. I do believe Hill is the best backup qb in the league right now. If Bradford is hurt St louis won’t be in deep trouble. He doesn’t turn the ball over much – he throws a lot of low risk passes.

    From a Detroit fan; He could be a starter for a few teams. The only downside is Shauns’ age.

  2. Best of luck, Mr. Hill. He was the perfect back up in Detroit. Ever ready and capable when called upon. Unfortunately for the Lions, they wasted cap space on Kevin Ogletree, Kris Durham and Vaugn Martin and have no one competent to back up Stafford, the FA pickings now are slim and they have no money left to sign anyone of merit.

  3. Hill is going to be much better for the Rams than Sanchez would have been. He’s a solid back up with a good football IQ. He’ll be able to help Bradford further develop without ever pushing for the starting job.

  4. I’m my opinion, this guy deserves a shot to start somewhere. Most underrated backup QB in the league.

    Most overrated is Kirk Cousins by the way.

  5. If Kellen Clemens can come in after a Bradford injury and do a more than respectable job for half a season like he did last year then you have to like the chances of Hill doing even better if a similiar situation occurs.

  6. Rams have the picks to take a flyer on a qb between the second and third rounds. I really like that kid from Eastern Illinois. I’m not a draft expert by any means, but it seems like they should try to find an upgrade to Bradford. I wouldn’t pass on Watkins or Clowney with that second pick though.

  7. No way Mark Sanchez doesn’t take Sam Bradford’s job. Rams are always going to have an excuse why their overpaid and underperforming QB can’t get the job done. No way you overtake Seattle or San Fran with such a large chunk of salary committed to such an underwhelming player.

  8. He looked awesome last year in preseason, that was his best season ever as a pro. I just wish we got to see him play and he would have taken us to the playoffs if he played the entire season.

  9. What, exactly, makes Hill the best back up in the league? Seriously. I’m baffled by the posts. The Lions didn’t make the playoffs. Hill didn’t come in and suddenly charge the Lions up the “hill”. Half of these backup QB’s that are signed might be cut after the draft in May.

  10. If the Lions had the same coaching staff as the last few years, then Sanchez definitely would not make sense. Moore knows that system and would be better over a one year span. Now that the Lions have turned over their coaching staff, who knows. Moore doesn’t exactly have the physical gifts that other unemployed quarterbacks do. Guess it will depend on the Lions cap and how much Sanchez thinks he’s worth.

  11. If only Shaun Hill had a decent arm to go with his mind, he might have been one of the greats…seriously. He ALWAYS makes the right decision on where to go with the ball. He just has a noodle arm.

  12. Rams fans should be happy about this signing. He’s an awesome back up.

    When he’s called into a game, he plays well. He doesn’t have Stafford’s gun, but there were times when he seemed to make much better decisions and better throws.

    During the second half of last season, when Stafford’s play started getting shaky, there was never a peep from Shaun Hill or his people about whether he should become the starter. Fans were thinking it, but Hill made sure there was no discussion or controversy.

    He’s a leader. He can win games. If something happens and he has to come in to play, you’re in good hands.

    Shaun Hill is a standup guy. Detroit will miss him.

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