Report: Bears came in at last minute with Jared Allen offer


The Bears surprised the NFL by landing defensive end Jared Allen this morning, and he said there’s a reason they were able to keep it on the down low.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, Allen said the Bears came into the picture at the last minute, with a deal that made him reconsider his other options.

Their guarantee of $15.5 million over the next two years slots him between the deal Julius Peppers got from the Packers and DeMarcus Ware’s windfall from the Broncos, which was enough for him to make an intra-divisional move from the Vikings.

Allen sent out a statement through his agents expressing his gratitude to the Vikings.

“I’d like to take a moment to thank my former teammates, coaches and the staff at the Minnesota Vikings for all of their inspiring work and dedication,” the statement said. “Perhaps more importantly I would like to thank the fans and the Minnesota community. I can only hope that I have left with you all with even a fraction of the positive support and impact you have had on my life, my foundation and my family.

“I am very excited about this next chapter in my career with the Chicago Bears and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. God bless.”

And if the Bears hadn’t come in late with their offer, that next chapter might have been written somewhere else.

81 responses to “Report: Bears came in at last minute with Jared Allen offer

  1. Glad he is coming to the Bears, but also extremely impressed with the message to the Vikings and their fans.

    This is going to be a fun year in the North.

  2. Jared Allen, a legit DE finally playing for a legitimate NFL franchise, not the minor leagues in Minnesota.


  3. as a vikes fan it’s tough to see this guy go. he has lots left in the tank but the vikes didn’t want to pay him. at least he didn’t go to seattle. Jared Allen will always be a viking and probably will be a HOFer with the Vikings. no hard feelings unlike another team i know…cough cough, favre, cough, cough, packers, cough.

  4. Unless he had a deal in place elsewhere, I don’t understand the logic here. The longer he sits at home, unemployed, the more desperate he will become. Thus his asking price will come down. I swear, some of these GM’s need a lesson on economics.

  5. I’d also like to thank them for 70+ million dollars so I can be stonewalled by rookie LT’s on a team that “is garbage outside of Aaron Rogers”.

  6. Shame, he stood a chance of getting that elusive SB ring by signing with Seattle…Good luck with da bears, you will certainly need it…lol

  7. As a Bears fan I like the signing. I don’t expect him to stuff the run, as he’s seriously declined in that department the past two seasons, but even as a situational pass rusher he gives the Bears somebody who can get after the quarterback. We all love to gush over young guys and use that buzzword “potential”, but veterans still have an impact on and off the field for a franchise.

  8. Good for Jared. He got the best deal possible. Nothing wrong with that. He took the money rather than the ring.
    Seattle does need to replace Bryant, however replacing Clemons, Tate, etc. won’t be that hard.
    The Seahawks can replace Bryant and add depth from their “red shirt” 2013 draft class, their 2014 draft brothers and players who get released when teams reduce their rosters to 53.
    All Seattle really needs is a run stopper, a 3rd pass rusher and another offensive guard for depth.

  9. Thank the heavens above he didn’t sign with Seattle.

    Not that Allen is as elite as he once was but c’mon, like Seattle’s D needed more help.


  10. nwfisch says: Mar 26, 2014 12:43 PM
    Jared Allen, a legit DE finally playing for a legitimate NFL franchise, not the minor leagues in Minnesota.

    “Legitimate” Da Bears. Are you still watching those old VHS tapes of the Bears victory 29 years ago! I mean seriously, The Bears are going on 3 decades of losing. I guess 29 years is better than the 100 years of failure from the local N. Side baseball team.

  11. bearshaterseverywhere says: Mar 26, 2014 12:49 PM

    LoL @ the Packers…have fun with Peppers at LB!!!

    LOL @ Bi-Queens … have fun watching the other NFC North teams in the playoffs.

  12. Jared didn’t want to go to Seattle and deal with that mist and Pete “The Cheat”

    Seattle is such a lame city that it has to brag about how they can throw a dead Salmon across the room without it touching the ground.

  13. Jared has been a great player and a great person for the Vikings and the community. I loved watching him play and I’m glad he’s staying in the division so we can see him twice a year. Nevertheless, I prefer the Vikings’ strategy of signing young free agents who have proven themselves but still are on the upswing of their careers to the Packers’ and Bears’ strategy of signing older guys with not much left in the tank.

  14. Why does everyone just assume the Seahawks are going to win a championship again soon? Teams rarely repeat in the NFL, and over the next couple of years the Seahawks are going to see a lot of people walk.

  15. I can’t imagine the Seahawks offer was THAT much lower. Plus he would have played less snaps and had a legit shot at a ring. Once again proving my theory that the fans care more about a ring than the players do.

  16. As a Chiefs fan, I still remember when he was traded to the Vikings. I recall almost puking when I got the news. I am still pissed the Chiefs ever got rid of him. Good Luck in Chitown Jared. Enjoy the deep dish pizza.

  17. If Allen plays in rotations I can see more sacks. He prides himself as a every play football player. With some rest between pass rushing he should be a power house.

    Great signing by the the Bears. Very slick move on their part showing a guy respect instead of expectations of grandiosity that might not be there.

  18. Polishing turds. None of these second rate/tier NFC North teams have any chance of competing with the top NFC West or even NFC South teams. They may actually belong in the AFC…

  19. Pretty clear a ring is not important to Allen. It’s funny, the Bears dump Peppers and add Allen, a slight upgrade overall to their mediocre defense. The Vikings are the ones who really lost out. A sub par D that just got weaker. At least the Packers did something to try and upgrade there D as well.

  20. Would’ve been a bargain luxury signing for the Hawks. Not a huge loss, but he would’ve done well in Seattle. No biggie. The Hawks needn’t worry one bit about the NFC North. Any of the 4 teams in the NFC West would win that crap division. The SB Champ will rise from the West.

    Go Hawks!

  21. I seriously laugh at all the posts saying his talents are seriously declining. Yes, he is down from 22 sacks in 2011. Last year he was only tied for 7th best in sacks in the NFL. Some players “serious declining” is equal to career years for most.

    He was the best defensive end in his division last year, and he still is the best defensive end in the same division this year. And hopefully he still sacks Packer QB’s (whoever isn’t injured) at the rate of more than 1 per game.

  22. Goes to show how much he did not want to play for Seattle, used them to get leverage, Allen is a high character guy and did not want to be a part of Seattle and their cheating ways, he doesn’t have to take ped’s or hold and pass interference on every play to be considered a great defensive player. Good choice Jared

  23. I’m curious what Denver was offering him vs what they gave to Ware. I’d imagine they offered more to Allen than Ware. If so, and Allen turned them down, then he ended up shooting himself in the foot by taking even less money with Chicago.

    At least he didn’t agree to go to Seattle and play for peanuts just for the chance to win a title.

    I’m surprised SF hasn’t tried (or had much success) in getting big name FA’s to come to SF on a 1 or 2 year contract playing at an extremely reduced rate for the chance to win a title. Seattle seems to get everyone to agree to go there for next to nothing, while no one else has been able to do this.

  24. Now that the Bears have a solid defensive line, Monica Lewinsky thinks they should draft a safety. She likes Clinton-Dix! HaHa!

  25. Would rather be known as a great player who never won a ring then a player who won a ring with a team who admitted to cheating on defense and had multiple guys on that defense test positive for ped’s, and also having the refs in thier pocket….or in other words…having an *

  26. Congrats to the Bears, as Allen is a great person with plenty still left and a work ethic you will appreciate — a clear upgrade over Peppers. Going to be tough to watch him play against the Vikes the next two years.

  27. Nearly a decade ago, the Vikings essentially stole Steve Hutchinson from the Seahawks with the (now forbidden) poison pill contract. You’ve seen how the ‘Hawks have responded. While Allen was never officially a Seahawk, you’ve done us wrong, Chicago, and are now in our crosshairs. Haha, just kidding. Maybe.

  28. who ever pays the most is where jared allen will go. he’ll go become tte new jersey pelicans mascot if they offered the most garanteed money.

  29. For Packer fans crowing about Peppers being better than Allen, last year Peppers had nine games where he had one or zero tackles, no sacks, and no passes defensed. Allen had three games like that. Just sayin’.

  30. Jared now gets to experience the greatest rivalry in football first hand. Packer/Bears. In first place, the Packers with 13 World Championships, and 4 Lombardi Trophies. In second place, the Bears, with 9 World Championships, and a Lombardi Trophy.

    It is amazing how intense these real NFL rivalries are when both sidelines are manned with winning franchises.

    The Packers have had the Bears number these last few years, but still respect them as one of the great all time franchises.

    And then there are the Vikings……….

  31. NFC north is always one of the most exciting divisions to follow. This just adds to the drama. If Chi town could bring back Urlacher on a 1 year deal then the Bears would really be an interesting Defensive unit to watch. For the draft all they need is O line And Defense, everything else is covered. Now if thy can find a way to keep Cutler from throwing to the other teams…

  32. So much for all that “wanting to go to a winner” talk. Pretty much shuffled the deck chairs with this move. They didn’t really upgrade or downgrade from Peppers. Allen didn’t really give himself any better post-season chances between MN and CHI. Neither have a QB worth talking about, which means they won’t be going anywhere.

  33. As a viking fan, I wish him the best. We’ve had a lot of fun watching him and have great memories during his time with our team.

  34. Vikings fans whining about Jared leaving with something in the tank. Hoe the hell do you think Chiefs fans feel? Herm Edwards wanted J.A traded the year after he led the league in sacks )after playing in 14 of 16 games that year)

    Talk about something still left, in the tank

  35. The NFL now has another dilemma to deal with now that Jared Allen is a BEAR! They will either need to equip Aaron Rodgers with a suit of armor or start playing flag football, because “Hurricane Lamar Houston” and “Tropical Storm Jared” are going to be destroying Packer property!!!!!!

  36. Allen is an upgrade for the Bears because Peppers had lost his motivation to play for them.
    If used correctly for his current skills, he’ll pay for himself with Packers.

  37. PFT comment section is the worst when it comes to Homers yelling “my team and franchise is better than yours”. Take off your team colored glasses and add something useful to the community

  38. Jared Allan is a dome/turf guy.. he is pedestrian at best on grass.. and on that really nice field at Soldier Field he may be slowed down even more..

    Will be fun to watch..

  39. Good luck Jared put Rodgers on his a$$ a few times and i don’t care who ya play for :P. he still has gas in the tank, hes not the greatest against the run but more than makes up for it see Eli Manning sack last yr. SKOL !

  40. I thought Allen wanted a shot at a Super Bowl? So much for that, get your paper. Should of took a pay cut to play for Belichick and the New England Patriots.

  41. Hey, to be real, the Bears didn’t want to loose Julius Peppers but they did. Some contracts are just unrealistic after a number of years. Just like Allen and the Vikings. It’s all about what make sense and when. Who can survive by keeping their own guys and still become better ever year…
    I have to laugh at all these Seahawk fans who think their going back to the big dance automatically. It Won’t Happen just because you hope it does.

  42. Whenever the Packers played the Bears, I would worry about how our rookie LT 4th round draft pick would hold up against Peppers, for good reason, Peppers would get a couple of sacks and a forced fumble.

    There is big difference when the Packers played the Vikings, the 4th rounder would hold up and shut out Allen, a complete shut out, no sacks, no tackles, no assist on tackles.

    And for that reason alone, the Bears paid way too much.

  43. was hoping the Hawks could make it work – would’ve been a great fit for him on that defense. and you can never have enough quality pass rushers.

    Hawks have to play the long game now though with all the young guys coming up for their 2nd contracts. just not in a position to pay top dollar for FA’s this year. would’ve been nice though.

  44. could have been something special, with him in seattle. could have maybe won a super bowl, or had some big playoff performances to boost his HoF chances other than just having big sack numbers on bad teams.

    I would have taken a 1year deal in seattle, and then gone with the peppers deal next year. mistake in my opinion, and when he is arguing for a HoF bid, I will simply remember the guy who played on a lot of bad and now mediocre teams

  45. $ > team……obviously….Bears are talking like they have this great defense now. Ummm….they were bad and lost their best defensive lineman. Now they’ve signed 2 reaches. Please don’t pretend like it’s not about the money.

  46. Quick tip to Bear fans – don’t watch any of the tape from last year of Jared Allen getting smothered by rookie left tackle David Bakhtiari. You won’t like it.

  47. Sure, the Seahawks would want him. Sure, he would have been on a pre-season favorite for the SB Ring. Sure, the chances of getting a ring this next season are much less according to experts. However, it was a business decision. A good one for Jared. In the big picture that is what counts. Good move by the Bears, BTW…….

  48. To all you Bears haters out there.. Don’t just assume Jared took the money over a championship. Did you actually watch the Bears last season? Their offense was very good and I feel it’s going to be even better this season. And now with a very improved defense which was absolutely horrid last season, and yet still almost beat Green Bay to get into the playoffs, will have a very good chance to compete with the better teams in the league. I realize Cutler still has a lot to prove and time will tell if this new and improved defense will gel quickly enough to make a difference early in the season, but I have to say I think this is a far more complete team than what I’ve seen in a while from them…. Perhaps even more complete than the super bowl team of 2006.

  49. Close???

    With Rodgers missing nearly half the season last year, it was like the Red Sea parted for the Bears and Lions. The division was gift wrapped for either team, and they still couldn’t get it done.

    I hope both teams get better just to keep things interesting.

  50. Thank god for the Bears! I was one of the few Seattle posters saying this guy wasn’t worth it. He’s NOT a physical player. A great technician who is on the wrong side of 30, but he was never stout against the run…easy to push around if a tackle gets his hands on him. Something of a diva as well…loves to give interviews. All the respect in the world to his charity work, though.

  51. Peppers deal with the Packers only includes $7.5 million in guaranteed money, no where near $50 million.

    3 year $30 million

  52. The Bears made a good move while the fans of the team he came from watched their team get weaker if that is possible.

  53. LOL at Packers fans who hate the Vikes so much they’re actually defending the Bears.

    I generally detest these incestuous, intra-divisional moves…I’ve spent the past decade HATING Allen and now I have to make myself like and cheer for him? Ugh. I just hope he learns a little humility from the likes of Bears vets like Briggs & Tillman – guys who let their play do the talking, and leave the loudmouth stuff and low class showboating dance move nonsense to diva receivers and low class dirtbag teams like Detroit, Seattle and Baltimore.

    The NFL sure is making a lot of stupid rule changes lately – but there is one I’d maybe like to see: free agents are no longer allowed to sign within the division. Spare us all the pain of embracing sworn rivals!

    Oh well – I’m just glad to see the Bears working to RESTORE that defense, and I’ll take a younger more productive JA over the aging JP anyday. And with that offense – if the Bears did nothing else but remained relatively injury-free, it already brings that defense back to at least mediocre. But add our free agents, draft picks, and (dear God please) addition by subtraction with a complete Conte-ctomy (Tucker should go, too), and we’ll be monstrous again in no time.

  54. kmartinson says:
    Mar 26, 2014 2:52 PM
    $ > team……obviously….Bears are talking like they have this great defense now. Ummm….they were bad and lost their best defensive lineman. Now they’ve signed 2 reaches. Please don’t pretend like it’s not about the money.


    No one in the Bears organization has claimed to have the best defense, nor have any of my esteemed and honored fellow fans. You’re blatantly scared, jealous and have spoken from your conciseness. Don’t be b#tth#rt!

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