Report: Dolphins still trying to trade Mike Wallace

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Last month, when Jason La Canfora of CBS reported that the Dolphins were trying to trade Mike Wallace, the Dolphins denied it. But the report isn’t going away.

La Canfora reported today that the Dolphins have renewed their attempts to trade Wallace during the league meetings, and that some interested teams are doing their homework on Wallace. La Canfora even floats the possibility of a trade between the Dolphins and Eagles, sending DeSean Jackson to Miami and Wallace to Philadelphia.

However, Wallace’s contract makes him a tough player to trade. The Dolphins would take an immediate cap charge of $8.8 million if they trade him before June 1. And more importantly, any team that trades for Wallace would be taking on his fully guaranteed salary of $15 million this season. Does anyone seriously believe any other team is going to pay Wallace $15 million, fully guaranteed, this season?

By trying to trade Wallace, new Dolphins G.M. Dennis Hickey is acknowledging that he thinks former Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland wasted a lot of Stephen Ross’s money and a lot of the team’s cap space when he signed Wallace to a five-year, $60 million contract this season. It’s highly unlikely that any other team would be willing to trade for that contract.

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  1. Well yeah Ireland blew countless tens of millions of dollars. If you want to get into opportunity costs then you could even make a case that he cost Ross over 100 million bucks.

  2. Pack your bags and come on up to New York and join the JETS dynasty. AFC East will be EASY this year.

    Top 5 receivers in the NFL
    Eric Decker
    Dez Bryant
    Michael Crabtree
    Jeremy Kearly

    In that order.

    #JETSdynasty #NamathLEGEND #RexRyanHOF

  3. Headline of spring, 2013: Wallace taking his talents to South Beach

    Headline of spring, 2014: Buyer’s Remorse gone berserk

  4. I like Dennis Hickey because he actually knows what fans know, unlike Jeff Ireland.

    Trade won’t happen, but I don’t think anyone can deny the fact that Desean is much better than Mike Wallace. I also don’t think the Eagles are looking for a more expensive downgrade. Weirder things have happened.

    Can’t wait for football season everybody!

    Phins Up!

  5. LOL

    So what Miami is saying is that they made a huge mistake in signing Wallace last year.

    Miami is so dysfunctional it isn’t even funny. No wonder New England has won that division for what seems like 50 years in a row.

  6. Thank you for that 3rd round comp pick regardless what happens. We draft better WR’s than the Ravens. Defensive players too. Ozzie’s drafting will get a coordinator fired!! Look at the track record.

  7. Miami faithful should chase down Ireland and feed him to the gators one toe at a time.

  8. I think it’s so funny that people freak out about how much were paying a 28 year old AP (~10 mill/year) and yet these diva receivers are making unparalleled $, AND in a league where the quarterback makes the receivers who they are anyway.

    I’d much rather have a guy that can put a whole offensive unit on his back than a guy who needs to rely on having a good qb and a decent running game to open him up. Espn makes everyone think you need to pass to win, yet every Super Bowl winning team tells us differently (besides the Taints in 09)

  9. Can we please get these people off here that think its hilarious to post about how good their team is? The logical voice guy and now we got Vikings fans and jets fans talking about how great their team is, it was funny the first thousand times but lets go ahead and give it up now

  10. Wallace is good. Fast. Amazing. But the Steelers kept Ben. Trying to recreate the success Wallace had in Pittsburgh with Ryan Tannehill instead of Ben … foolishness.
    Sanders, maybe … he’ll be catching from Peyton now, his numbers might even go up.

  11. Keep him out of Philly, if people think DeSean is a one-trick pony, this guy is the full embodiment of it, not to mention MUCH more of a diva than DeSean.

  12. I love how everyone calls the Pats cheap for not throwing bags of long term money out to the first flashy name that comes available. This is a prime example of why the Pats are smart and everyone else is stupid.

  13. Good luck with that. Wallace is damn good, but at that price tag he’s untradeable. They sure as hell can’t cut him with that $6.5 million cap penalty, so it looks like he’s pocketing that $15 million from the Dolphins. My heart really breaks for them…

  14. The 49ers signing of Justin Smith was the best free agent signing in the history of the world.

    Take notes on how a great franchise is run.

  15. Everybody has bashed the Jets for not spending like crazy this offseason, and yet a lot of the time this is what a big FA signing gets you, production that doesn’t match the high price paid. Great job Miami!

  16. And I’d like to trade my 2002 Protege for a Ford Flex. It’s not happening. Wallace was cheap last year with only a $1M base salary plus $11M signing bonus. The bulk of his money was put into a fully guaranteed 2014 $15M salary. Who the heck would trade anything for a WR with $15M guaranteed this year? He averages over $10M in each of the following 3 years too. I don’t know if he could get that deal on the open market so nobody is giving up more than a very late rounder if anything for him.

  17. Mike Wallace was open regularly for long TD’s, and was missed. I won’t blame the guy streaking wide open down the field.

  18. Paying QB money to a wide receiver is insanity.
    Paying QB money to most QBs is insanity.

    Wallace is a one trick pony, even if it is a pretty impressive trick. Paying him like Fitzgerald or Johnson is silly. At least they can put a team on their backs and produce.

    Trading for Jackson isn’t the most sensible move, either. You’ll be trading a player that runs one route, wants too much money, and plays his hardest when a contract is upcoming for a player that runs one route, wants too much money, and dogs it when a contract is coming.

  19. This was a terrible signing. The Steelers were shocked at the money he got. Looks like they decided to pay the superior player in Antonio Brown was right on the money.

  20. The Panthers could use this guy for sure the way he constantly burned Captain last season down the field on loooooooooooooooong plays. But his salary is too steep!!!!

  21. Once again the Steelers made the right decision in not overpaying Wallace. He should have taken the first offer the Steelers gave. It rarely works out to overpay. Thank you for the 3rd round draft pick. We can go out and get another gem in the third round. Pittsburgh is considered a small market team. They have did pretty dang good for a small market team. Cant deny they know what they are doing.

  22. And if he’s traded he will go out and be a pro bowler just like Marshall in Chicago.

    The organization has no patience and no direction and it shows. Hell, did they miss a lot of the games where Tannehill missed him when he was wide open? But nope he’s there to stay.

    Can they trade Ross?

  23. It’s pretty funny. Whenever I watch Dolphins games, Wallace is open a ton. But, Tannehill (who doesn’t seem to ever get any blame) isn’t accurate at all. Wallace is a pretty good WR and we’ve seen him put up huge numbers. Tannehill has to get a lot better. Trust me

    With all that being said…yes the dolphins really overpaid for him.

  24. If this is true, then who ever made the decision to sign Wallace just last year to that huge contract needs to be replaced.

    Wallace is going to have to get a lot better before he’s worth that type of money.

  25. Wallace would have had 1300 yds and 8 tds last year if Ryan Tannehill could throw a deep ball. He definitely left about 8 tds on the table just overthrowing wr’s about about 6 of them were to Wallace. Wallace is exactly what they paid for – great deep threat with inconsistent hands… of course they overpaid but Wallace isn’t even close to the problem in Miami. It starts with Joe Philbin, a guy who needs cue cards to give a post game speech and has about as much charisma as a rotting corpse.

  26. r8rsfan says:
    Mar 26, 2014 12:15 PM
    Burress, Holmes, Wallace, etc…..never sign a former Steeler WR. Lesson learned.

    PLAX caught a game winning TD against the 18-0 in the SB for NYG after dominating the Packers in sub zero temps in the NFC Champ. game.

  27. aaronfraudgers says:
    Mar 26, 2014 12:09 PM
    Remember when people taunted Vikings fans because Mike Wallace supposedly turned down their offer? The joke’s on you guys! LOL

    Says the fan of a team who signed Greg Jennings to a large contract thinking he would duplicate the production he had with two hall of fame quarterbacks…..

  28. youre stuck with him,,a good coach can make it work,,adapt,improvise,or die,,,no hes not worth the money,but he does have talent utilize it shut up and quit making excuses

  29. So where’s the part of this story that’s news?

    Everyone on earth except Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross knew it was an absolutely brutal signing.

    If someone trades for Wallace, I own a bridge I’d like to sell them as well…..

  30. Sounds logical that everyone eats up this report, but were saying just yesterday in the Jackson posts how the media has no credibility. Like moth to flame…

  31. Hahaha even if the Jets had Megatron, Dez Bryant, and Michael Crabtree to go along with Decker and Kerley, they’d still have Geno Smith throwing them the ball and would win 7 games.

  32. natureboy704 says:
    Mar 26, 2014 12:15 PM

    Can we please get these people off here that think its hilarious to post about how good their team is? The logical voice guy and now we got Vikings fans and jets fans talking about how great their team is, it was funny the first thousand times but lets go ahead and give it up now

    It’s the same person doing all the different screen names. Pretty obvious by the Top 5 lists.

  33. Steeler fans are hysterical. They have the worst cap situation in the league and a mediocre and old roster. If I recall correctly the Dolphins, with Mike Wallace, went to Pittsburgh with a younger and better roster and beat the Steelers in the cold in a game with playoff implications.

  34. He actually is the only person on the dolphins other teams worry about defending.

    No one fears Tanehill, their rb’s or their other wr’s.

    If he goes the dolphins will have zero explosiveness.

  35. Pack your bags and come on up to New York and join the JETS dynasty. AFC East will be EASY this year.

    Top 5 receivers in the NFL
    Eric Decker
    Dez Bryant
    Michael Crabtree
    Jeremy Kearly

    In that order.

    #JETSdynasty #NamathLEGEND #RexRyanHOF

    your joking right? as you will soon discover Decker while being very good was a product of Manning being his QB and the Jets do not have a QB much Manning.

  36. I’m pretty sure realnflmaster isn’t really a Jets fan. If you are dude, I think it might be a good idea to scale back your expectations. We’re gonna be competitive, but our range is probably 7-9 to 10-6 (if we steal a few wins) for this season. Don’t make it even harder on Jets fans to get credibility. The Patriots are still the clear favorite to win the East, probably by 3-4 games.

  37. Who in their right mind would trade for that contract? What’s scary though, is that the Vikings offered Wallace an even bigger deal (apparently something at 6 years $70 million+) and he turned it down. I guess the extra money wasn’t worth the futility of running deep routes for Christian Ponder.

  38. @patriotinvasion yeah the pats are soo smart, they never have a signing that they regret! By the way, how is that case on Hernandez going?

  39. Okay, Tannehill kind of isn’t good at throwing deep, so you’d trade for another deep ball receiver who’s actually smaller and would pay heavily for the privilege? Huh?

  40. Says the fan of a team who signed Greg Jennings to a large contract thinking he would duplicate the production he had with two hall of fame quarterbacks…..

    I do remember when Rodgers was out, Jordy was lucky to get 2 catches a game. Jennings had 68 catches for over 800 yards…

  41. “Burress, Holmes, Wallace, etc…..never sign a former Steeler WR. Lesson learned.”

    Actually, the lesson is that Ben is an elite talent that makes average receivers look like studs.

  42. To the Dolphins I would simply say ‘caveat emptor’…let the buyer beware.

  43. Wallace is basically making $18 mill in 2 years ($9 mill per). Big deal guys! Better o-line play (can’t get worse), and Miami will be fine.

  44. Get a better o line and give Wallace time to stretch the field and you may very well get your money back. The Giants had the same trouble last year with Nicks although Nicks was coasting also.

  45. “And more importantly, any team that trades for Wallace would be taking on his fully guaranteed salary of $15 million this season. Does anyone seriously believe any other team is going to pay Wallace $15 million, fully guaranteed, this season?”

    Okay, was this ever meant to get paid? My read is that both parties anticipated that Wallace would be released after June 1, 2014.

  46. So many balls bounce off his hands I don’t care how many times he streaks wide open down the field! Anybody remember “stone-hands” from Necessary Roughness? That’s Wallace. For $15 million dollars he oughta be a freakin vacuum sucking in balls that are even close to him. Won’t go up and fight for the ball, chokes in the clutch…so quit trying to put it off on the 2nd year QB!

  47. everyone laughs at the Jets “weapons” but you can make the case that they have the best receiver in the AFC east….who is better?? Wallace lol? Edelmen? lol

  48. More then likely another false report. And Wallace’s contract isn’t that bad, 15 million this year when they were projected to be 30 something million under the cap and then it actually goes down in cap value for the remainder. Is he a number 1…no but his speed changes the game and it gives the Dolphins a deep threat and a big name free agent at a time when they needed an image change. In todays NFL a lot of teams don’t have a true number 1 so they paid for elite game changing speed. If Tannehill could have hit him in stride on about half the deep balls he threw to him the Dolphins probably would have made the playoffs. So if you don’t watch the games get don’t comment.

  49. The Three ring circus of the east continues. While the Jets seem to at least be doing some things now, the Dolphins continue to implode. I thought getting rid of Ireland would stop the bleeding, now they just seem to keep changing an identity they don’t have. Not a fan of Wallace, but who do they think they are going to get to replace him and why would anyone want to trade for him and his ridiculous contract.

  50. If I were a patriots coach, I’d take anyone I could from the dolphins and try to catch up from the whooping the phins put on them last time they played.

  51. Never wanted Wallace in FA. I wanted to draft Lane Johnson at #3 then take Keenan Allen in the 2nd round. We’d be set at both tackle spots. Have good WR combo with Hartline and Keenan Allen. Draft a TE in the first round and be set this year.

  52. Paid too much….Aside from what he cost you can’t make deep completions when your qb is sacked and unprotected by his lineman and running backs. Cut the sacks in half and the td’s will be much higher.

  53. Yeah, trade for D-Jax so the same thing can happen to him in Miami as did Wallace. Can’t blame Wallace for wanting the ball, the blame goes to the coaching staff Philbin and Sherman! It helps when you involve your #1 wideout in the game plan!

  54. Send Wallace and DeSean to Carolina, Cam’s throwing to scrubs on that squad. Or Wallace could always go to Seattle they like to overpay for benchwarmers.

  55. Geez, that’s brutal to even think about. I get that you have a new GM and the team has already way overpayed for Wallace, but I almost think it would be better to just sit on it at this point.

    No one in their right mind is going to absorb that cap hit and you have a young QB in Tannehill that IMO has shown some promise and could use some weapons.

    Its almost like it’s a lose-lose whichever way they go. I’d be curious to know what Philbin’s role in all of this has been?

  56. Dont get these GM’s that overpay for these guys, there should be a standard market for all position. Examples all Franchise Qb’s should cap out at $10 mil a year, I wouldnt pay a guy $20 mil a year to not win the SB. WR should cap out at maybe $7 mil tops and NO cornerback is worth $12 mil a year unless they NEVER get beat or a ball caught on them!

  57. It was BS the first time Jason “I hate the Dolphins” LaConfora slung this crap, and it is now. Check his track record. He would be a great weatherman

  58. Makes sense, Wallace is just a one trick pony with stone hands and he frequently gives up on plays.

  59. Tbh the Dolphins should not trade Mike Wallace this year. My rationale would be we have Mike Wallace on the books for way too much guaranteed money for us to trade him or released. And he is the only healthy proven receiver on the roster. Remember now Brandon Hartline had a knee injury toward the end of the season. As well Brandon Gibson tore his knee toward the middle of the season. He played well for us but still not a proven 1or 2 receiver. After that on the roster we just have Rishard Matthews who’s just a border line 2 receiver in my opinion if given at opportunity. Right now a 3, 4 receiver. So keep Wallace for the season. Pay him all the rest of his guarantee you money. At the end of the 14-15 season ask him to take a pay cut and restructure the last 3 years. He says yes he stays he says no he gets released. Executive decision. Can’t keep him on the books at that price. However this year in my opinion we need to get Mike Evans receiver out of Texas A & M. A 6’5 230 pound receiver. Remember if Brandon Gibson doesn’t come back healthy or does it perform well enough. We can cut him and not have on our books. We paid him all his guaranteed money in his first year with the dolphins. Also we don’t have to be loyal to him because he wasn’t drafted by us. Not a player signed by GM Dennis hickey. So imagine Wallace (5’10), Hartline (6’2) Mike Evans rookie if drafted (6’5), Brandon Gibson (6’0) Matthews (6’2). Not a GREAT receiver group but damn sure a B+ group better then the Patriots,vJets and Bills.

  60. Sounds like Ross is s graduate of the Vinny Cerrato School of General Managing.

  61. My fellow Fins fans Tannehill CAN’T throw the ball with out an O line blocking for him!!! Pretty tough to throw deep when you don’t have time because of lack of blocking!!! If we get good picks for him I”m all for trading him there is plenty of WR talent in thios draft!!!

  62. I don’t dislike Mike Wallace as a WR…just not at the money he was signed for, DeSean Jackson is more of a possession guy and worth a little more…so a swap wouldn’t be a bad thing, just saying…

  63. If LaConfora reported Wallace is up for trade by the Dolphins, that means Wallace probably just signed a long term contract extension.

  64. So the reason the Eagles supposedly want to get rid of DeSean Jackson is because he makes too much money ($10M) and is a head case in the locker room.

    So of course it makes perfect sense that they would trade him for a receiver who makes more money ($15M) and is a head case in the locker room.

    Even if you believe that the Eagles are shopping Jackson, why on earth would you buy that this is what they are even considering taking back for him?

    Shouldn’t there a be a rule that a rumor has to make at least the tiniest shred of sense before we run with it?

  65. $15 Mil a year……stupid Dolphins…

    I don’t care if he had caught 15 TD’s this year, still too much money.

  66. If any of you actually watched the fins this year you’d know that Wallace wasn’t the problem. The guy has unreal speed and got open deep every game. Tannehill consistently missed Wallace deep when he was wide open. These are not difficult throws but Tannehill has trouble making them. Get on the field and work it out. Tannehill is fairly impressive in his intermediate throws, so I’m baffled by his lack of touch on his deep ball. I have trouble believing that fins brass doesn’t know this.

  67. I’m not saying he is worth the contract and I’m not saying he is a top 10 wr in football, BUT anyone who watched the Dolphins play this year knows that there was at least 400 yards and about 8 TDs left on the field because the QB couldn’t get him the ball

  68. Yeah, the Eagles are going to trade DeSean Jackson for Mike Wallace. Riiiiight. Even most of the commenters here would have more sense than to make that deal.

  69. The Steelers have little to no cap space RIGHT NOW but why do they keep looking at free agents like MJD and Blount? Because between a minor restructure of Timmons, a new deal for Ben, a new deal for Worilds and the Woodley money coming off the books in June the Steelers could free up $18 million on cap. The Steelers don’t have cap problems. If they want sign someone, they will get it done. And their roster is not aging. They have one of the youngest starting offenses and youngest starting front 7 on defense in the league. Pay attention.

  70. To me at least, when you think of cancers in the locker room, you think of Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, Lamarr Woodley, Ryan Clark and others. To think that the Steelers got rid of this trash is reassuring for 2014. To think that this guy already wants out of Miami is all you need to know about him.

  71. 15 Million invested in a WR when you don’t even have a QB established? Cray Cray in a Phin Way! Oh and by the way the running back who could catch out of the backfield and open up the play action fake to get Wallace wide open on the bomb play was Reggie Bush. Soooo two bad decisions. I’m not a Dolphin fan but I know a bad G.M. when I see one.

  72. I would love him on the 49ers, much more so than DeSean Jackon, but ZERO chance of that at anywhere near that price

  73. It’s brilliant moves like Wallace that have earned Miami 1 winning season in the last 8 years.

  74. I’m not sure what is more ridiculous the fact that this blatent lie is being brought up again or the fact that 10% of the people commenting here actualy watched him play last year. You all frown on the money he got but if he had a more experienced qb throwing to him and an o.c that had half a clue as to how to utilize him he would have been an all pro. Woulda coulda shoulda I know but if they all can get on the same page this year I’d love to continue this conversation in January and see what everyone has to say then.

  75. My, my. And to think it’s only been a year since Dolphins fans were posting we Steelers fans were full of sour grapes for saying good riddance to this guy.

    I’ve posted many well-wishes to Emmanuel Sanders as he begins his new career with the Broncos. He played his best for the Steelers and I don’t begrudge him taking more money than our team was willing to pay. And he made a graceful exit from Pittsburgh. Wallace is another story.

    He sat out the final off-season of his contract year, refused to learn the new offense, then laid down on the field while making $2.7 million. When asked why he couldn’t catch a ball, he said it was because his attention wandered during running plays. Seriously? I wouldn’t have kept him after that if he’d paid us. After a year of overpaying for limited production, you Dolphins fans are now discovering why no one in Pittsburgh begrudged you taking this diva off our hands.

  76. Stephen Ross was the idiot who kept Ireland in position to waste his money.

    The Dolphin’s situation doesn’t get any better until all management is replaced.

  77. This Panthers fan doesn’t think Wallace is too selfish. After all, he gift-wrapped a game and handed it to us last year…

  78. Dennis Hickey is trying to clean up the hellish mess that goofball Ireland left behind.

  79. IF he wasn’t so over paid with a high cap number, I would hope my Panthers would make a move. But with the way our off season has gone, that’s not going to happen.

  80. Idk my 2 cents it may sound like a video game type trade buh if I were the Eagles I’d trade Desean Jackson, Trent Cole, Evan mathis and demeco Ryans to the Dolphins for Elerby, Dion Jordan, and Mike Wallace. It honestly makes sense Jackson comes at a low risk as hes not guaranteed allot of money (less than 2 million) if the trade doesn’t work out for the Dolphins, Elerby was subpar since joining because he belongs in a 3-4 defense and Jordan hasn’t lived to his potential yet and rumor is theyre trying to trade him. Ryans may have a high salary but that would offset Elerbys and he has been more of a traditional 4-3 linebacker which the Dolphins run. Trent Cole has been a great consistent pasa rusher who also belongs in a 4-3 but his salary will be more than Dion Jordan but he also brings great leadership; Dion is reunited with his college coach and the Dolphins can get a pass rusher for the time being, if they really wanted a younger one I’d throw in Brandon Graham who has been a good pass rusher when given snaps ands the Dolphins get to move away from the whole bullying scandal and fix theyre Oline with a great linemen who is experienced but 32ish going on 33 and they get to throw away Mike Wallaces contract to the Eagles who have Chip Kelly who would probably use him in the slot. The Eagles would be essentially be trading one bad contract north of 10 million for another but that being said theyd also be getting younger at other positions and getting a 3-4 linebacker they wanted. The only thing that doesn’t exactly work is the money tied up into the trade bwcause the Eagles would be unloading a lot of money to a Dolphins team without much money but if some playera were to restructure their deals for this trade it would make alot of sense of both sides and if the Dolphins wanted a pick im sure Howie Roseman would part with 4th or 3rd in order to get Elerby and Jordan and get rid of Jackson if Wallace was willing to redo his deal as Ryans and Cole would probably have to do… But like I said in the beginning of the comment its wishful thinking that makes sense only in Madden or something.

  81. Also as rumor goes Joe Philbin is under the gun or in the hot seat so an immediate push with proven more veteran players would make sense and Lazor the eagles former QBs coach and new Dolphins Offensive coordinator would love to have Evan Mathis (rated as a top 5 guard) who would help replace Richie, and Desean Jackson in his offense to speed up the learning curve to help teach it to the rest of his offense. The Dolphins need wins asap the Eagles want youth and pieces that fit into their 3-4 defense. The only loser in this deal would be Wallace as hes probably gonna have to rework a deal he signed last offseason. It makes allot of sense if they can make the numbers work…

  82. Total and complete fabrication story. They are not looking to trade Wallace. Now, they may be looking to add De Shawn Jackson on the other side.

  83. Big Big Big Big Mistake if the Dolphins get rid of Wallace… Half of the time Tannehill is either over or under throwing the ball to Wallace, lets see how a year of working and getting each other timing down is going to work before we jump ship…

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