Roger Goodell says he admires Michael Vick


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell condemned Michael Vick when Vick went to prison for running a dog fighting ring, but the two of them have since developed a mutual respect.

Vick has said many times that he appreciates Goodell allowing him back into the NFL after his prison sentence ended, and Goodell said at today’s league meeting that he respects Vick and believes Vick is genuine about turning his life around.

“I’ll be happy to talk about the general views toward Michael,” Goodell said. “I think Michael is a young man who made a tragic mistake. He paid a very heavy price for it. But I’ve seen him, in everything he’s done, exceed expectations. He has worked very hard to be a positive force in a lot of different areas. And I think that’s something I admire about him. When we went through the process of reviewing whether he would enter back into the league, he demonstrated he’s somebody who’s committed to saying, ‘I’m going to do this the right way. I’m going to be a positive force.’ And he has. I’m proud of the work he’s done.”

In seven years, Vick has gone from a disgraced ex-star on his way to prison to a veteran who is expected to be a team leader on the Jets.

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  1. Neither I nor anyone else will ever condone the previous actions of Michael Vick.

    However, he has since stayed out of trouble and in many ways has been a role model for other players who desire to leave their troubled past behind and start anew.

    I don’t know if “admire” is the right word, but the heart of the message is there.

    – The Wise Owl of Truth

  2. Well ya cause if he didn’t then he wouldn’t be able to make millions of dollars. The real test will come ten years after he retired and see if his old live/brother Marcus comes back full swing.

  3. Should we really be trusting a man that admires Vick to run the league? No wonder there NFL is going down the tubes.

  4. GOODELL IS AN IDIOT!!! Leave the game here in the U.S. & quit changing everything!!! I’ll bet since the popularity bowl is on BEFORE the Super Bowl rating have gone to the dogs, even after door knob prime time tried to rise up the game!!! Goodell just fire yourself!!!

  5. Of course he does. Goodell knows the long-term results of his policies will ensure he NEVER achieves redemption for HIS actions.

  6. I admire Michael Vick as well. I think it’s tragic what he did, and I love dogs, but he has paid his debt and been nothing but a model citizen. He has done community service and donations and been humble and apologetic in the whole process.

    I’m sure insensitive and non-forgiving people will get on here and bash Vick and Goodell, so I want to sing praises to both.

    It is ridiculous that Vick gets so much hell for what he’s done and so much prison time yet people like Dante Stallworth who killed a HUMAN gets a slap on the wrist.

    And I thought it was completely classless what PETA did, tweeting out trying to remind everyone what he’s done after he signed w/ NY. The man apologized and served his prison time.

    Niner fan rooting for you Vick, thank you for becoming a better man.

  7. So I wonder how Goodell repays Vick for all that admiration he has for him? We’ll soon find out by the actions of officials on the field…

  8. People that hate on vick are either
    A. Racists
    B. People that love dogs soo much its unhealthy. like they would save their drowning dog before saving their drowning kid.

    Vick has done bad things but he paid his dues.Went to jail lost his money did time. So like yeah leave him alone.

    With that being said, the Jets will suck even more this year Vick this is your last team you washed up and did a huge mistake by going to that joke of a franchise.
    Raiders all day.

  9. Michael Vick did not accidentally commit a crime he wasn’t in the wrong place at the wrong time he wasn’t framed it wasn’t a case of mistaken identity he purposely knowingly tortured and killed innocent animals that’s in your head that’s the kind of person you are spend all the time you want in prison that is who you are there is a few things in life you cannot overlook and forgive molesting a child beating a woman and in my opinion abusing defenseless animals

  10. He admires Vick because Vick has conducted himself like a consummate professional after his release from prison. How is that so hard to understand?

  11. I for one despised Vick for what he did at that time, but I feel he has genuinely tried to redeem himself, & as for forgiveness, I have said many times, that’s between him & his God. All I can say is he appears to be doing well, & best wishes to him…

  12. As an animal lover, I think the less said about Michael Vick, the better. I don’t actively wish him any harm, but I can’t help but hope that any team that employs him loses every game they play.
    I know that’s a controversial opinion to many, but I’d bet a great many people feel the same.

  13. This issue is going on a decade old, Aaron Hernandez has quite possibly killed HUMANS and even that won’t be as hotly debated in the years to come. Let it go for christs sake

  14. He served his time. He has been clean since released and is actually stopping dog fighting with his speeches.

    Believe in redemption, not Death to those that made mistakes

  15. Michael Vick has indeed changed by all accounts. He handled his 2013 benching with class and humility. I agree with commish on this. Good on ya Mike!

  16. Let’s not forget that he ran a interstate gambling ring that he pleaded out of by giving testimony. When he serves the minimum 7 years for that crime then I will agree that he served his time.

  17. Maybe you should throw a little more admiration the way of the hard working fan who without them your just another face in the crowd baaaaazinga !

  18. Hi there. Wasn’t there some guy on a road to Damascus a long time ago who was a POS, as someone above states? He turned his life around and became, who was it? Oh yeah, Saint Paul. Everyone deserves the opportunity for becoming a better person.

  19. From a Ravens fan

    Anyone that still berates Michael Vick is childish and naiive.The man served his time, and has not caused any distractions since coming back in 09.

  20. If he didn’t speak highly of Vick then that could have jeopardized the security of his future pay rate. He has no business saying anything negative about Vick at all, he didn’t have a choice if he didn’t want people to petition for his removal as Commissioner.

  21. A person can not eliminate their past mistakes, no matter how grave, and the rest of us have no obligation to forgive them either. That said, all a person can do is change their behavior going forward and and Vick has done that. He’s a better person now which is good for everyone else. It’s better that he is a contributing member of society instead of being locked up in jail.

  22. Those same individuals who continue to bash Mike Vick for breeding and fighting dogs, probably have at least 5 leather items included in their wardrobe. Or still least eat animals of some sort. What makes killing animals for food or clothing acceptable, but not for other reasons? Have you ever googled how animals are treated before they are turned into your favorite leather sofa? Do it I dare you. Hypocrites, beware. What’s in YOUR closet?

  23. I am not going to bash Vick for his crimes, he served the punishment (whether it was an appropriate punishment isnt for me to decide). And I can respect Goodell for punishing Vick, and accepting him back when the punishment was over and not holding it over his head.

    What I cant seem to wrap my mind around, is the idea that Vick has worked really hard to keep his image clean. Why is it such hard work for someone to do what you should be doing? Why is it “hard” to not sell drugs, to not commit murder, to not rob banks, to not be a criminal??? I just dont understand why it is hard to be a regular person. Why is he “wired” to be inclined to be a criminal, only to over come that through hard work???

    One could argue that it is “hard” to be a criminal and “easy” to not be…

  24. I’m all about 2nd chances but for those of you defending Vick for what he did just remember this one fact….he only felt “remorseful” after he got caught.

  25. Yeah, Roger admires Vick because:

    Goodell keeps having his illegal dogfighting ventures fail within the first five years.

  26. I kind of have different opinions about this. Obviously Goodell admires Vick for trying to become a better person, and how he’s a model for other players. He’s not admiring him for his treatment of dogs so for anybody who comes up with that conclusion, that makes literally zero sense. I believe that Vick is better, and he continues to try to be a better person. However, I’m not sure if he had changed if he never got caught. The thing is though, is that sometimes people have to go through the worst to realize what they’re doing is wrong. It’s not very fair to bash Vick for doing what he can to be a better person, regardless.

  27. Besides, aren’t deers and ducks “defenseless and harmless” when you critics are bashing Vick on the way to your hunting adventures?


  28. Using “admire” in this sense is like using “admire” when talking about Irsay going to rehab. It isn’t that prior actions are condoned, it is that the way the person conducted themselves after, being honest, getting caught.

    Vick has certainly done a lot for his community and he’s done work with animal rights groups to help eliminate other dog fighting. The question for each individual then becomes, is it enough to forgive and move on?

    The way that Vick responded to his prison time, and the way that he took his second chance to heart are certainly positive. The reason he spent time in prison is certainly dispicable. Trying to minimize one is just as dishonest as trying to minimize the other.

  29. Proud of him, and wish he would’ve stayed as backup, and glad he is gone all in one. It’s strange. Hard to believe that the chapter of eagles history where mike vick came out of prison and played qb is over. Was like a madden franchise mode move.

  30. “Admire” is the wrong word. If Goodell said Vick is a positive example of how to move forward in life after an arrest/incarcerate I would agree more.

    Not a big deal, I’m sure that’s what Goodell meant to say.


  32. It is ridiculous that Vick gets so much hell for what he’s done and so much prison time yet people like Dante Stallworth who killed a HUMAN gets a slap on the wrist.

    The difference in those two examples is intent. What happened with Donte Stallworth killing that person was an ACCIDENT. And while it is tragic and perhaps he should have served more time, the fact remains it was a tragic accident. Vick on the other hand fully intended to torture and kill those dogs. It speaks to the character of the man. This is why he served more time. It wasn’t just one dog he killed, it was several.

    If Mike is truly contrite and means to change his life then I’m all for it, but don’t expect people to forget what he did whether he is forgiven or not. And it’s not racist to remember and not forgive him. It’s human nature.

  33. I know there is a contingent of people who will support Vick, make excuses for him, and keep telling everyone this is the year he will be a great QB…I’m not one of them. Obviously, I found his talnt exciting like everyone else but I don’t think he ever was, or ever will be a great QB. I wasn’t on board when the Eagles brought him in because I thought what he did was despicable and he was a convicted felon. However, I also believe everyone deserves a second chance, and that Vick did the crime, did the time, and deserved a chance to start over. But I only believe in 2nd chances, not many chances, and I think peple have a responsibility to make the most of them when they are given. Vick has, regardless of what motivates that, he has turned things around and really, truly changed. He showed leadership and maturity while in Philly, was a model citizen and did everything he could to give back. Goodell is right to admire that, we all should, and I think its time that people get off of the guy’s back. Now if you don’t think he’s a great QB, I happen to agree, but its time to let the past go with the guys mistakes. If you have never made one, or screwed up, please, cast the first stone, otherwise, get over it.

  34. If Vick is just snowing everyone he sure is doing a great job of it.

    From everything we can observe he has behaved nothing short of exemplary over the last couple of years.

    He has taken the second chance he has been given and made the most of it, and not everyone does that. I believe him to be a changed man and wish him the best.

  35. I’m sure everyone one that is hating on Vick Or on Goodell for pointing out his progress has ZERO mistakes or sins that they have committed, and have never been humbled by the recognition of those mistakes. Also I am sure that ALL of you disgusted by Vick and who are massive dog lovers have spent at least half of the money, time, and effort in the fight against animal abuse, poverty, community development, and mentoring of young inner city youth and young players in the NFL. Right?.. All of those of you indignant out there about Goodell’s comments and Vicks second chance I am sure have walked a mile in his shoes and have done as much as he’s done for this community, and that is why you DESERVE the right to continue to judge and hate. Wait?.. You’re all hypocrites that don’t do a tenth of what Vick dies to stop animal abuse and sit behind a keyboard and judge anonymously?.. Huh?.. I guess your lucky no one is sitting there judging you for that stupid mistake

  36. Roger went on to say “I really admire how he took something that was beautiful, innocent, and enjoyable and just destroyed it…. It’s my goal to do something like that as well!”

  37. Really, what’s so hard about stopping killing dogs and running a dog fighting ring? Especially when he got caught and knows there’s a microscope on him? Please.
    He heinously killed animals for years while running an illegal dog fighting ring. He was already a millionaire so it wasn’t like he was doing it for the money. When he got caught he then denied it for as long as he could before he knew it was over. The only thing he was ever sorry for was he got caught and had to pay the consequences. Anyone that thinks otherwise can easily be manipulated. Simple as that.

  38. I was the biggest Vick hater for years but even I can admit he’s turned his life around and was genuinely impressed by the maturity in the things he said last year despite losing his starting job

  39. i used to not like Vick when he went to prison. But Vick paid for his mistake and turned his life around. i’m happy for him. As long as Vick doesn’t get tripped on that same mistake, i’m a fan of his. Good luck, Vick!

  40. For people who think what Vick went to prison for was just about dogs, you are sadly mistaken. He actually violated several federal laws and also lied about it. That is why he went to prison for so long.

    Now, I am not about to sit here and say that justice is equal for everyone. We all know it isn’t. Athletes in general tend to get preferential treatment, as do any people with power or money.

    But to call me a racist because I don’t want to accept somebody for what they’ve done in the past, well that’s just a BS call.

    Has Vick truly moved on and become a better man? I hope so. But I am not going to be convinced by a multi-million dollar a year PR and image rebuilding campaign.

  41. All you haters of Michael Vick… 3 words for you. Get over it!!! It was how long ago.. And it’s not like he was cooking meth and selling it to kids, or like some rapper i wont name who had a freaking VUALT of automatic weapons .. He made a mistake, realized how stupid it was, and has moved on. Why don’t you people??

  42. he admires the proceeds from the jersey sales….

    where else can you run a criminal enterprise, lie to your boss’s face (Blank), then his bosses face (commish), and still be employed in that same inudstry?

  43. I always have to shake my head when the NFL fans and American’s in general can’t forgive a person and support them for changing their life, yet consider this Country to be so Christian.

    Vick has served time and has been publicly persecuted for how many years now? There are far worse people in sports and life that get a pass though for their transgressions. Makes no sense.

  44. Goodell admires an ex con.
    Goodell is an idiot.Vick shouldn’t even be in the NFL. Loser couldnt even keep a starting job in Phillie. The most overhyped QB with the lowest IQ ever.

  45. ninerboi says:
    Mar 26, 2014 11:27 AM
    I admire Michael Vick as well. I think it’s tragic what he did, and I love dogs, but he has paid his debt and been nothing but a model citizen. He has done community service and donations and been humble and apologetic in the whole process.

    I’m sure insensitive and non-forgiving people will get on here and bash Vick and Goodell, so I want to sing praises to both.

    It is ridiculous that Vick gets so much hell for what he’s done and so much prison time yet people like Dante Stallworth who killed a HUMAN gets a slap on the wrist.

    And I thought it was completely classless what PETA did, tweeting out trying to remind everyone what he’s done after he signed w/ NY. The man apologized and served his prison time.

    Niner fan rooting for you Vick, thank you for becoming a better man.

    ninerboi i wish i could thumbs up your comment all day.

    Very happy to see people with such nice comments towards Michael Vick. I thought when i clicked on this article that there would be nothing but negative, twisted stuff regarding this man.

    Maybe im biased, cuz I love the man and his game…But appreacite what ninerboi and others have had to say!

  46. Let’s ease up on “did his time”.

    He served 18 months for a string of crimes that could have gotten him 25-50 years.

    He didn’t spend a single day in jail for dog fighting or animal torture. Which, by the way, are two different things, both of which Vick actively participated in.

    Let’s also ease up what a wonderful man he has become. He has yet to spend a single day as a free man where his very livelihood didn’t depend on him acting exactly the way he is acting now.

    If you believe that a man who got thrills watching kidnapped house pets get ripped apart by trained fighting dogs (trust me, it’s in the plea agreement you didn’t bother to read) can be “changed” by 18 months in Federal Prison, you go ahead and run with that.

    I’ll go ahead and wait until he is free from the watchful eye of the NFL before I make any decisions.

  47. Letting Vick return to the NFL is his biggest mistake. The 2nd biggest was letting Gregg Williams return. Neither deserve to be a member of an NFL team.

    Vick would likely still be in prison had he not had an in with the local Virginia DA that failed to do his job properly on many levels.

  48. I like how everyone here gives thumbs down for everything Goodell does and now he makes a positive statement for Vick and he gets the thumbs up. You idiots that call yourselves footballs fans are nothing but no good hypocrites.

  49. To all the angry posters, you need to forgive Michael Vick. I mean you really NEED to forgive him.

    Carrying around so much rage isn’t good for you. You forgive him for yourself, not for him. Nobody is asking you to like him.

    Carrying Resentment and anger against someone is like drinking poison hoping the object of your anger gets sick.

  50. Well…look at it this way, the Jets won’t have to go over the pond to play in London as long as Vick is on the team.

  51. He is ruining the league and is allowed to do it by hanging the threat of future concussion lawsuits around the necks of owners, so he gets whatever he wants….

  52. Exhaustive market research has proven that Europeans don’t hold Vick’s callous past against him. They enjoy a good dog fight themselves from time to time. Therefore, Goodell admires Vick. Never forget Goodell’s endgame, folks.

  53. Sometimes people grow up in cultures where people accept things that other or later cultures find despicable. To overcome that is very tough and, perhaps, should be admired.

    Ten of our first 12 presidents owned slaves – only the Adams’s didn’t. Yet no one talks about how vile it was of this country’s leaders to own other human beings, because many accept the reasoning that owning slaves was accepted by the culture in which these presidents grew up.

    Some Asian cultures eat dog. We find that repulsive. Are the Asians who eat dog bad human beings?

  54. A guy who smashes, burns, electrocutes, and starves dogs, whether it be yesterday or 10 years ago, is still worse than any drug addict or thief in my opinion.

    He is not admirable, ever.

  55. Being a dog lover I can’t forgive those that destroyed them for personal pleasure. I judge others on how they treat their pets.

  56. Um Rodger, a mistake is when you accidentally hit somebody’s car in a parking lot, not runing an illegal dog fighting ring for years in your backyard. Somebody better check what the commish is putting in his morning coffee as it’s certainly not common sense.

  57. Quick question… What would Vick be doing in his spare time these days if he had not been caught?

  58. I don’t admire anyone who drowns and electrocutes dogs just because they won’t fight to the death for you.

    I don’t admire anyone who files down teeth of dogs so that they can be used as sparring partners unable to bite back when attacked.

    Vick is pure scum.

  59. Hated the move when they brought him to Philly… but Vick has absolutely turned from the prefect example of how not to live your life to the perfect example of how to live your life.

    His money has nothing to do with the enormous amount of charitable work he has done in the inner city of Philadelphia. Real people’s lives have been positively changed by his actions.

    Kids have had an athletic experience that they would have NEVER had without Mike Vick. He has put clothes on the backs of families who had NOTHING. Donated money to build facilities, playgrounds, and recreation centers. Dedicated his personal time to work with the youth of a city that not too many care about.

    Maybe you dedicate your time and finances to others and maybe you don’t. Either way, I don’t see how anyone can deny respect and admiration for the turnaround that has been Mike Vick.

    Hats off to #7… A real man.

  60. I am not an animal lover, would not have an animal. However, I don’t think they should be mistreated. I am a Christian God says we should forgive those who mistreat us. I think before people look down on Michael they should look in the mirror. Remember, when you point the finger, three point back at you.

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