Stephen Ross sticks up for Mike Pouncey


Of the four central figures in the Dolphins bullying scandal, three will not be back in Miami this season. But the fourth, center Mike Pouncey, will be back and was unequivocally praised by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross at the league meeting.

It’s no coincidence that Pouncey is the best player of the bunch.

“I think he’s an outstanding young man,” Ross said, via the Miami Herald. “Certainly, an excellent football player. I think he will turn out to be one of the real leaders on our team.”

Pouncey was a leader on the team last year, too, but that often entailed leading teammates in the bullying of Martin, who eventually quit the team because he couldn’t take it anymore. The Ted Wells report on the Dolphins’ bullying didn’t make Pouncey sound like “an outstanding young man.”

But while it’s still possible that Pouncey will be suspended for part of the 2014 season for what he did to Martin, once the NFL gives Pouncey the all-clear, Ross wants him back in a Dolphins uniform.

26 responses to “Stephen Ross sticks up for Mike Pouncey

  1. An “outstanding young man” doesn’t wear “Free Hernandez” gear. Somebody ban Ross from ever talking to anyone that could possibly publish his quotes.

  2. Yes, Pouncey is a good player. Hence Ross, the FO, and the coaches will all stick up for him to “prop” up his character. If his skills were as bad as Martin’s, he would have already been waived.

  3. It’s a shame that slimy humanoid rat of an owner Ross was too cowardly to firmly take a stance and stick up for Richie Incognito. I’d rather have an OL comprised of 5 Incognito clones than one with a single Jonathan Martin.

  4. Prediction – Pouncey will be traded within a year.
    Stephen Ross has not spoken openly about specific players since he bought the team. He never commented about Tannehill, Reggie Bush, Cam Wake, even Richie Incognito. Now, all of a sudden he goes out of his way to publicly describe Pouncey as an “outstanding young man”.

  5. I doubt anyone will be suspended at all. Under what rules did he violate? Is bullying wrong?, of course, but it happens in every lockerroom and is subjective in severity. None of us were there and really know what happened. The Wells Report was a paid product to produce results.

  6. Thas what owners do….stick up for their players. Look at Kraft and espn still sticking up for Billicheck even after being caught cheating.

  7. Pouncey isn’t going anywhere. Goodell is dragging his feet on any suspension, cause suspending Pouncey would result in having to suspend every footballer in the NFL. Locker rooms in any football town carries a certain testosterone level. Players bark at each other all the time, its the nature of the beast. Soooo MDS put your panties on straight, go back and re-read that idiot Wells report, Or get Flo’s un-named source with knowledge of the situation to put down the facts for ya,,,,,,,

  8. If your going to keep the guy on your roster and your the owner thats what you say when asked.

  9. Goodell isn’t dragging his feet.

    Goodell knows he has time because lil’ richie incognito, mike pouncey, and john jerry have to undergo mental evaluation before returning to the game and/or serving suspensions.

  10. He’s also repeatedly praised his pathetic and oblivious head coach following this unprecedented level of coaching incompetence. He also praised Ireland for years.

    So yeah, I’m not sure Stephen Ross is the best judge of character………….or he’s a liar. Either way, for my money, he’s the worst owner in NFL history.

  11. Pouncey is common and Ross is incoherent, or just dishonest.

    The “outstanding” don’t, as Ross put it, “get caught up in certain things, and you go with it.”

  12. Pouncey has much bigger character issues than Incognito. Richie is just a harmless meathead.

  13. If you are a top player and not in jail for suspected murder or murders anything goes always has been that way and always will. If you have value things will be forgotten. Lets not get to carried away with bullying scandal it was dumb so was hatgate.

  14. This is crazy. Have any of you played sports? When you have a player (martin) who is a high draft pick and doesn’t play up to standards he will be messed with. Sure you can say a line was crossed but when did the line get crossed….its a judgment call. If you leave this up to a bunch of meathead millionaires you will get the same result everytime. How do you think guys like Aklil Smith, Matt Leinart, Tim Couch and David Carr were treated when their teammates knew that their heart wasn’t in it. Only difference is qb’s dont run together as linemen usually do.
    yeah..yeah hit the thumbs down….you know im right. Bottom line is Jon Martin is soft and it drove his teammates crazy. I believe they thought it was gonna help in the beginning and after it didn’t they decided to amp it up….I say to you Jon Martin, man up or use your free college education and get a job!

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