Tom Coughlin: Tight end a “question mark”

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The Giants have been active in free agency in their quest to bounce back from a 7-9 season in 2013.

However, one position they haven’t bolstered is tight end. Brandon Myers, their top pass catcher at tight end a season ago, departed for the Buccaneers in free agency. Also, top reserve Bear Pascoe remains unsigned.

Speaking at Wednesday’s NFL meetings in Orlando, Giants coach Tom Coughlin called the tight end position a “question mark” at the moment, Tom Rock of Newsday reported.

That seems an apt description. At present, the Giants have just three tight ends on the roster: Adrien Robinson, Larry Donnell and Daniel Fells.

Robinson, a 2012 fourth-round pick, has appeared in just three regular season games with New York and hasn’t caught a pass, and he dealt with foot and knee injuries in 2013. The 30-year-old Fells has the longest NFL track record, but he’s not a major pass catching threat.

Donnell, an 2012 undrafted free agent from Grambling, played in 107 snaps for the Giants in 2013, according to Pro Football Focus. He played all 16 games, catching three passes for 31 yards.

In short, the Giants probably need to add at the position, whether later in free agency or the draft. Moreover, there is ample opportunity for the tight ends on the roster to show what they can do. The play of Robinson — the only Giants draft pick of the group — could be especially key.

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  1. We know Macadoo is TE focused.
    He and Jerry have a plan.
    Robinson is a beast, and will be out to prove himself more than ever.

    Plus, the draft is so deep.

    Bear Pascoe wants to stay, and the Giants want him.

  2. TheGronk87: still questioning how Eli Manning totally destroyed “The Perfect Season”.

    Go cry on another team’s thread. Try not to lose to the Jets this year.

  3. Giants will be drafting a TE within the first 3 rounds, probably within the first 2.

    Hey gronk87….keep hating bud…..those trophies are always going to belong to the Giants, but Brady isn’t always going to be your QB.

  4. “Let Martellus Bennett walk” they said.
    “He isn’t even that good. Brandon Myers will be better” they said

  5. The Giants should be fine at tight end, whatever route they go. They can go with a no name and let him establish himself. Eli likes throwing to tight ends, and as long as they don’t have hands of stone, he’ll make them stars.

  6. Hey gronk87…. Looks like the pats are gonna need a TE too with the actual front hurt.. Again.

    WR, DB are deff not issues at all and u don’t win football by signing superstars, u win by signing solid role players and putting them around a winning franchise. And the last time I checked, the giants won the most outta anyone since 2007

  7. LOL at barsfordays. DB is a question mark for the Giants???? They probably have the deepest secondary in the NFL after free agency. Your name says it all.

  8. Draft all the way! Especially since the last 2 TE of Bennett and Myers were busts. They need to develop someone fresh off of college in their own mold.

  9. Adrien Robinson has the physical attributes to be a beast, let’s just hope he stays healthy this year. Mcadoo is a tightend guy so I know this will be addressed at some point

  10. Lol at all the giants fans. Surprised they some of you even have access to the internet. In any event, when you dominate the patriots on the scoreboard by more than 3-4 points, you can talk. Until then enjoy being at the bottom of the NFC east and picking in the top 15…again.

  11. Barsfordays have you been drinking. The Giants are going to be awesome this year. Amukamara, DRC, Brown, Rolle, Thurmond, Jennings, JPP, Moore, Hankins, Cruz, Jernigan, Randall, Manningham and two time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning! The only question I have are how badly the Gods of Football are going to smoke you this year. Amen.

  12. Surprised they haven’t shown any interest in Owen Daniels if they are that thin at TE. He’d at least be a good fill in for a few years allowing time for a rookie to learn and get some coaching while playing limited snaps. Not to mention learn from a veteran.

  13. charmcitychampions says:
    Mar 26, 2014 9:51 AM

    LOL Giants fans being “classy”


    Says a fan who’s ALWAYS classy….. Yeah right!!!

    Pot…. Kettle?!?!


  14. the gronk and his afc east champ patriots are funny. how’s gronks ankle? forearm? back? ohh its his knee this time? dudes had more injuries than touchdowns.

  15. Yea the Gronk what kind of losers only win the Super Bowl by 3-4 points? Wait what’s that? The Patriots have never won a Super Bowl by more than three points. Oh how embarrassing, don’t you just hate it when facts get in the way of your digs?

  16. Let the record state that TheGronk87 said that the Giants need to beat the Patriots by more than 3-4 points before we can talk, yet, the Patriots won all of their titles by 3-4 points. Look it up.

    Do you think if your team didn’t have a video camera, the score may have been shifted by 3-4 points?

    I remember my first year as a football fan.

  17. I never said the patriots dominated their Super Bowls, unlike you giants fans who are thumping your chests. The patriots are, however, a dynasty, which is more than I can say for the giants or any NY team since 2000. #patsandsoxdynasty

  18. any TE that can catch a ball will work, the issue is which Eli will be out there throwing to them.

    The Eli that throws to his receivers
    The Eli that throws to the other color

    Eli is the perfect Jeckyl Hyde, I rather have Eli in the playoffs than Peyton.

    2 W’s against the Pats what more else can you ask for.

  19. I hope they can get Ebron but he’ll most likely will be gone by the time the Giants pick at 12. The Giants should draft Mike Evans he should be their at 12, I don’t believe Randle is a number 1 type receiver. You can’t be a number 1 receiver running wrong routes like he does.

  20. The Pats Dynasty got SLAPPED to the ground by Eli droopy lip on your last 2 visits. That is beyond embarrassing. You think not? Go watch that undefeated Season and how it ended… just fast forward to the end where Jay Alford goes FLYING 3 yards thru the air with a Brady under his arm.
    Hey remember that undefeated season where teams REFUSED to blitz brady and tried to cover? Yeah the giants didnt do that and look what happened.

    thegronk87 says: Mar 26, 2014 10:24 AM
    I never said the patriots dominated their Super Bowls, unlike you giants fans who are thumping your chests. The patriots are, however, a dynasty, which is more than I can say for the giants or any NY team since 2000. #patsandsoxdynasty

  21. if hernandez gets acquitted, he will become a baltimore raven. they stand behind killers and wife beaters. the pats? we have morals and standards. the aaron hernandez/ray lewis types of individuals have no place in the patriot lockeroom.

    #patriotway #belichickisgod

  22. Robinson, Donnell, Fells all have size to block. Do they have the desire. Next comes Eli and the OF scheme. Any TE at the professional level should be able to catch the balls Eli will be throwing them with the scheme they will have this year. Go for another top graded OL with # 12

  23. Yup, we got slapped to the ground by the giants by 3-4 points. No serious football expert or fan will ever consider the 2007 or 2011 giants as one of the elite teams in NFL history…that is a fact. Those teams rate at the very bottom.

  24. “NYG”will field a Tight End!
    Bored with your own team so you come over here??
    Interesting what the “THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS” and Jerry Reese are doing is it not??
    Maybe just worry about stopping the “GIANTS”!!!!



  26. I watch giants fans cry all the time, but it’s usually in week 1 or 2 when they realize their season is over.

  27. @Gronk87 The Giants 2 SB Wins over your
    supposed “Better teams” will eat at you forever. If you sincerely feel that way….then look in the mirror & perhaps be honest enough to admit your teams “Choked” under pressure.
    You had your chance to showcase your “Superiority” over us TWICE and failed in front of a world wide audience.
    Certainly was David & Goliath faceoff in first SB and second SB had revenge to motivate your team. Pathetic on your part to belittle an organization that beat your team fairly twice.
    Blaming & belittling others – get through life & justify your views is strong evidence you need therapy. Root for your team , stop being a whiny little excuse maker, Giants just showed toughness & grit against a more talented team.

  28. TheGronk last I checked the Giants have won a total of four Super Bowls to the Pats three. Two were at the expense of your dynasty. So you call it whatever you like by any measure the Giants are still beating you.

  29. It’s pretty obvious we’re targeting Ebron. Plenty of vet TE’s, but I think Ebron is just a perfect fit at TE.

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