Big crowd for Manziel pro day, other than Bears and Browns


Most of the attention Thursday, as expected, was on College Station for Johnny Manziel’s pro day workout.

But not all the attention.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the Bears and the Browns were the only teams not present for Manziel’s workout.

You can understand the Bears not bothering, since they’re well-stocked at quarterback (and wide receiver, so Mike Evans probably isn’t on the radar).

But the Browns are squarely in the market for one, but avoided Manziel’s as they have others.

They’ll bring the quarterbacks in for private workouts, and he’ll be among them.

For his part, Manziel wasn’t offended.

I’m not disappointed,” he said, via Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “If they wanted to be here they had the opportunity to. I’m not going to think anything of it. I didn’t even know that was the case. I’m sure they have their own standard or whatever it may be.

“I don’t hold it against them. It is what it is.”

The Browns will have plenty of chances to talk to him later, but their apparent decision still seems odd, for a team that has had such problems finding a quarterback.

45 responses to “Big crowd for Manziel pro day, other than Bears and Browns

  1. I’m sure one of the posters here will figure out how to slam the Bears for this…

  2. Why are the Browns getting so much attention now? No matter which QB they draft, it will be a bust. It the right of passage for an NFL Rookie to go to Cleveland, suck, and then emerge on another team.

  3. QUESTION: Why did Johnny Maziel wear shoulder pads and long sleeve shirt while drilling on a 70 degree/91% humidity day in College Station, Texas???

    ANSWER: To appear bigger and less bony to NFL scouts

  4. As long as the true talent in the draft drops because all these horribly ran franchises reach on little qb’s, i am all about it! and will be a happy man. This is why teams like the Ravens, Steelers, 49ers, Patriots get good players late in the draft, because of squads like the Jags, Browns, and Raiders. Making the rich, even richer.

  5. Manziel is a breath of fresh air for the game. A welcome change from the succession of lame posers who’ve come along at the position in recent years.

  6. Why is this such a big deal?? They are having private workouts for all these players. ProDays are way overrated anyway!! So what if a guy can throw is shorts, nothing is better than game film.

  7. Its for the media…like the red carpet at the Oscars has nothin to do with making a movie. These Pro Days have nothing to do with playing football.

  8. Haslam needs to save some cash for his defense…all those travel arrangements can get costly.

  9. It seems like the Browns are hoping that the rest of the league find equal credibility in the Top 3 QBs, that way they have a greater chance of Manziel falling to them.

    They are getting nervous that’s why they asked Josh Gordon to make an attempt at reminding everybody about Bortles and Bridgewater. They are likely thinking that at most 2 non-QBs could go before them and they know it’s not a great chance to get the 1st QB in the draft at 4. So they want somebody in the Top 3 to take Bortles or Bridgewater or for those guys to be targets for any team that might trade up for a QB. As long as one of the B&B QBs gets picked, then it looks promising for Manziel to be around when they pick. That’s the guy they want I think.

  10. Who doesn’t love a parade? The Bears and Browns saved on plane fare and per diem. Guess it’s safe to say, they had no circus budget.

  11. O’Brien wants to make it look like the Texans are interested in order to fool the Browns into swapping picks.

    The Browns seem savvy to not being fooled again.

  12. Dude loves to play, that’s cool. But he gets a free pass when it comes to his inability to go through his progressions and run. When every other QB has done that in the history of NCAA – he has been called dumb, not smart enough to read a defense, etc.

    Johnny is not called dumb, but instead is labelled a “play-maker”.

    Just imagine you had a QB who got drunk underage, lied to the cops about who he was and had fake id. Got so drunk he slept in on a Manning football camp and was “suspected” of taking money for signing autographs (although he was from money). And to top it off couldn’t go through his progressions and only ran a 4.7 forty as a running QB. And now imagine he’s black.

    Would “that” QB be called dumb or play-maker??!

  13. “Home of the 12th Man”

    Read a book – Seattle pays A&M for the rights to use the phrase.

    “Wore pads to look bigger”

    He’s shrunk since the combine?

    “Harveyredman Drivel…….

    Get over it Harvey, Vince isn’t getting a job anytime soon.

    As a Texans fan, I hope they don’t select him, but the level of manufactured nonsense and dislike on this guy is epic.

  14. Maybe it’s time to remind everyone who wants to talk about what the Browns will do or how things never work for them or how they destroy everything they touch: save for the owner, everyone in the organization is NEW to their position. There is no history, there is no predictability, there is no pattern. And they want that. Run a couple hundred mock drafts, you have a better chance of winning the billion on the NCAA tourney sheet. Nobody “knows” what’s going to happen, which is why the thing has such allure. Never show your hand to anyone. Make your list, bide your time. Pro days are a waste of time.

  15. @ bluenose1965 says….

    Drivel? Methinks you don’t know what that word means.

    Vince Young, Mcnair, Charlie Ward, Cam, RGIII, McNabb, Cunningham, Culpepper, Doug Williams, Warren Moon and every black QB since this game became remotely interesting, being called too “dumb” to read defenses because they could run is drivel, eh?

    Manzier repeatedly gives up his first read to run. Those are the apples, like them or not.

    Calling his level of criticism “epic” is cute. I love when chicks comment on the game.

    I’m gonna say this is your first year following the NFL. Welcome. Next time know your sh!t before you open your lipsticked trap. Okay, honey 😉

  16. QUESTION: Why did Johnny Maziel wear shoulder pads and long sleeve shirt while drilling on a 70 degree/91% humidity day in College Station, Texas???

    ANSWER: To appear bigger and less bony to NFL scouts

    What about him putting on the helmet,shoulder pads ,and rib protector because these are things that a pro qb has on that can affect your throwing motion? So,

    question: why are you u so ready to slam johnny manziel?
    Answer: because people hate what they don’t understand

  17. “You can understand the Bears not bothering, since they’re well-stocked at quarterback”

    I get that Manziel (and Mike Evans, apparently) aren’t on the Bears’ draft board, but can you really say they’re all set at QB?

    I like Cutler, and I don’t fault them for signing him and calling him the de-facto starter, but do they really believe in Jordan Palmer as the backup? I wouldn’t be surprised to see them draft a QB in rounds 4-6

  18. Remember when “run first” was a bad thing for QBs? By all accounts Johnny had a very good day today. Not the day I’m reading about that some think was flawless. His arm is not as strong as they say, he throws 3/4 arm position and he avoided throws that require ripping it.

    So, when you put on the game tape, you see a wildcat QB, who runs at the first hint of trouble and who’s best plays involved jumping in the air and contorting his body. The second he’s hit mid-air by a DL or LB, the legend will end. He’s a nice curiosity, but not a franchise QB by any stretch.

  19. Clearly the Browns had better things to do. If pro days are so meaningless like the Browns keep saying, then why does every other team go to all of them?

    The Browns have had success doing things their way, so they should continue to do so. Don’t go to something that everyone else in the league finds important, everyone else in the league are the ones who clearly don’t know what they are doing…

    Come on Ray. Pro Days may not be the most important thing but when it comes to potentially drafting a franchise QB with the 4th overall pick for a franchise who has struggled to do so for 14 years and desperately needs one, I think you can make the time. That is if your not too busy scheduling visits with 6th round guards…

  20. Those pads he wore are Nike. They tweeted out the link to buy all the stuff as soon as the workout started. JManziel Pro Day Collection…. Always an end game

  21. Oh right, some of you have already addressed his “magic” playmaking ability, and the more attentive ones noticed the same thing I did..Why is thriving on broken plays due to mostly luck or having wide open, and stationary targets considered talent or skill?
    Now in college that might pass for a Heisman award but in the NFL being able to read, react and throw to small zones on crossing routes, or making sharp sideline out and deep back shoulder throws are a NECESSARY skill..His best attribute is chaos mixed with dumb luck, and if this is what an NFL franchise thinks is a draftable commodity then I’m sorry to say that you will be fired in the near future.
    Now…like I said before..if you want a real NFL capable QB than avoiding Manziel like and STD would be a very wise move…Murray, Vaughn, Dray Joseph, McCarron, Fales, Bortles, Matthews and Zach are all better options if you want a guy who can actually run and NFL offense…Well, at least he has his trophy to sell in case he bottoms out..Thanks again Merril Hoge.

  22. If I’m the Cleveland GM I’m not going to any of these high projected QB’s pro days either. First I think pro days are dumb anyway because they’re scripted. If you can’t read a defense none of that stuff matters.

    Most importantly Cleveland has the #4 pick. Unless they feel that a guy in this draft is worth possibly trading up for (which they shouldn’t because there aren’t any in this draft) then one or maybe two are just going to fall to them and they take best available unless some other team trades up top 3.

    Then Mike Pettine seems pretty much like he’s fallen in love with Brian Hoyer. Kind of hard to go swooning after QB’s when you have one on your team who hasn’t lost a single game he’s started in a Browns uniform.

    I know it might not be the popular decision but Cleveland might be better off waiting and taking a QB in the later rounds. Maybe even two. I’m pretty sure the Seahawks don’t regret doing it.

  23. I would submit skipping these pro days will come back to haunt this coaching staff as far fan perception goes.

  24. I know the Browns ‘need’ a QB, but I really don’t like any of the ‘big names’ in the QB list for this draft. I feel like they will take someone like Carr in the second round or something while they are really wanting to trade up for Winston next year.

    I hope I am wrong as it seems they are trying to get into ‘win now’ mode. However, all these skipped pro days are starting to make me wonder if they knew who they wanted weeks… if not months ago.

  25. I think they could easily go OG/OT, QB, then WR. The best OL guys will be gone early, the QBs will be around for a few rounds and the WRs this year are deep and wide. That gives Hoyer great protection, a new running game and better targets that can catch and run.

    We came extremely close to beating the Pats and the Chiefs last year and it came down to an offense that couldn’t even accomplish the basics. Sure, we had 17 guys on the front 7, but can’t get it done if you can’t score to save your life. You’ll keep the best teams low-scoring, but it will be enough to beat you. After 2 years of nothing, it’s time to think about the offense.

  26. Pro days are a waste of time for high level recruits. If the teams are interested they will schedule a private work out. I don’t understand how the Browns are getting so much crap for not going to basically a walk through. If the Browns are Interested in johnny football they don’t need to be there especially the way you can see everything anyway a couple weeks/days down the road.

  27. detroitdawg says:
    Mar 28, 2014 12:40 PM
    Pro days are a waste of time for high level recruits.


    I agree, it’s like watching the Lions play…

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