Giants don’t think John Jerry will be suspended, Goodell unsure


Giants coach Tom Coughlin says his new guard John Jerry will not be suspended for his role in the bullying in the Dolphins’ locker room last season. But NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says no such determination has been made.

“Calls were made to the league office,” Coughlin said. “There is no suspension in the air or anything of that nature. Whatever part he played in it, there was remorse, sincere remorse.”

Goodell, however, said that before league discipline is even considered, Jerry must undergo a medical evaluation. Only after that would Goodell make a decision on discipline.

“From our standpoint, the medical evaluations will determine what happens. There will be no determinations until we have that information,” Goodell said.

A Giants spokesman later told the New York Times that although Coughlin does not think Jerry will be suspended, Goodell could still suspend him, or force him to have medical treatment to play.

Dolphins center Mike Pouncey will also be required to undergo a medical evaluation before he can return. Richie Incognito has to undergo an evaluation as well, and Incognito has the added hurdle of finding a team that wants him.

4 responses to “Giants don’t think John Jerry will be suspended, Goodell unsure

  1. I’m sure now that he’s a Giant, no suspension will come. That weasel Mara has Goodell in his back pocket. I think that somehow the Cowboys and Redskins will be penalized cap space for this though.

  2. You’ll get better play from him if he’s suspended- he’s a fat, lazy, bullying liability. So glad the Dolphins didn’t re-sign him.

  3. After reading the report a few weeks ago, I have to say in a lot of instances I thought this guy was worse than Incognito. I don’t know enough about how this guy plays to really make a judgment call on the signing but I guess the Giants count themselves among the teams in the league who believe their culture will take care of any character issues.

  4. Please, if suspension were ever on the table they would have suspended him before free agency so teams would be able to make an informed decision on whether to sign him or not. Since they didn’t, it is obvious they were never going to.

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