Jaworski: I’ve moved Manziel from fourth round to third round

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NFL quarterback turned ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski raised plenty of eyebrows last month when he said he wouldn’t draft former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel in the first three rounds. Now Jaworski would draft Manziel in the first three rounds. But just barely.

Jaworski said after seeing Manziel’s Pro Day workout that he now believes Manziel deserves to be a third-round draft pick.

“I certainly would move him up a bit,” Jaworski said. “I moved him from the fourth round to the third round.”

So what has changed? Jaworski believes that, on the evidence of Manziel’s Pro Day, Manziel’s offseason work has significantly improved his form as a passer. Jaworski said Manziel threw the ball more cleanly at his Pro Day today than he did during his college career.

“He was very inconsistent when I studied his tape — he had flawed mechanics,” Jaworski said. “What did we see today? Good mechanics. Improved mechanics.”

Of course, it’s easy to have good mechanics when the only defense you’re facing is a guy holding a broom. If Manziel’s mechanics were as bad against real defenses as Jaworski is making them out to be, a pro day shouldn’t be enough to eliminate those concerns.

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  1. He also said that the read option would “revolutionize” the NFL. Yeah, that didn’t happen…

  2. They don’t use brooms in real games Ron. They use real defenders. Changing your opinion over a showing like he had today makes you look rather questionable in all your opinions.

  3. I usually watch ESPN when I grab my lunch (I work from home) and they had his Pro Day being shown live. Easily the most boring 20 minutes of sports programming I have ever seen. Watching a guy throw balls to receivers with the only defender being some guy shaking a broom at him.

    I feel like the media will make him into Tebow 2.0.

  4. The NFL draft has become so obnoxious in its relevancy and coverage. Every time a prospect is bashed or put down by some random pundit it becomes the leading news story of the day.

    Here’s a news flash what Ron Jaworski, Hoge, Kiper or any other media member thinks about a draft prospect is 100% irrelevant. Teams have more or less already made up their minds about players and the way they look at, judge, and evaluate them is VASTLY different than what the media thinks of them.

  5. Say what you want about Jaws…but I lived in Philly area for 38 yrs…if that dude ever started a gambling service – I would give serious attention to his analysis.

    Say what you want – but he is right a lot more than he is wrong.

  6. It sounds harsh but Jaws is just giving his opinion. Russell Wilson has exceptional skills, a dynamic o-line, star rb, and a great coach. Vick had success as a sandlot QB, but Manziel is not Vick. Its going to take time.

  7. Well, back to reality, Johnny Manziel will not be there at 8 for my Vikings take.

  8. How stupid is he? If he believes he was undraftable before his pro day, why change after what he saw today? Any PFT poster who can throw a football can look great at a pro day. No defense, no one to hit you and scripted plays that he’s probably practiced hundreds of times.

  9. 3rd round, 4th round, does it even make a difference? The Vikings will take him at #8 overall and he will promptly be another QB bust for a team that can’t pick a qB and left Rodgers in the Green room when they had two first round picks that year.

  10. Well if Kaper will be the best QB ever, Johnny should at least be a top 10-12. Jaw’s days are over, he doesn’t understand the changes that are happening. Plus breaking down tape is great, but when they haven’t played in the NFL, the tape is not always reliable.

  11. “‘A short, read-option QB will never win a Super Bowl anytime soon.’ Sincerely, Russell Wilson”

    Russell Wilson isn’t a read option QB.

  12. “A short, read-option will never win a Super Bowl anytime soon.” Sincerely, Russell Wilson

    You do know that the Seahawks ran read option on 5% of plays in 2012, and as of a November 1 Barnwell article on Grantland, 12%, right? That percentage probably dropped by the end of the year, but even if it held steady, that’s 1 out of every 8 plays. So how does that make Wilson a read-option QB? Does the fact that the Eagles had run 130 read option plays (more than double the Seahawks’ 60) up to that point make Nick Foles a read-option QB? Foles had 57 rushing attempts in 13 games.

  13. That’s awesome that Manziel ran his pro day in pads and a helmet,snaps from center and being actually chased. Hate the guy if you want,but I’ve never heard of a guy taking a “risk” like that. I wish him luck.

  14. All these so called experts have been saying the pro days mean very little, but from what I’m hearing now, Manziel is the best. C’mon guys.

  15. What has Jaws ever done in the NFL besides gettin his brrain bashd in by Taylor twice ear? ? I’d trust Dilfer before him anyday.

  16. I’m with Jaws on this one. Manziel will go the way of the Tebow, great in college but their game doesn’t translate well to the big boy league.

    Bright spot from Manziel’s pro day? Mike Evans.

  17. Write my name down, in 2 years I’ll be the football expert that predicted it. Johnny football will be the next great NFL QB. Jaws is senile….if philly ends up with Johnny, jaws will think he’s the next Steve young. What a homer. GIG’EM

  18. Careful everyone…don’t call Russell Wilson a read option qb. Some Seattle fans getting their feathers ruffled.

  19. I agree with him, Johnny Manziel is not a first round pick. There are too many question marks, hes a good quarterback but he can be Jekyle or Hyde.

  20. I like Jaws but no NFL team moves a player up a round based on a pro day. What’s likely true, as was the case with Tebow, is that some teams will love Manziel and others will like him a lot less. Wouldn’t be shocked to see him go in top 5 like I wouldn’t be shocked to see him drafted out of the first.

  21. I just hope by the 8th pick the top 3 QB’s are all off the board and the name called isn’t Carr. I don’t think any of the top 4 QB’s in this draft are franchise QBs. Teams like Indy who go from Manning to Luck or GB who go from Favre to Rogers just don’t know how lucky they are. Before Brady NE was a perennial bottom dweller as was NO before Brees. The top 5 QB’s in this league right now are in the top 10 to ever play the game.

  22. Manziel dominated the SEC. Crushed it. He needs 2 years riding the pine. Won’t happen, but would be best for his career.

  23. He is 207 pounds and likes to run. …Is this not a red flag in the NFL?

    The reason the vast majority read option QBs don’t last is that they are too beat up, and seemingly can’t last long enough in the league to become a successful pocket QB…

    But it is a fad league, and here come the Russell Wilson clones…The difference is, Wilson is a pass first QB and runs only when he has to, is bigger than Manziel, and has a better arm..

    Whoever drafts him better have a great trainer on staff…

  24. thanks again goodell for moving the draft to mid-may…. by the way, when randy moss and peyton manning were drafted in 1998, the draft was held on April 18th. just sayin’

  25. Manziel was a very good college Qb whose skills do not translate to the NFL. He will in all likelihood be a bust for whatever team drafts him.

  26. Manziel will only be successful with a lot of talent around him. Partly due to the mechanical and work ethic reasons mentioned by Jaws above, and partly because you don’t get away with running around the backfield for 15 seconds unless your Michael Vick in his prime. He’d be a good fit for Cleveland who’s a leader and QB away from from being a serious contender in the AFC. Not to mention he’ll be behind a great o-line with the best left tackle in the game, and a top-five WR and TE. Then, he may have a shot to make a career out of himself. However, I don’t see that happening. If he ends up in Jacksonville he’s done in three years.

  27. And ESPN moved Ron Jaworski from the broadcast booth to the smallest office cubicle on their 50,000 acre campus.

  28. I saw it and the truth is that he looked well prepared or at least better prepared than Bridgewater. I think the off field issues is preventing ‘Polish Rifle’ from being objective. And before some of you fly off the handle that was really Jaworski’s nickname.

    Let’s just hope Cleveland and Houston gets some damn body to throw to Josh Gordon and Andre Johnson.

  29. Manziel doesn’t like staying in the pocket and when he does, he gets happy feet.

    That doesnt’ translate well to the NFL where lineman and linebackers are just as quick as he is.

  30. I was mildly excited after his Pro Day yesterday but looking at his stature and then the Gruden QB Camp plus a night’s sleep has brought me back to reality and general agreement with Jaworski (the Polish Rifle).

    The Jaguars will take a solid player at 3, not a skinny little kid like JFF (or Teddy B. for that matter). Both are 1 NFL hit away from oblivion, IMO.

  31. Hence, why Jaws is in no place to be judging player potential. He should’ve been in his 3rd round already…as PFT reported earlier, scouts don’t really care about pro days.

  32. We’ll, watching him take apart sec defenses that allegedly have the greatest athletes on earth was proof enough for me.

  33. why is everyone on ESPN in lockstep on hating Johnny Manziel ?If Manziel was Black and poor they would love his athleticism and his feisty attitude. But sadly he is white and rich, he should have a press conference and admit this and apologize for it, ESPN may ease up on burying him.

    ESPN …..talking heads are given their talking points and told to go on air and argue them kinda like, oh I don’t know … MSNBC

  34. Meanwhile, Gil Brandt rates Manziel as the best player in this year’s Draft. There is clearly a very big gap between Jaws and Gil on this one. Johnny Football is probably one the most polarizing football prospect since Tim Tebow.
    Very high risk, very high return. Jaws might be right but one QB needy team will probably take the risk and take him early.

  35. Ron Jaworski is a joke and one of the many reasons why ESPN is no longer credible.

  36. All I know about Manziel is whenever I watched him in college the kid was electric, he played the game like it should be played and that he isn’t that big and took some shots that I know hurt him.

  37. Hey Jaws, any doubt about your worth indulging QB talent was cast aside when you said Kap could be the best ever.

  38. lets look at Jaws’ 2011 ranking of draft prospects…

    (1) Blaine Gabbert, Missouri
    (2) Newton, Auburn
    (3) Colin Kaepernick, Nevada
    (4) Christian Ponder, Florida State
    (5) Ryan Mallett, Arkansas
    (6) Jake Locker, Washington
    (7) Andy Dalton, TCU

  39. Also to add to my other post: remember fellow fans! Experts aren’t experts. They are just like us…except they are employed by whatever sports company or news media, or what have you that they work for… Most of them really have no clue what they are talking about. They are just winging it. Everybody is just winging it. So it’s best to just see what happens and not be so anxious about anything. 9 out of every 10 “experts” are wrong anyway. So if you really wanna know what is right, go do the research, math, and you will have a pretty solid estimation.

  40. Upon hearing this news, the Oakland Raiders traded RB Darren McFadden, OG StephenWisniewski, WR Denarius Moore and their entire 2014 and 2015 drafts to aquire the 1st overall pick from Houston.

  41. Btw, it really is a waste to judge players like this. Leave that to the nfl employees. Tired of this world neeeding to employ and make a profit off everything…then make more of the judging of that everything. It is so childish and egotistical. Let them prove it. Then it speaks for itself. No need to say things that may or may not be true. Already got women in the world for that. Don’t need men doing it too…already enough stress on wasted thoughts/assumptions that are pointless. Wilson proved them wrong. Everyone. Maybe manziel will…or maybe he won’t. Nows not the time for anyone but the nfl teams to worry about that.

  42. Should be a universal law to keep your mouth shut until you actually see real results. Then if there is no need to open your mouth (ie: bragging, i told you so, etc).. Then don’t! It’s not rocket science. Most fans don’t get how much money experts make by being wrong and sounding stupid. Fill their pockets geniuses.

  43. Why does EVERY Qb coming into the NFL have to be a pocket guy or a certain type of guy? Its funny how NOBODY even thought about Brady now he’s perfect in all eyes. If you win in the NFL as a QB your good point blank

  44. Jaws is the voice of reason. A true soothsayer. Last year, he predicted that the AFC East would belong to Miami. He was almost right.

    So what if it cost me my home and family. I have since seen the error of my ways.

    Jaws, keep it up. Because the world depends on you doing your job and “we need you on that line” as it were.

  45. deflateddome says:
    Mar 27, 2014 11:20 PM

    But it is a fad league, and here come the Russell Wilson clones…The difference is, Wilson is a pass first QB and runs only when he has to, is bigger than Manziel, and has a better arm..


    Why does everyone keep saying this?

    Russell Wilson:
    5′ 11′ 206 lbs.

    Johnny Manziel:
    6′ 0″ 210 lbs.

    Wilson is not bigger than Manziel.

  46. If Kiper, Jaws, Schefter, Hodge and all the rest of the so called experts ranking draft prospects were as good as they think they are wouldn’t they all be working in some NFL teams fronts office putting together that teams draft?…….ya that’s what I thought that’s why they are on ESPN cause none of the real experts give a rats ass what they think.

  47. This would be quite hillarious, not for football Johnny, but the rest of us if he was taking early in the draft and did bomb out. The draft needs this once in a while to prove that all the analysis in the world doesn’t always work aka Jamarcus Russell.

  48. I don’t usually agree with Jaworski on alot of things– But I do agree with him on Manziel.

    If the guy plays how he has in college, his play is going to write checks that his body won’t cash for very long.

  49. “habsfanatic says: Mar 27, 2014 10:35 PM
    I like Jaws but no NFL team moves a player up a round based on a pro day. ”

    You’re absolutely right.

    The Raiders

  50. A lot of people are making fun of him for only facing a guy with a broom. That was not a broom. That was a Nike Brushstorm Ultrasweep 2.5 Cleaning and Blocking Power Assembly. Now you know why he’s flying up the draft board.

  51. The point here is that Jaws isn’t buying into the hype of a stud college QB until he sees him play in the NFL.

    With the history of college studs turning into NFL busts more often than not, I’d say Jaws is the only sane person speaking on the Manzeil subject.

    How great was RGIII last year after everyone crowned him the best scrambling QB of all time after 1 season? Those guys get hurt, so let’s calm down on how awesome Johnny Football is going to be after zero years in the NFL so far.

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