Jeff Fisher: If you want to see a dunk, watch basketball


Rams coach Jeff Fisher, co-chair of the NFL Competition Committee, has already heard from fans who oppose the league instituting a 15-yard penalty for players who dunk the ball over the goal post. And Fisher is telling those fans, tough.

“I was going through the airport leaving Orlando yesterday, going through security, and this guy was just wearing me out on the ‘No Fun League.’ Are you kidding me? He’s saying, ‘No Fun League! They should be allowed to dunk!’ And I’m like, ‘Then go to a bar and watch a basketball game. This is football,'” Fisher said on Mike & Mike.

Fisher said that when Saints tight end Jimmy Graham caused the game to be delayed by knocking the goal post off balance on a dunk last season, it became clear that the league had to do something about it.

“We’re concerned, and we had the one instance last year where it took 20-25 minutes to re-set those goal posts,” Fisher said. “It just made sense to just say we’re going to eliminate it.”

Another option would have been only to penalize players if their dunk celebration causes a delay of the game, but the NFL apparently didn’t want to differentiate like that. And so dunking will now be the exclusive domain of the NBA. Mark Cuban no doubt approves.

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  1. But basketball is hardly watchable anymore, no thanks! Besides in like 10 years maybe nobody is watching basketball because there are too many football games on all day every day.

  2. What kind of person yells at anyone in an airport like that? Seriously, get a life.

  3. It was a stupid, overdone celebration. I’m happy the NFL banned it. Tony Gonzalez was a great player and person, but I got tired of watching him dunk and show off whenever he scored.

  4. Great comment by Fischer. Football is a team sport. Dunking on a goal post is the epitome of a selfish me first player drawing attention to themselves.

  5. I know, according to Garp, dunking over a goal post is so disturbing……….. but somehow class act players like Gonzalez and Graham do it all the time, that should tell u something…. Jeff Fisher obviously needs to keep his focus on the Rams as they continue to stink it up every year…. he’s the most overated head coach in the NFL. Yeah, his Super Bowl was beating the Saints last year…pitiful!!!! lol

  6. “And if you want to see winning football, well… watch something other than my team.”

    – Jeff Fisher, Head Coach, Los Angeles Rams

  7. Players have been dunking the ball for years and last year was the first time (to my knowledge) that it ever caused a delay.

    The solution shouldn’t be to outlaw dunking, the solution should be requiring maintenance teams to ensure the goal posts are tightened and 100% ready for the game.

    Blame the maintenance crew in my opinion…

  8. I’ll admit that the dunking got old. However, the NFL needs to remember that the fans want to be entertained. Why remove another entertaining aspect out of the game?

    The NFL is slowly removing parts of the game that make it fun for all of us to watch. When a kid scores a touchdown in the back yard, the first thing he does is spike the ball and he probably does a fun little dance.

    One day, Goodell will probably remove that TD dance from the game. I don’t want my kid growing up in a world where touchdown dances don’t exist in professional football. It’s going to come to a point where people will debate whether to watch an NFL game or watch a bunch of accountants balance some books–they’ll be equally as entertaining at that point.

  9. What should I watch if I want to see football? Because the NFL is increasingly becoming less “football” and more “football-flavored”.

  10. When there just a few guys doing it, ok. but now everyone wants to do it. my question is “what ever happened to the idea of having been in the endzone before?” why must all players celebrate everyday plays? team A is down by 21 points with less than a minute to go,team B scores on a 15 yard pass. why does the receiver start dancing? is he happy they are only going to lose by 14 instead of 21????

  11. Of all things to change this is what they go after??

    You have to remember who your fans are. Die hards will watch no matter what, but all these changes are going to make it hard for the fan that barely pays attention. I remember as a little kid watching entire 49ers games just to maybe see Deon pick one off and do a primetime dance. As a die hard now I laugh at how dumb that was, but as a 8 year old that’s all I cared about. If the Deon wasn’t on then Ninja Turtles it was. You risk losing a huge portion of people that watch (and make you tons of money) but that aren’t necessarily football people.

    Outside of real football fans, everyone else watches for the reason to party, commercials, halftime show, etc. Those are the casual fans that took it from a million dollar business to billion dollar business.

  12. penalty for anything past a high five. jumping chest bump= 15 yards. dancing=15 yd penalty and any points scored are eliminated. throwing the ball into the crowd ejection and suspension. this look at me crap has to end. PERIOD.

  13. Vernon can dunk.. he has done it several times. Crabtree is the one who got flat backed misjudging the crossbar lol.

  14. I’m don’t really care if someone celebrates after a TD, Sack or Int, but be original. Also the celebration after a regular tackle is getting old. That’s why I like the hurry up offense, they don’t have the time to kiss and hug each other after each tackle.

  15. psly2124 says:Mar 27, 2014 10:44 AM

    Great comment by Fischer. Football is a team sport. Dunking on a goal post is the epitome of a selfish me first player drawing attention to themselves.


    Maybe you want to see them hold hands in a circle and do a cheer, but I rather see them spike the ball over the crossbar. They need to be happy about scoring… it’s the whole point of the game to score points!

  16. actually jump shots and layups are also penalized under the same rule. dean blandino explained this on NFL network yesterday that it was still using the football as a prop, which is illegal.

  17. How about this? When a player scores a touchdown, run over to the ref and hand him the ball. Then give your teammates a high five for enabling you to score that touchdown. Epitome of class.

  18. goldrush36 says:
    Mar 27, 2014 2:11 PM
    Graham is a class act? Lol okayyyy
    Name 1 reason why he’s not? He hasn’t filed a grievance so $hut it

  19. Also, it didn’t take 20 minutes to correct the goal post… It was maybe 2, 3 minutes tops or 1 commercial break… Fisher needs to stop fibbing like a little girl lol

  20. In lieu of the now criminalized dunk, players should simply do it the Marshawn Lynch way; throw the ball into the stands. If they put up the nets, throw it over the sidelines.

  21. This is about litigation. Plain and simple. A goalpost once fell in a college game and killed a person in the crowd. Granted, it wasn’t from a dunk celebration, and the odds of this happening are remote. But, by banning the dunk, the NFL can say it was serious about safety and warned the players should something like that ever occur in an NFL game, no matter how unlikely. The biggest risk to a big business with deep pockets, such as the NFL, is lawsuits.

    I understand people thinking this is ridiculous, and there are many arguments to be made the NFL is indeed the No Fun League (many of which I agree with), but this isn’t the one to make that argument on. The goalpost dunk doesn’t even happen once per week on average. Most players can’t even do it. It’s not a celebration issue. The delay argument has some merit. But, ultimately, it really is a safety issue. Imagine a goalpost actually falls onto fans or players. The lawsuits could be astronomical. The NFL is just insulating itself from the outside chance of a major lawsuit involving a serious injury or death.

  22. I don’t care if they’re allowed or not, but the arrogance of telling fans to go watch a different sport is telling.

    Fisher – you’re a has been who never was.

    I know it will come as a total shock, but without the fans there is no NFL.

  23. @stipes79

    I could be wrong I admit, but doesn’t the purchase of a ticket to an NFL game/stadium, carry with it the assumption of all risk of injury/accidental death by the purchaser? Seems to me that clause came up regarding one of those people who fell out of an upper deck, in the last couple of years. We also have to remember a tradition that went on for many years and ended during the sixties, where the attending fans would tear down the wooden goalposts after each game. That was before the present metal posts became the norm.

  24. This only caused a problem because Graham – like most people – incorrectly assumed that the goal posts were fairly secure. Maybe instead of banning an innocuous fun little celebration, they should maybe make sure those things are held in place better. Are they going to penalize someone for tripping and running into the post? Call delay of game on the offense when the qb tries to throw it out the back of the end zone and it hits the upright?

  25. Fisher comes across as angry Grinch.
    One instance of an undue delay caused by a dunk
    should not be enough to take away future
    dunking and celebrations. Just penalize and
    fine a player who forces such a delay in the future.

    Stop being intolerant bores and denying players
    and fans from enjoying what is supposed to be a
    freakin Game!

    The fan was right… NFL = No Fun League

  26. Basketball banned the dunk when the dunk started to damage equipment on the court. They fixed the equipment, delayed the game while fixing the equipment, the broken glass was a danger to the players AND the fans, and basketball (at all levels of the sport) banned the dunk.

    Eventually, new backboards and rim attachments to the backboards were designed that were much more difficult for a dunk to cause damage (but it still can occur), and dunks were again part of basketball.

    One thing about dunks in basketball – if there is time on the clock, putting the basketball through the hoop scores two points. In football, how many points are scored? Any?

  27. Since he’s been on the competition committee, Jeff has become a mouthpiece for the owners and not the players. He’ll support any decision as long as it lends itself to remaining on the committee

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