John Harbaugh still thinks Steve Smith has something left


After 13 seasons with the Carolina Panthers, wide receiver Steve Smith will be putting on a different uniform for the first time in his career this fall.

Smith signed with the Baltimore Ravens earlier this month after being released by the Panthers.

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera believes that after 13 years in the NFL, Smith is beginning to slow down and doesn’t have the top-end speed that used to set him apart. However, Baltimore head coach John Harabugh still has plenty left to help the Ravens this fall.

“He’s a competitive guy. He’s very successful. He’s one of the great receivers in the history of the game,” Harbaugh said in an interview with PFT from the owner’s meetings in Orlando, Fla. “You know, I think that Steve’s fully capable of being his best with the Ravens and that’s what he plans on doing, that’s our expectations I’m excited about it.”

For a smaller receiver, Smith has been remarkably durable over his career. Smith has played in at least 14 games in 12 of his 13 seasons with the Panthers. Last season, Smith caught 64 passes for 745 yards and four touchdowns as Carolina returned to the postseason for the first time since 2008.

With the Ravens, Smith expects to be a “complementary dude” in Baltimore’s offense.

“His role is going to be to help us score points, move the chains,” Harbaugh said. “You know, he’s unique, this whole thing about 3rd receiver, 2nd receiver, slot receiver, outside receiver he almost kind of debunks all of that. We’re going to try to put him in position to do the things he does well but he does a lot of things well.”

Being able to be a secondary option instead of the go-to guy could be the perfect fit for Smith at this stage in his career. Smith has frequently had to be the primary weapon for the Panthers’ passing game, which has lacked fellow play makers alongside Smith.

“He’s going to bring something to that wide receiver room, a little bit of experience,” Harbaugh said. “…The competitive fire, how to meet competitively, how to practice competitively. He’s going to help those guys.”

33 responses to “John Harbaugh still thinks Steve Smith has something left

  1. So to did anquan bold in who’s helped his teams make the playoffs and win at least one playoff game since the 2008 season! Losing q still stings but smith is almost as big a winner as q

  2. Smith wasn’t signed for his speed or to be a WR1. At 35, he won’t have as much to offer in that area. He was signed to provide both a veteran WR presence that the Ravens were sorely lacking last year as well as a sure set of hands to help with 3rd downs and in the redzone.

  3. John Harbaugh still HOPES Steve Smith has something left… he did with Dallas Clark and Jeremy Shockey in last years bandage brigade. Not saying he will be as bad just saying he is old and lost a step or two…

  4. I think he’ll have a good year with the Ravens. I still don’t understand the Panthers letting him go. As a Niner fan I like him cause he reminds me of Anquan Boldin. Older and has probably lost a step, but tough as nails and still a very reliable target to throw to.

  5. You needed to pick someone up Johnny boy after gifting Anquan Boldin to your ego inflated brother.

    One of the most idiotic trades in NFL history. The league should of fined you for that move.

  6. With Ravens having Torrie Smith .. Steve Smith doesn’t have to be the great receiver he once was in his early days. 70% of Steve will be an excellent addition for them.

  7. No, really? The head coach of the team that just signed the guy thinks he can still play? I thought he was gonna say he was declining and probably wasn’t going to make the opening day roster

  8. He will shine in the ravens offense if the guys up front block for joe and give him more then .7 sec to get rid of the ball. I expect the ravens offense to GREATLY improve with the offensive line additions (and certainly a few more on the way) kubiaks offensive savvy, pittas healthy (for now), Steve smith and a no where to go but up running game. They will be in the playoffs again where they belong. Ozzies having a hell of an off season and he hasn’t even gotten started yet.

  9. I hope Smitty has a great year. He is the greatest Panther of all time! He’s probably lost a step or so, but still can’t believe we just cut him. Smh.

  10. “He’s going to bring something to that wide receiver room, a little bit of experience,” Harbaugh said. “…The competitive fire, how to meet competitively, how to practice competitively. He’s going to help those guys.”
    The Ravens got a leader, a fighter, a tenacious competitor and a man who demands accountability from all 53. Apparently, all the qualities the Panthers don’t need, according to Gettleman.

    There is noway the Ravens can’t be influenced by Steve Smith’s presence. Expect Ray Lewis-level inspiration.

  11. Harbaugh might think he’s got something left in the tank but the reality is Steve Smith is sitting on empty with no option of filling up. Ron Riviera got this right.

  12. Steve will give the Ravens exactly what Harbaugh hopes. He’s not going to carry your offense like he used to in Carolina, but he’ll make a clutch 3rd down catch and make a big play here and there. I think the Panthers should have kept him for that reason but…I guess that’s why I’m not making millions of dollars as a football GM.

  13. It will be the first time in his professional career that he isn’t covered by the other teams top cornerback. Excited to see what he can do

  14. Did someone actually say Shamarko will pound him? Shamarko is riding the bench. Maybe Steve will give him an autograph after the game.

  15. Love to read the comments from Panther fans. Looking forward to his impact in whatever form it comes.

  16. Ozzie has drafted rd. 2 busts up and down since 2004. Shoddy draft record. Let the facts speak.

  17. 2nd round draft busts huh, how are Limas Sweed, Mike Adams, Marcus Gilbert, and Woodley working out for you?

  18. Steeler fans should ask themselves one question. Would I rather the steelers have signed Lance Moore or Steve Smith this offseason? Try to be honest with yourselves homers.

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