Mike McCarthy thinks eight years gets him to halftime


Not many coaches in the NFL get to eight seasons.

But Packers coach Mike McCarthy is hoping he’s got that many more in him.

McCarthy will tie Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr for the second-longest stint in charge of the Packers after this season, and they named the stadium after the guy in first on that list.

“Working in Green Bay, there’s nothing like getting up every day and going to Lambeau Field,” McCarthy said, via Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “I love the people I work with. I love where I work, and more importantly I love what I do. I feel like I’m at halftime, frankly, hopefully.”

On the surface, McCarthy’s run has been outstanding. He’s made the playoffs six of eight years, won a Super Bowl, and posted an 88-50-1 record.

But this offseason has been different, as he’s made it clear he’s taking a more active hand in the defense. As such, things are changing.

While Dom Capers is still the defensive coordinator, they’re adjusting that defense, moving B.J. Raji back to nose tackle and bringing in a significant free agent by adding Julius Peppers. He also admitted that he’s considered giving up play-calling in the future, though he won’t this year.

They wouldn’t even be thinking about major changes if everything was perfect. So it will be interesting to see if McCarthy makes another eight years in charge, or whether this offseason is the first sign of pressure on a coach that has been successful by any measure.

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  1. Al Davis had a theory in his prime , after 10 yrs coaching the same team it’s time to move on . McCarthy should get lap band surgery like Rex Ryan did and lose 75 lbs . He should come to the sidelines lean and mean like a wolf and set the tone for the 2014 season . After Joe Philbin gets fired in Miami , he might be back with the Packers . For the Packers to win more SB’s they must build a top notch offensive line to protect their # 1 asset Aaron Rodgers .

  2. I hope Pete Carroll sticks around for another decade, but if he decides to hang it up anytime soon, Wisconsin has been a good place for Seahawks to get their QBs & coaches from. Sign 2-year deals at a time, Mike. Thanks.

  3. Who (that’s available) would you rather have as a coach? If he were to get fired, he wouldn’t be unemployed very long. 6 of 8 years in the playoffs, how many can say that? Would it be worth the risk to hire someone else?

  4. McCarthy is only as good as the personel he is given…If McCarthy does leave it will be because of Thompson’s cheap signings…

  5. Couple of facts, Schnieder was never a GM in Green Bay, its also with the Packers where he got his foot in the door to help him be the great football mind he is.

    So Without the Packers I think its safe to say that Schieder’s knowledge he learned from not only TT but also Ron Wolf helped him become a great football executive that he is.

  6. Mike has accomplished what many fans can only dream of for their team. He and Ted are one successful combination and anyone who cares to disagree is envious. Their record and accomplishments speak for themselves.

  7. He is a very good coach. That is just a part of the overall picture. A capable head executive and GM are the others. I would look to see the Packers bring back Schneider when Thompson retires. It is a very strong organization. The classless Vikings fans will have smart remarks, but that is their jealousy speaking. That empty trophy case has driven them crazy.

  8. it breaks my heart that my Vikings went after Brad Childress when the Pack went after McCarthy. We are on our 3rd coach and they are on their first with a super bowl under their belt. Not sure exactly what is wrong but we have a ways to go.

  9. Highly overrated. win something without the best QB in the league, that will show if you are truly an elite coach, or just s decent coach.

    He had that chance last year. 8-7-1 and a home loss in the playoffs…not exactly impressive in that division.

  10. Taking a team to the playoffs that had not only their best offensive and defensive players miss a third of the season, also other Pro Bowl caliber players like Cobb and Finley, and the candidate for DROY the year a season ago Hayward was out.

    I would love to know what you find impressive, if that isn’t if making it to the playoffs 75% of your HC career. Rodgers obviously has talent, MM coaching helped him become one of the best QBs in the league.

    You want to hold that against him? Instead of giving him the praise he deserves for it?

  11. sumkat says:
    Mar 27, 2014 1:46 PM
    Highly overrated. win something without the best QB in the league, that will show if you are truly an elite coach, or just s decent coach.
    He got good games out of Aaron Brooks back when he was the saints Off-Coordinator, he coached the best games out of Matt Flynn – a guy cut by the raiders/bills. Offense was top 5 last year, in spite of Rodgers going down for 8 games, the backup QB going down in the first series the next week.

  12. MM is a great coach, bla bla bla. But please, please, please, stop calling the plays. If he is ever fired, it will be because of his play calling. And regarding time management, I guess the above poster would also be inclined not to call time outs until after 20 second runs off the clock towards the end of games. His time management and play calling are sub par.

  13. I think McCarthy is one of the most underrated coaches in football. I just wish I had as much faith in the defensive staff as I do in the offensive staff…

  14. jayrast says:
    Mar 27, 2014 1:01 PM
    Packers are THE best organization in pro sports.


    I’ll go with the Red Wings as the best organization in pro sports.

  15. He lucked out with Favre being there when he got there and then lucking in to Rodgers when he went deep in the draft.

    Watching the 2007 redraft they show, San fran would have taken him instead of Alex Smith. Duh!!

    Now, why was this post (not word for word but close) deleted? Stop the trivial censoring of people posts.

  16. “Without GM Schneider there to pick talent, their runs without a title will see this coaching staff out soon enough.”

    What makes you think its Schneider? I think its the other way around. Schneider doesn’t have say over personnel choices in SEA. And, when Ted was building a roster in SEA that went to the Superbowl, Schneider was back in Green Bay making some pretty bad draft picks there.

    Both guys have built a winning team. Only Ted has maintained a winning team. We’ll see if Schneider can do it soon.

  17. beardinals says: Mar 27, 2014 2:08 PM

    Some coaches win because of their talent, some win because of the talent of their players. I’ll leave it at that.

    Or some coaches win because of their talent and the talent of their players…

  18. As an overall head coach I think he’s been great, except play calling. Between the transition from 4 to 12, the Super Bowl run and constant injuries he’s kept the team together and mostly playing well. Defense certainly needs to change and I’m glad he’s stepping in.

    My belief is that in another season or two Aaron will be calling most of the plays similar to what Peyton does. He knows the offense better than anyone but MM anyway.

  19. Last year’s draft:
    Although picking late in the order as usual, Thompson came up with –
    A 1200 yard, Offensive Rookie of the Year RB,
    A starting Offensive Left Tackle,
    An OLineman expected to be the starting Center this year,
    A nickleback who saw loads of playing time,
    Another RB who had a 100 yard game when pressed into duty,
    And a couple of rotational DLinemen.
    I guess Schneider felt sorry for Ted and phoned him tips on who to take.
    Or maybe Schneider’s no good and it’s one of his lackeys. Sheesh.

  20. Favre had one of his best seasons statistically in 2007, one year after McCarthy arrived in Green Bay. I remember his mechanics were more sound, his accuracy was better, and he didn’t take stupid chances like he did earlier in his career. That was MM coaching up Favre to make him better, not Favre making MM look good. He did the same with Rodgers. So I will give MM credit where its due for the work he did with Favre and Rodgers.

  21. McCarthy is a great coach and a professional. He has no interest in being the ‘star’ of the team like a few other coaches in this league. As for Ted Vs. john Schneider. Who cares? They both learned under Ron Wolf and have excelled at the job. I knew schneider when he was an assistant in Green Bay, he’s smart and as charismatic as anyone I’ve ever met so I can’t be anything but happy for him. Remember, these guys are trying to predict the future and they’re two of the best. Plenty of teams in the league that would be thrilled to have either.

  22. “McCarthy will tie Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr for the second-longest stint in charge of the Packers after this season, and they named the stadium after the guy in first on that list.”

    They named the championship after the first guy (The Lombardi Trophy). As for the stadium it was named after Curly Lambeau who coached the team for 28 years (1921-1949) This does not include the two seasons before the Packers joined the NFL in 1919 and 1920.

  23. I love the fact McCarthy is not afraid to have fun, by throwing in onside-kicks, going for it on fourth down, often, and taking chances that most coaches would not. He may not be the best play caller however. He’s good and I’m glad he’s on the Packers, but he’s not memorable. Not yet. Not until he has at least two more SuperBowls under his belt and with Rodgers leading the way.

  24. You what i like about real packer fans? they can’t stand the way this team is built around mccarthy and the offense lead by rodgers. Putting up points is great, but that’d what fills the seats and the packers never will have a problem with that. Get a good defense to go with your arena league offense… how many championships did randy moss and daunte culpepper win? exactly.

  25. dethsupport says:
    Mar 27, 2014 12:41 PM
    Without GM Schneider there to pick talent, their runs without a title will see this coaching staff out soon enough.


    Lol, do you see all of the thumbs down beneath your post there? Do you know why that is? Because this is the most asinine thing that I see spouted.

    Not only was Schneider NEVER the GM in Green Bay, but even if you wanted to make the argument that somehow he had some major influence over personnel decision, and it was always him, and not Thompson, that orchestrated the Packer roster that has had all of its success, then you have to contend with the fact that Schneider had been in GB since 2002.

    Let’s ignore the ’02 season, since Schneider couldn’t possibly do anything in just 1 year of being there.

    So, genius, where was Schneider’s genius in ’03 and ’04? Where they had a combined record of 14-18? And if Schneider was so brilliant, all on his own, why did it take him 02 ~ ’10 to put together a championship team?

    Please use your brain.

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