Nike unveils a Johnny Manziel Pro Day line


During his Pro Day workout, the man known as Johnny Football wore a helmet and jersey that looked like something Caretaker had stolen from the guards.

While the Mean Machine garb isn’t available for purchase at the Nike website, a page has been devoted to Johnny Manziel Pro Day attire.  From T-shirt to shorts to shoes to socks to other stuff, a full range of black, which, and/or gray stuff is available.

It’s unclear how much money Manziel will make on his rookie contract.  But he’s likely making plenty via a partnership with Nike.  And McDonald’s.  And plenty of other companies, sooner or later.

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  1. I’ve said from the gate that I thought this kid would be a boom or bust. I like him and think if he stays more in the pocket can definitely be better than Bridgewater or Bortles. He just has “it” when pressure the stakes are high. I’m a Giants fan, but my best friend is originally from the Cleveland area. Johnny Football is that guy to finally bring a swagger to the Browns franchise. He would have the potential to be as loved as Bernie Kosar was.

  2. John Manziel’s pro day: A clown performs best at a circus.

    Didn’t realize that anything plain black with a swoosh on it is now trademarked for Manziel. Wow.

    He’s still got plenty of time to catch Bob Griffin III and all of his trademarked clichés!

  3. This product line features a limited edition IV and fluid compartment built into the fabric to make sure your body is ready even after a night out!

  4. I think Manziel’s biggest mistake so far has been aligning himself with Lebron’s business manager. This is the same dope responsible for “The Decision”. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  5. Johnny is an ad man’s dream. He’s Everykid who turns into a superhero on the weekend. In the McDonalds ad Manziel looked more like a kid working weekends at Mickey D’s than the kids who actually work there.

  6. I might buy a jersey, never open the package, and in 10 years I will find it in the closet and say..”I can’t remember who this guy was”…

  7. Johnny Wildcat and LeBron have a lot in common, not least of which is how old they look. Manziel looks at least 40 and Bron had to be 30 when he came to the NBA.

    Those are a couple of old looking dudes. Don’t get used to Johnny’s hair, he won’t have it long. He’s already got Bron’s hairline.

  8. Manziel reminds me of David Beckham, Becks had a fan base ranging from Snoop Dog, to the Queen of England. With Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama situated somewhere in between. Johnny already has celebrity fans ranging from Lebron and Drake to George and Barbara Bush. Both have that combination of being naturally gifted and totally unaffected. Universal appeal if he is as sucessful on the field as Beckham.

  9. I don’t care how good this kid is, how will he keep his focus or priorities straight with deals like this?

    No way does he play in a blue-collar town like Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburg, Buffalo, or Oakland. Keep the circus in New York or Miami.

  10. I think everyone’s missing what Nike did here.

    This isn’t a “Johnny Manziel” line of clothing. It’s just a page with everything he was wearing that day.

    “I clicked the link. It looks exactly like all the other Nike S#%$@# that’s already out.”
    Yes, that was the point, it seems.

  11. pats777 says: Mar 27, 2014 10:50 PM

    It’s the RGIII overexposure all over again.


    Now, let’s see if he can actually play in the League. RGIII’s ego and broken knee aside, dude had a wicked rookie campaign.

  12. People that say he’s “overrated” really are making themselves look foolish. The guy won the Heisman trophy as a freshman, he’s certainly not “overrated” as a prospect. Now do I agree with the Manzealots and think he’s going to be a star? Popularity-wise, perhaps, but he’s got a lot to learn about playing at the next level – pocket passing, reading defenses, going through reads, checkdowns instead of always running, etc.

  13. So much given to unproven players. lets hope it isn’t a Tebow deal where all these jersey’s sold and now used to wax fans cars.

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