Ray Rice indicted for aggravated assault


Ravens running back Ray Rice has been indicted on one count of aggravated assault in connection with an incident with his fiancee last month in Atlantic City.

A press release from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office says that Rice was indicted for “attempting to cause significant bodily injury, and/or purposely or knowing causing such injury, and/or recklessly causing such injury under extreme indifference to the value of human life.”

When Rice was initially arrested, his attorney claimed Rice and his fiancee had only a “very minor physical altercation.” Rice’s fiancee was initially also arrested for allegedly assaulting Rice, but that charge has been dismissed.

If Rice is convicted he faces three to five years in prison.

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  1. “A very minor physical altercation” …. An NFL star vs a woman… Nothing minor about that. Silly attorney. I bet if he was defending Ray’s fiancée he would have strapped the neck brace on her himself… I hate attorneys. Self serving hypocrites.

  2. Considering he only averaged 3 yards per carry, did anyone expect him to run way from her?

  3. How this case, despite clear visual evidence of what he was doing, as well as the Darren Sharper case never got traction, I don’t know and frankly is embarassing as an American. Our priorities seem to be bogged with what Johnny Manziel had for dinner instead of heinous issues like this clown.

  4. “How this case, despite clear visual evidence of what he was doing, as well as the Darren Sharper case never got traction, I don’t know and frankly is embarassing as an American.”

    Just because it’s not over-covered on PFT doesn’t mean the cases didn’t get traction. Sharper, and Rice, are in some serious trouble.

  5. I just hope the prosecutor have video if the actual assault, because if it’s just the video from the elevator & witnesses account, this can drag on!

  6. Not good. Let’s see what evidence comes out at trial. The only video released so far shows him dragging her, not assaulting her, but sounds like there could be more that hasn’t been released.

    This is not at all like Sharper’s case, other than the fact the charges are serious. It doesn’t help Rice that they were filed in an outside jurisdiction (Atlantic City) instead of by a local fan DA, like in James Harrison’s case.

  7. Innocent until proven guilty, but it’s not looking good for Rice… time for the Ravens to start looking at drafting a RB this year.

  8. Not even a Raven’s fan, but I can’t figure out how a football franchise gets blamed and categorised because of an employee’s actions.

    This should only bring shame on Rice not the Ravens or Harbaugh.

  9. In this league you can do just about anything and still play as long as you call Jonathon Martin degrading names.

  10. until i see this supposed video or photo evidence of him actually knocking this girl out, i will not declare him guilty. ‘reports’ of videos are not good enough.

  11. 3 to 5 years? HAH! This is Ray Rice- not just some regular dude like me or any of you who would indeed be facing the threat of that sentence and rightfully so.

    Our fine legal system will find a way to let him off scott free- as they do with all other celebrities.

  12. I’m so tired of the “Stay Classy…. fill in team” crap some of you people post. Every team has 53 plus players and out of that a few jerks. EVERY TEAM!

    Most players on every team are good solid guys that do great things for the community and are great teammates.

    The classless ones are the only ones you should jump on.

  13. She probably got the bobble head going,the smart-mouth opened and pulled her claws out to attack him for not handing over more money for her to gamble. Thought “he won’t hit me in public,I’m a woman and his baby’s mama” as she tried to gouge his eyes out.I’ve dealt with chicks like that,and trust me I wanted to Ray Rice uppercut them too. That’s why,I left crowds like that,joined the military and went to school. Find actual women and not hoodrats gents…a woman with a job,any job. Mooching hood chicks with nothing to offer but a booty and ways to spend your money will be your ruin.

  14. I’m a prosecutor (seriously, but not in NJ). Unless the elevator video shows him repeatedly banging her head against the wall/floor, I just cannot see these charges sticking. The pertinent law is N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1b(1). It requires that the defendant cause “serious” bodily injury or attempt to cause the same. New Jersey, like many states, defines serious bodily injury as “bodily injury which creates a substantial risk of death or which causes serious permanent disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ.” A concussion is not serious permanent disfigurement. The prosecution would have to show that the concussion caused some permanent impairment of brain function. Also, if she refuses to cooperate, they have no case. This has plea bargain to reduced charges written all over it.

  15. Ray’s done so much for the community, one major transgression wipes out all his time spent. He’s done soooo much and now his reputation is shot. Too bad. Makes you wonder sometimes why it pays to be a good person, because in this society you can’t trade good will for time served. Whatever comes of this, I sure hope Ray finds a way to turn this into motivation to perform. Everyone knows winning is the cure for scandal and bad publicity.

  16. “The classless ones are the only ones you should jump on”

    Fine. Stay classy Ray Rice, who represents the Ravens, like other people who represent the companies they work for.


  17. If he wasn’t an NFL player he would already be in jail. He’ll get off easy with a slap on the wrist. They need to let the whole video go public with Ray hitting her and let the public decide if it was truly nothing like Ray and his attorney say.

  18. Just out of curiosity – who’s pressing charges? Isn’t Ray and his fiancee in the middle of counseling and working through this?

    If that’s true then I doubt it’s her.

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