Redskins not getting much interest in Kirk Cousins


Like much of his tenure in Washington, it appears Mike Shanahan’s plan to increase Kirk Cousins’ trade value was a flop.

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, the Redskins haven’t really gotten any calls about their backup quarterback this offseason.

That seems to suit new coach Jay Gruden, who likes having a fallback plan in case Robert Griffin III is injured.

No. No, nothing,” Gruden said of trade queries. “We’re excited to have Kirk. You need two great quarterbacks on your team. you never know. The way Robert plays and the style he plays with you never know what can happen. Injuries are a part of the game. you need two excellent quarterbacks and we’re fortunate to have two of the better quarterbacks.”

Cousins would like a chance to start, and to be honest, is as attractive an option for some teams as is available. But despite some flashes, he hasn’t shown enough to get the full Scott Mitchell/Matt Flynn pig-in-a-poke treatment from a team desperate to see if they can turn someone’s backup into their starter.

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  1. Because he’s not good enough to be someone’s starter considering where he is. To have Skins fans think they could get a first, second or third was laughable.

  2. If they have any brain at all, they keep him until the rookie contract is expired no matter what

  3. I think Cousin’s time will be after the draft and maybe into training camp. I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting him go with RG3’s injury history..

  4. Let’s not forget he played 3 out of 4 games in horrible weather. Not to make excuses for him but the field conditions were horrible. + had to play with a horrible OL that could not pass block to save its life! Hopefully OL improves and we will get the same results no matter who is QB.

  5. I think the word great is misused time and time again. RG Knee great nah he was good his rookie season, second yr not so much. Dont get me started on Cousins, he had a chance to do well in the ATL game and threw a game clinching pick.. he is far from great.

  6. From what I recall, the ATL game was blown mostly by special teams along with our bad defense. I don’t think Kirk is great, but not a bad guy to have as a backup. The whole team was bad last year and Peyton Manning would have had a bad season if he was on the team.

  7. I think Flynn is too fresh in a lot of executives minds right now for anyone to take a chance on an unproven commodity for anything higher than possibly a 5th or 6th round pick. But luckily for the Skins, desperation is a horrible thing and some coach or GM on the hot seat might hitch their wagon to this guy before his rookie deal expires and offer something more attractive. If there’s one thing I’ve realized from the NFL it’s never say never.

  8. RG3 played in bad weather also in 2012 and he played well, there was no excuse for Kirk Cousins to get worse each game. BTW Kirk only played in 1 2 bad weather games/ RG3 struggled last year because he couldn’t do his QB drills last season how hard is that to understand?

  9. I’m sorry I meant to say Kirk only played in 2 bad weather games. Am the only one who thinks not be able to work on his QB drills affected RG3 badly?

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