Reports: Eagles to sign Mark Sanchez on Thursday

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The Eagles are reportedly poised to finish a deal with Mark Sanchez.

Jason La Canfora of CBS reports the Eagles will sign Sanchez, the former Jets quarterback, on Thursday. Mike Garofolo of Fox and Ian Rapoport of NFL Media also reported that a deal will be struck with Sanchez, whom the Jets released six days ago.

The No. 5 overall pick in 2009, the 27-year-old Sanchez started all but two games in his first four NFL seasons with the Jets, throwing for 12,092 yards with 68 TDs and 69 interceptions with a 55.1 completion percentage. He missed the 2013 regular season with a shoulder injury sustained in the preseason.

Sanchez and fellow USC product Matt Barkley would likely be the primary contenders for the top backup role behind Eagles starter Nick Foles.

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  1. He has a lot of potential. He did great with a good supporting cast in his first two seasons. This coming from a Patriot fan.

  2. 26 TDs in 2011 with Dustin Keller, post-prison Burress, and lazy Holmes as his targets, and Shonn Greene in the backfield. In 2012, Kerley and Cumberland were the top two targets. Maybe some talent around him might help.

  3. He’d be really good in Chip Kelly’s offense. He can make short throws all day long. And the Eagles have a stout line plus a dynamic running back.

  4. I know that Sanchez can at least play at this level. Barkley has not proven he can play in the NFL. Sanchez just might be the best backup QB in the league, behind Orton. I think just about any QB can have success in this offense with these weapons at their disposal.

  5. .
    I can’t understand why Arizona didn’t sign Sanchez. Their QB situation is fluid and a change of coasts would have been beneficial too.


  6. No secret to the fact that Sanchez is the Eagles’ insurance policy in case Nick Foles regresses this year. Considering who is available right now as far as backup QBs go…Sanchez is the best choice.

  7. Backup QB is an important position. The Eagles did well by picking up a QB with a lot of experience. He struggled with the Jers, but look who his head coach was. No QB will ever play their best with a Ryan as their head coach. He will benefit from being in a legitimate team. Real coaching can do wonders.

  8. Sure, Sanchez is the best available backup QB right now. But, that’s like saying he’s the prettiest girl in an ugly contest. It’s not that he’s any good… it’s just that he’ the best of the worst that’s left around right now.

  9. Gotta love the posts of eagle’s fans trying to talk themselves into this one. The bigger problem is when Foles realizes that Sanchez is making more than him and asks for a new contract and the eagles respond by trying to trade him for a third rd pick. I see a pattern developing.

  10. If Jason La Canfora is reporting this, then I assume Sanchez will be signed by anyone OTHER than the Eagles. Just sayin’.

  11. You’d think a team would want their back-up quarterback to be, well, at least average on the field. Mark Sanchez has looked somewhere between bad and below average in New York.

    Maybe he can regain some confidence while not having the pressure of being a starter. But I don’t know what the Eagles could have seen in him to even think he would be a top back-up (which is what their quick pursuit would make you think he is).

    I think this move says more about the Eagles’ opinion of Matt Barkley than anything else.

  12. naes says:
    Mar 27, 2014 1:05 PM
    He’d be really good in Chip Kelly’s offense. He can make short throws all day long?

    What have you been watching? Sanchez is horrible on short throws and gets rattled very easily… the typical deer in the headlights.

    A bust.

  13. As local clothing stores stock up on white jeans and silly thin Euro head bands in anticipation of his arrival.

  14. I love all the Skins fans trolling Eagle post. Gotta love it, they have no life. Get back to the basement Timmy and eat your pudding.

    I don’t know why we would sign Sanchez, to me this is a horrible move that wont result in anything good for the team.

  15. this is a good signing for the eagles. sanchez is way better than he gets credit for. i wonder what would have happened if the jets kept braylone over santonio? sanchez and edwards had great chemistry. he was just a different qb when he had his go to guy in there.

  16. Sanchez is competing to be backup with Barkely. Vick is coming in to replace Gino. The Eagles have a Pro Bowl QB and an offensive head coach named Kelly. The Jets have Gino, Mike, and Marty.

  17. Nothing wrong with this pickup…I know Jets fans can’t believe anyone took a chance on him but as a backup I think he brings a lot to the table. He has tons of experience under his belt, and the Eagles hardly had any players that even went to the playoffs let alone started in a few AFC championships. Doubt his contract is very big and he’s a definite upgrade over Barkley (at least compared to Barkley’s limited time in games last year).

  18. Considering the three-ring circus that the Jets have become, I’m not ready to write Sanchez off as a backup…let him compete with Barkley and see who emerges as the #2.

  19. This isn’t so much about Foles as it is that they don’t feel at this point Barkley isn’t ready to be the Number 2 guy. They wanted a guy with more experience who has played in the playoffs and has been there.

    In another year or two maybe Barkley is ready to be the two or even the one but in the short term he needs to learn, work on arm strength, footwork, not putting the ball on the ground and reading NFL defenses.

  20. astrategyexpert says:
    I don’t understand this move at all. They already have Nick Foles. I guess they have their own idea of how they want to run their franchise.
    What?! They didn’t consult you?!

    What could they have been thinking?

  21. “kwjsb says:
    Mar 27, 2014 1:03 PM
    Speaking as a Browns fan to the Eagle fans, This doesn’t make up for the Banner thing, but it helps.”

    – Ha ha ha. Well played. 10 thumbs up.

  22. some people don’t realize that we brought in a BACKUP quarterback..

    there is no controversy.
    there is no battle for the starting job.

    Sanchez is going to ride the pine & learn those mechanics and reads that Carroll told the world he didn’t have when he left USC.

    There’s no question in the kids’ arm (pre-inury). The only questions there were with Sanchez were between his ears.

    He was one of the last big$$$$$ draft picks. He can afford to take a year or two learning how to be a QB.

  23. “Career back up, and he should be thankful for that.”

    Maybe you don’t watch football…

  24. @ mikeschmitt1217 says:

    for the record, the eagles have a whole buncha guys that have been to the playoffs

    try the entire 2013 NFC East Champion Philadelphia Eagles roster.

  25. Two names–Chip Kelly and Bill Musgrave. Kelly worked wonders with Foles last year, even though Bill Lazor got most of the credit as the QB coach. Musgrave has worked well with QBs over the years–Matt Ryan in Atlanta being his most star pupil.

  26. jerruhjones says: Mar 27, 2014 12:55 PM

    Vick for Sanchez? Who got the better deal?


    Eagles. Because they didn’t NEED either of the two. Jets did.

  27. Jets traded Vick for Sanchez and picked up 4.5 million. Jets got the better of the deal. Sanchez one play away from starting, and Foles got hurt last year. Every QB does in Chip’s system.

  28. Its good Sanchez is getting a fresh start. So much emphasis is placed on him being a starter. Maybe he’ll be a late bloomer like Rich Gannon.

  29. Great signing for Eagles, young QB, with a strong arm and winning playoff experience. Give him weapons and a good running game, he’s a winner and a team first player, never complains.

  30. I can’t wait for the Giants secondary to pick this guy off 8 times next year, if he gets to play. His QB nickname should Mark “The Proctologist” Sanchez.

  31. as a pats fan, i can attest this kid has got a ton of talent..but that’s a very serious injury he suffered (for absolutely no reason btw).

    either way, i hope to see what he does now that he’s on a real nfl team.

  32. Fight on mark Sanchez. I wish he woulda signed with a west coast team but I like this signing. People can hate on USC all they want but last time I checked USC has 4 qbs in the league. Palmer cassel Sanchez and Barkley. Fight on Trojans!!!

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