Report: Maurice Jones-Drew to meet with Raiders


Maurice Jones-Drew is set to visit another AFC team in free agency.

This time, it’s his local club.

The Raiders will host Jones-Drew on Thursday and Friday, NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reported.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter quoted an unnamed source as saying there is “a good chance” Jones-Drew gets a deal done with Oakland.

The New York Daily News reported this week that the Jets, Dolphins, Patriots and Steelers were all potential suitors for Jones-Drew. However, the Dolphins have agreed to sign Denver tailback Knowshon Moreno, which likely takes them out of the mix for Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew visited the Steelers last week, but no deal was reached.

The 29-year-old Jones-Drew rushed for 803 yards and five TDs in 2013 for Jacksonville, for whom he’s played his entire NFL career.

Jones-Drew played prep football at De La Salle High School in Concord, Calfornia, which is a little more than 20 miles northeast of Oakland.

Adding Jones-Drew would give Oakland an accomplished one-two punch in the backfield. The Raiders re-signed tailback Darren McFadden at the outset of free agency.

35 responses to “Report: Maurice Jones-Drew to meet with Raiders

  1. Kory Sheets and Latavius Murray are younger and have more long term potential. Donno if i would sign him if i was Oakland. MJD seems like a perfect fit in NY with the Jets.

  2. Raiders must be throwing a big retirement party for MJD, Justin Tuck, Lamarr Woodley and Donald Penn.

    Oakland’s roster is as old as how long ago it was that Mark Davis’ haircut was cool.

  3. This would be a very nice pickup.

    Even if he has lost a step, MJD still has a lot left in the tank.

    MJD and DMC is a heck of a 1 2 punch…if only they can stay healthy.

  4. Eh, why not? Get him for the vet minimum and see how it works out…neither of these guys have been healthy lately.

  5. Spiller + Jackson > McFadden + MJD

    Buffalo has the best 1-2 punch in the backfield…there’s a reason they finished like 2nd in rushing last year, even with Spiller being hurt and splitting carries.

    And I’m not just saying that because I’m a Bills fan…the stats don’t lie, both Spiller AND Jackson could start on many teams.

    The coolest part? How different they are. Spiller was highly touted, highly productive, highly drafted, from Clemson…Jackson was none of the above, from Coe College. Probably one of the most underrated players in the history of the NFL. (IMHO.)

  6. MJD must be in it for the money not a ring? Give me a break out of all the teams mention only the Pats can say they have a real shot at run. So why not help reestablish the RAIDERS back to the top. Especially since he grew up a fan. RN4L

  7. This is what the raiders needed. They got schaub they need that running game to show schaub they are serious in making him successful again. Just need some receivers.

  8. People really don’t get it. You get younger through the draft! All these free agent signings are part time 1-2 year contracts to give us time to build youth, and talent through the draft! Anyone who’s young and promising ISNT a FA right now. I love what the raiders are doing. I wanted to see latavious Murray play more but I’ll take mjd any day of the week! And he’ll fill some seats up . I know Sammy Watkins is the sexy pick but we should trade down, and snag a DT in the 1st then with 2 2nds go WR/CB or double up on DTs and go dt,wr,dt…RAIDER NATION IS BACK!!

  9. Even if we would have kept Jennings along with DMC, I still believe that we should draft a dynamic back in the mid rounds. You easily get a very good one there and possible returner.

    I hope we sign MJG and if we do I still feel the same way.If you want a back in the draft this does not mean we wont get one.If you are a Raider fan how can you be mad at this?

    Go Reg, Go Raiders!

  10. People forget the last time the Raiders were in the Super Bowl, they were the oldest team in the league.

    People have been criticizing the Raiders all off-season, but no one can say the players they brought in can’t play anymore. You can call them old, you can call them overpaid, but they all still have two good years left in them, and they are going to play with a major chip on their shoulder, knowing they are thought of as guys who just took a big pay day.

    Jones makes all the sense in the world because McFadden is injury-prone and Latavius Murry is an unknown. None of these guys will be carrying it 30 times a game, but they will all have fresh legs, an improved offensive line, and a quarterback whose strength in play-action. Don’t sleep on them this year.

  11. Mr. Mckenzie,

    If you are not able to sign MJD for whatever reason, please do not attempt to compensate by taking on Chris Johnson’s contract. Please no. No. Please no.

  12. Stop Haten, HATERS!!! and sit back and watch. The last time people said the Raiders were old we owned our division,stayed in the playoffs,got robbed by NE,still stayed in the playoffs,went to the Superbowl(Lost), came back the next year and started the season off 3-0 before our QB Rich Gannon got injured and our over all W-L record in NFL HISTORY is still better than all 31 NFL teams to this day. We been loosing for 11 years and yall BUMS still can’t catch all the W’s we put up on yall bloody Maxie pad wearing Diva’s. GOOGLE THAT!!! Raider Nation Stand Up!!!

  13. It’s so funny that all the haters that have nothing better in there life but to go to other teams posts and comment on and hate? At least they should know what they are talking about ha ha . I mean I’m a huge raiders fan but and always checking on MY TEAMS site but to go to other teams sites and hate , what losers ! My opinion these people have no life no girl and still probably live with there parents. The raiders are actually one of the younger teams in the nfl still , look at the roster . go RAIDERS and all u no life haters get the fk outta here and talk about ur own team cuz u look stupid

  14. A couple weeks ago Maurice Jones Drew came into my friends class at the local college in Alameda (Where his family member is the dean). And talked a little Football with the class. He said “It might happen” when talking about the possibility of playing for the Raiders. If Reggie wants him, he’s going to get him. I would be very surprised if the Raiders don’t get him. Maurice wants to play in Oakland.

    You can site me as a source PFT 😉

    MJD and Mcfadden with Latavius Murray and an underrated Jeremy Stewart makes a solid Running back core.

  15. MJD and DMac in the same backfield. Definitely would have sounded much more impressive 1-2 years ago, but i still like it. Plus Murray waiting in the wings

  16. The plan is to build through the draft, but we need quality players with experience to carry us until we get a couple of great drafts together!
    That’s exactly what we should be doing. anyone who thinks otherwise is just a moron!


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