Roddy White has a season-ticket change of heart

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It’s been a strange week for Falcons receiver Roddy White.

The saga began when White told a fan on Twitter that, if Mercer bears Duke in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, White would give the fan season tickets in the first row on the 50 yard line.

Then, after Mercer indeed beat Duke, White welshed.  And White absorbed plenty of criticism and negative P.R. for not making good on his word.

Suddenly, White has had a change of heart.  He took to Twitter within the past two hours to commit to a pair of season tickets, and then some.  White also will give the fan a pair of Super Bowl tickets, pregame sideline passes to a game, and a day at training camp as White’s guest.

It’s unclear why or how White decided days after the fact to do the right thing.  But he has, plus more.

Here’s hoping that he’ll be applauded as loudly as he was criticized.  Then again, White could have avoided any and all criticism by making good on his vow without being tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.

60 responses to “Roddy White has a season-ticket change of heart

  1. Roddy thought the guy was a Bears fan, but he was really just a Mercer Bears fan. When he realized the guy was indeed a Falcons fan, he decided to follow through with it.

    My take.

  2. I can’t totally blame the guy, he lost a ridiculous bet in a public way, lol. I’d be fairly upset too. He kinda made up for the first part by throwing in the extras. Superbowl tickets, sideline passes, and training camp is freaking sweet!

  3. Now that’s how you do the right thing. When you miss the opportunity to do the right thing the first time around, then you should add a little extra for good measure, and he did that and then some. I guess Roddy just wants to be known as the kind of guy that sets a good example for others to do the right thing. He’s like a positive role model you could say!

  4. Proud that he stepped up as a man and paid his bet. It’s a shame that it took such a large public outcry for him to do so, though. I guess if you’re image means everything to you you’ll do just about anything. Still happy that the fan gets what he is owed and deserves. Hopefully Aaron Rodgers can learn from this, man up, and pay his bet one day.

  5. Sometimes you just need the slap of a gazillion social media hands to wake up and do the right thing. Way to go, Roddy!

  6. I’ll give him props for doing the right thing, but it doesn’t change my opinion of him. He had to be shamed into doing it. Also, he got here because all he knows how to do is run his mouth. That’s why my opinion won’t change. It’s not like he’ll have an epiphany and suddenly be humble.

  7. Undoubtedly, Roddy White’s agent and the PR people with the Atlanta Falcons had more than a little something to do with the sudden generosity that Roddy White finally chose to display.

  8. There will still be those, myself among them, who will say he only made good because he got called out in the court of public opinion. His initial reaction was to do the wrong thing, the selfish thing, the dishonorable thing and try to back out of the bet. However, he clearly wants to make up for it, he didn’t have to throw in all of those extras and he did. Chalk it up to a poor decision and a guy doing his best to make amends, good stuff.

  9. It’s a shame that he got such an outcry from a bet that basically amounted to “bet u a million they won’t!” Roddy should have kept his money and saved it for a bet that, you know, can benefit you in some manner and can be taken seriously.

  10. The thing is, someone had to goad him into doing this for PR/brand reasons. If I were in his situation financially, I would have not only honored the bet but given something similar on top of it to be a gracious person, while also starting a cycle of giving that will come back for me later. So it is still disingenuous to me. but that guy Hoyt surely couldn’t care less.

  11. Roddy’s “change of heart” was a product of self-interest. We saw where he was REALLY coming from. It was only when the cost of being his REAL self got to be way worse than the cost of keeping his word — that he had a sudden “change of heart.”

    For all we know, Arthur Blank comped the whole thing. For all we know, he had sensible advisors telling him how disastrous his REAL approach was. Or perhaps, Roddy saw for himself how poorly received his REAL approach was – that he finally got to a tipping point where it was better to just man up.

    In all scenarios, we saw the REAL Roddy. Reminds one of how Richard Sherman showed his REAL self — until learning it’d be better to conceal his REAL self — by showing a phony, gracious self.

  12. What would be REALLY cool would be if the fan decided to take Rodney’s gifts and re-gift them to some youngsters that would truly appreciate going to a game, the SB, or Spring Training camp. Why not make a good thing a great thing?

  13. 1st of all I applaud him for keeping his word (not a bet) it take a lot
    for a person with pride in his conviction (wrong or right) to listen to fans and go back and evaluate his decision to come back and do the right thing; however, I am kinda skeptical that money coming out of his pocket and not Arthur Blank. Atlanta Falcons is his brand and RW is apart of that brand and being a smart businessman I think Arthur Blank is covering his brand not RW public opinion under table; saying that since I am a saints fan, if this discovered it better count against the salary cap

  14. Undoubtedly, the Falcons organization got involved due to the negative publicity they stood to take as a result of Whites big mouth. Based on the extras (sideline passes, training camp, Super Bowl) that would be organizational not White alone. The organization stood to lose more by not paying up on White’s bet than if they did. Kudos to the Falcons, but White is still a man not worth his word which makes him not much of a man.

  15. 10 – 1 he got a call from Arthur Blank who told him to fix it. Phone call ended. Roddy called his agent and asked for help. Agent made calls. Roddy’s accountant set aside some cash. And no, I’m not giving dude props. Integrity is doing what is right when you have a chance to do something wrong…Roddy showed he has none. This is damage control and, while I’m happy the fan gets all that swag, Roddy still showed what he is about and is only doing this now because he caught so much grief.

  16. Well, the guy was going to let Roddy out of it completely, the quote on his own twitter was something about it not being a legit bet. Both pointed out that the other guy didnt put up anything against what Roddy said, and thats kind of important in a bet. You gotta be fair. I think they just kinda became friends, and Roddy said what the hell, why not.

  17. Bet or not, Roddy White issued an offer/warranty as to what he would do if a particular event occurred. He broke his word and was surprised when others cared and were offended by his actions. His sudden change of heart is just damage control, not real repentance for breaking his word.

    If only our dictator-in-chief had had a molecule of conscience.

  18. He didn’t have to pay anything and it was good he came through. What might have taken a day is talking it over with his agent to make sure everything was legit legally, with the NFL and if he could use it as a tax right off.

  19. The damage is done, but you gotta be glad for the “fan”, that sounds like a heck of a time. Glad Roddy got told by a myriad of P.R people, “make this right” and he did.

  20. Either way he came through, I applaud the fan for not pushing it and not wanting to be a distraction and I applaud roddy for following through, though not as loudly as I would had he done it immediately .

  21. It was no doubt the Falcons that weighed in on this little Tweet-fail. If it was they or him, that are paying up, it makes little difference. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Welcome back to (relatively) honest society, Mr. White.

  22. As the old adage goes, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
    Whatever the circumstances were Rodney White paid his dues. There are so many people who are doomed with negativity, regardless of any positive results they still only see the negative in any situation. Rodney could have said; I “ll eat my hat, or I bet you a million,” and the negative guys would expect it, don’t anyone have a since of humor? Go Rodney” you did the right thing, and I’m more of a fan than ever.

  23. It wasn’t a bet but it was his word…….Glad he stepped up and will honor his word (plus)……

    Learning lesson for all the power of the new social media venues………

  24. Give me a break. He is a phoney. If people did not call him out for being a welching low life he would have walked away. “The true measure of a man is what he does when no one is watching.”

  25. notoriousbuc says:
    Mar 27, 2014 8:50 PM
    Will he spot me some tickets for ruining my season in a high stakes fantasy league?

    No one cares about your fantasy team.

  26. So his agent told him he’d make a lot more money in the long run if he just paid off the bet….

    Good agent.

  27. Rare occurrence! NFL “crime” that can be “made right” by simply doing the right thing, even if after the fact. The typical NFL criminal activity tends to be the kind of thing that’s impossible to undo, if you get my drift (cough cough Hernandez etc).

  28. No matter how he got there, in the end he did the right thing. Expensive lesson. Hopefully other loose-fingered celebrity tweeters paid attention.

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