Schaub cuts pay to $8 million for 2014


Before being traded by the Texans to the Raiders, quarterback Matt Schaub was due to earn a base salary of $10 million in 2014, with up to $1 million more available in per-game roster bonuses.  After the trade, Schaub agreed to give up $3 million of that amount, but he can earn it all back via incentives.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Schaub will earn a fully-guaranteed base salary of $4.5 million in 2014, along with a guaranteed roster bonus of $3.5 million.  That’s $8 million fully guaranteed.

The other $3 million comes with incentives that hinge on factors like a Pro Bowl appearance, playing time, playoffs, and a Super Bowl appearance and win.

In 2015, Schaub will earn a $5.5 million base salary.  He also can earn another $3 million via the same incentive factors.

Schaub also had the last year of the prior contract wiped clean, making him a free agent in 2016.

So it’s a base amount of $13.5 million for two years, with another $6 million

Still, some are wondering why Schaub didn’t simply refuse to re-do his deal and force the Texans to cut him.  He then could have tried to spark a bidding war between the Raiders and the Browns, and he possibly could have emerged with more money for 2014 and/or 2015.

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  1. Once upon a time, I actually thought Matt Schaub was a good player. Now I consider him far from it. I bet Terrelle Pryor outplays this guy when it’s all said and done…

  2. Another guy the Raiders have signed, who wants to “prove it” to everyone. Guys with a chip are good to have…

  3. Kolb, Schaub and Flynn should be good evaluations of teams wanting to poach a backup and turn him into a starter.

    This leads me to believe that’s why you’re not seeing teams go after Kirk Cousins and/or Ryan Mallett. They’re not starting QB material, and they’re not worthy of what it would cost a team to get one of them.

  4. That was really nice of Oakland to let him earn the $3 million back by getting to the Super Bowl and earning a Pro Bowl selection…

  5. Mckenzie paid how much for a washed up QB who was a disaster in Houston in a system that was designed for him.
    Why on earth is Mckenzie still in Oakland.

  6. People who write Schaub all the way off after one bad year show how fickle people can be in this game. One year is not a trend written in stone. Look at the overall stats, Schaub has been a Pro Bowl caliber QB. Texans fans give him crap, but who have their other decent QBs been in their history? CRICKETS…

  7. Schaub always came across as a decent guy, especially after some of the Texan fans harrased him at his home last year. Maybe he just appreciated the way the Texans treated him during his time in Houston. If so, that would indeed be refreshing.

  8. Schaub was mediocre at best with Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, and Arian Foster.

    Good luck, Oakland.

  9. Schaub realize how big a dumpster fire he jumped into. He is hoping beyond hope that the money he gave up will be used to keep him alive next season.

  10. If this guy is worth eight million a year , I’m asking my boss to start paying me $800,000.00 a year.

  11. The Texans played bad as a team last year. Kubiak’s playcalling got extremely predictable and they had some injuries. The Raiders simply think Schaub’s year was an anomaly and he needs a new environment. At this price, it was a good pick up.

    I have a feeling Schaub will get his confidence back once he gets under center with the Raider Nation cheering for him. He’s better than the QBs on the roster. At worst, he gives the Raiders the freedom to sit Manziel or Bridgewater for a year while learning from a veteran.

  12. Schaub is luckier than a leperchaun on St Patrick’s Day to get this deal. I should take his birth date and play those numbers in the lottery tonight.

  13. Shades of Jake Delhomme again. LOTS of guaranteed money after a season that reflected a total loss of confidence. I liked Delhomme and Schaub when they were 100% mentally, but, frankly, I don’t see Schaub regaining the form and confidence he once displayed. God knows it was a shame, but Delhomme was never the same again after his melt down. Too bad. Nice guys, both of them, from all accounts, and I hope I’m wrong about Schaub.

  14. “Hey, he just had one bad year!” Yeah, but that’s how you know someone’s career is over – they play badly.

  15. “Still, some are wondering why Schaub didn’t simply refuse to re-do his deal and force the Texans to cut him. He then could have tried to spark a bidding war between the Raiders and the Browns, and he possibly could have emerged with more money for 2014 and/or 2015.”

    Looks like it’s not about the money, sounds like he gots something to prove and wants to redeem himself for his garbage season.

    Oh baby this is going to be interesting
    Go Raiders!

  16. Most ints last 3 years…Rivers Vick ..getting 5 million to play for Jets and thats not too much? Actually Schaubs contract isnt bad for a veteren with his stats.

  17. He is either going to turn into “Cougar” from Top Gun and turn in his wings and be done…or he’ll be “Mav” and fight back and be one of the best in the biz. No one knows if last year was a fluke or the start of a trend. The important thing to note is that in relative terms, it’s a fairly low risk move. $8M isn’t gonna break the bank if he doesn’t work out. They gave up a 6th. The Raiders coaching staff and front office, one would imagine, did their homework on the guy and watched a ton of film from last year. I’d guess they were looking at the mechanics, timing, decision-making, etc. The thing about the NFL is – you can get all of that right and the defender still picks you. Some folks act as if they defense has no say in your performance, which simply isn’t true. Schaub had a terrible year. Terrible. How much of that was the loss of Foster, Daniels, etc.? No one knows yet.

    The comparison to Delhomme is a terrible one. Delhomme had one year with a rating above 90 then reverted to form (slightly regressed from his previous seasons). Schaub had a streak of 5 years over 90 then one bad year. People should stop with that comparison as it isn’t a good one to make.

    I’m not foolish enough to say Schaub has anywhere near the upside Payton Manning has, but from 2007-2010 they had almost the exact same QB rating. Schaub has obviously played football at a very high level. No one knows whether he will return to his statistical form or if 2013 was the start of a career-ending slide.

  18. paul82461 says:
    Mar 27, 2014 7:40 PM
    Most ints last 3 years…Rivers Vick ..getting 5 million to play for Jets and thats not too much? Actually Schaubs contract isnt bad for a veteren with his stats.
    First of all, way to just make up some stats!!!LOL Past 3 seasons Eli Manning has thrown the most with 58 followed by Matt Stafford with 53. Rivers has thrown 46. Vick the “turnover machine” has 30 INT’s, see the difference between perception and reality?

  19. RM, gets a lot of flack but in reality he’s doing a bang up job out there in the bay!!! He’s gotten the Raiders out of Cap Hell and has quietly put together a much better product from last Season. There’s talks of them adding MJD, not a bad offseason at all!!! And this is coming from a G-Men FANATIC!! Thanks for Reshad Jennings tho!!LOL

  20. The game being what it is, Schaub shouldnt be denigrated for his salary. And regarding that, I dont remember Palmer helping Oakland by restructuring his overpaid salary…which spoke volumes as to why he was there.
    The guy hasnt taken a snap from center, but he is willing to renegotiate for the good of the team.
    And seriously…all the complaining over his poor season? Look at other QBs who have suffered thru a rough year, and bounced back. Plunkett was the epitome of the scrap heap, the washed up former wonder boy. Gannon had more jerseys from trades than a NFL groupie at the ProBowl. Just chill and see how the draft and the curtdowns go.
    And all the new bandwagon SeaHags and Donkeys fans can say what they want, when they go 9-7…8-8. The Nation is slowly coming back.

  21. barsfordays says: Mar 27, 2014 5:33 PM

    Not worth a quarter of that. This guy is washed up.
    I’m not comparing Schaub to Rivers in terms of talent level, but a lot of people were saying last year that Rivers was washed up after a couple of down seasons, and he bounced back pretty well. If his line can protect him better than Houston’s did last year, Schaub can be a serviceable placeholder. And McKenzie won’t have to worry about paying him any of those incentives!

  22. Schaub is a good guy, but this speaks to the fact that his confidence is shattered…..another legacy of the Kubiak era.

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