Agent: Pat Sims re-signs with Raiders

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The Raiders have brought in no shortage of outside help in free agency.

However, on Friday, they moved to retain one of their starters from a season ago, re-signing defensive tackle Pat Sims to a one-year deal, agent Rick Smith said on Twitter.

Sims, 28, started all 16 games for Oakland in 2013, playing 694 snaps, according to Pro Football Focus. He notched a career-best 54 tackles.

The 6-foot-2, 310-pound Sims joined the Raiders last March after five seasons with the Bengals, who drafted him in the third round in 2008. He was No. 102 in PFT’s rankings of the top free agents of 2014.

39 responses to “Agent: Pat Sims re-signs with Raiders

  1. Left Defensive End: Justin Tuck
    Left Defensive Tackle: Pat Sims
    Right Defensive Tackle: Stacy McGhee
    Right Defensive End: Lamar Woodley

    With A. Smith too who plays Tackle and End? New look d-line is gonna be problems!

  2. Not crazy about this dude saw him take way too many plays off. Good player when he wants to be. One year deal can’t hurt and I don’t see Tuck and Antonio cutting Sims much slack, vets could be best thing for him.

  3. Sims was a really good player for the Bengals when he was healthy; he had a series of injuries which held him back, but when he played, he was tough; this is a good signing for the Raiders..

  4. Good depth, if the Raiders can get a couple more D lineman in the draft then they’re really going to be rolling.

    Hopefully, Jack Crawford can come up big this year too. I havent really heard his name since we drafted him.

  5. Including the MJD signing today,Reggie is really making everyone that doubted him look stupid.

  6. Getting better every day !!
    with MJD and DMC would should a 1 complete RB
    sign Jackson and we have the makings of a much improved team

  7. Justin Tuck- 4 sacks next year

    Lamarr Woodley- 6 1/2 sacks next year

    Antonio Smith 3 sacks next year

    Good luck with that “scary” d-line next year delusional Raider fans

  8. andreboy1 says:Mar 28, 2014 5:54 PM

    Justin Tuck- 4 sacks next year

    Lamarr Woodley- 6 1/2 sacks next year

    Antonio Smith 3 sacks next year

    Good luck with that “scary” d-line next year delusional Raider fans
    Rubbing your boyfriend’s crystal ball(s) again???

  9. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited about the Raiders upcoming season. I would love to see them bring home another Cali Native in D. Jackson! RAIDER NATION!!!!!

  10. If ur wondering Y the Raiders r waiting on resigning their players…..I think its Bcuz McKenzie wants Players WHO want 2 b in OAKLAND….RAIDERS4LIFE…

  11. keep them coming….could really see us using our 2nd rd pick on a DT as well. Good chance that either Donald, Jerrigan, Hageman or NIx will be there.

  12. Oakland really needed some defensive line depth, and Sims played very well last year. The Sims signing will have a much bigger impact on this defense than some other big name contracts.

    Not a fan of Reggie’s off season so far, but this one I like.

  13. Why all the hate? could it be your own team ran out of $$ and all u can do is just rant! All the contracts that we signed during FA are nothing exorbitant, and remember they all have to make the team in spring training. nothing is legit! no guarantees ask Schaub..

    These guys all have plenty of gas in the tank, if it was another team they would throw out the fanfare.. what happens if DJAX signs on?
    would that be another bad signing?

    For a hater to take the time to read all the posts and comment negatively just makes no sense in the football IQ you convey.

    Raiders all the way in 2014!

  14. wlai420 says:
    Mar 28, 2014 5:19 PM
    The dude had 10 tkls and a sack against SD week 15, straight beast. Hopefully he can do it more than once next year

    54 tackles all year but he’s a “beast”…long live the ghetto

  15. irishinyourface says: Mar 28, 2014 7:28 PM

    54 tackles all year but he’s a “beast”…long live the ghetto
    How many tackles do you want him to have? He’s not a linebacker.

  16. Haters always gonna hate!

    Fact- Raiders beat The chockers last year
    fact- Quiffs never beat a team with a winning record last year
    Fact- Denver (Manning) always chokes when it matters most.
    Fact-Raiders got better in FA than they were last year.
    So why would the rest of the AFc pop another cork? I bet they took notice of what they’re up against, and Reggie isn’t done yet.
    I’m certainly not saying we’re even close to a SB, but we’re much improved, and we’ll be competitive. Fact…Raider Nation!

  17. I do the depth chart for and we have a very good team right now. We are thing at SS, CB and DE. Newly signed CJ Wilson is being moved inside to play DT also with Sims so I believe with the failure to sign Jared Allen, we go with Mack or Clowney potentially but onpaper, if Schaub’s season was an aberration,this team could beat anyone and if the pass rush is what I think and hope it will be, Manning can be stopped and we can win the West.

  18. I think I want to be a Raider Fan lowkey…. The Black Hole has been calling me for the past 2 years, we need Oakland to be some kind of factor 1 day

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