Chase for DeSean Jackson can begin immediately

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Now that the Eagles have cut receiver DeSean Jackson, he instantly becomes a free agent.  Which means that he can sign with any team, at any time.

So where will he sign?  Teams that definitely were interested in Jackson (although not at $10.5 million for 2014) at a time when he was merely on the trading block included the 49ers, Seahawks, and Jets.  Teams like the Patriots and Raiders also could be thrown into the mix.

And then there’s the lure of keeping him in the NFC East, where Jackson would potentially face the Eagles twice per year.

There’s a distinct “win now” vibe permeating the NFL, with teams realizing that, if the coming year isn’t good enough, there may not be a next year for the people who make the decisions.  Time and again, one coach believes he’ll be the guy to get through to a player who had been a problem elsewhere.

For now, it’s unclear how many teams will pursue Jackson.  It’s also unclear whether a recent article from regarding possible off-field concerns (more on that later) will make teams that previously were interested suddenly not interested.

Regardless, any team interested in Jackson would be wise to find out exactly why the Eagles decided to move on from Jackson less than three months after he produced a career year.

At this point, we know only that the Eagles aren’t interested in keeping him around — and that the Eagles weren’t able to line up a trade partner.  Even with several more weeks until Jackson could have shown up for the offseason program and forced the team’s hand, the Eagles decided to close the books on Jackson and move on.

133 responses to “Chase for DeSean Jackson can begin immediately

  1. I’ll bet the Iggles knew they had to inform their trade partners of the gang issues, or they’d never be able to make trades in this league again, and then couldn’t get squat for him, hence the release.

  2. Seriously, back off. We making too much moves this offseason to not capitalize free agency with this. We will not back down, we will not be denied. It’s been 12 years almost since we’ve been great. The autumn wind is coming back in force, and Desean Jackson will be part of it, all the way to a Superbowl. So once, again the rest of the NFL back off.

    Sincerly, The Oakland Raiders

  3. wait till everyone finds out about the Aaron Hernandez lik situation he is involved in…you want him now oh boy

  4. The Panthers are nuts if they don’t make him priority No. 1. They should be ashamed for even considering Kenny Britt.

    – Titans Fan in Charlotte

  5. The dude is apparently a gang-banger. If so he should be black-balled from the league.

  6. Chase should include a good “visit” to determine what is the reason he was released…….Hard to bring someone into a locker room that will cause issues. If there isn’t a problem; sign him.

  7. Three time Pro Bowler who just had his best year was just cut…

    Huge red flag for me… but damn he is a great player.

    I would take the chance

  8. Saints would be perfect but they are strapped for cash.

    The Eagles will miss this guy more than he will miss them.

    They have no one else on that roster to threaten the deep third of the field consistently.

  9. His know gang association (one friend is in prison for murder), flashing gang signs during a game. Plus missing meetings, potential bad influence on younger players will keep teams away. To win at all cost and have a Hernandez issue blow up in your face is not worth it.

  10. What about Tampa? he played for current offensive coordinator Jed Tedford at cal, the bucs also have the cap space.. we have an aging Vincent Jackson, and a troubled Mike Williams.. could be a possibility.

  11. His teammates are twittering ding dong the witch is dead they are glad hes gone !

  12. Are you sure someone with gang ties that it’s a good idea to go to Oakland!! I mean I live in the Detroit area and he would be a disaster here!

  13. WOW !!
    What will he look for when he signs with a team ?

    A winning team: 49ers, Patriots ..

    Or a losing team that pays well: Oakland, Cleveland

    This might be interesting
    How real is the gang thing ???

  14. If the Patriots sign this guy they are the dumbest franchise ever after the whole Aaron Hernandez thing. Cut a good guy like Wilfork for a guy like this is the Belicheat way though. Zero Championships since Spygate. Put * around Championships.

  15. Hate to see him go but if you have a me first type ain’t gonna fly in Philly. However, if he does have gang ties as reported, NO team will sign him. Last thing a team wants is another Aaron Hernandez.

  16. These idiots that are banging the drum for him breaking news his career is over !

  17. Raider trash at the stench bowl in Oaktown may be attractive to DeSean! OK maybe more money than anyone else will offer just like the rest of the stiffs they have signed this off season may work!



  19. plenty of guys to draft. less experience, similar skill-sets, 1/20th the contract.

  20. Everybody that grows up in urban Cali knows or is “affiliated” with gang members. Doesn’t make you a gang banger because you know/related to gang bangers!!! He’s never been in any type of legal trouble, PERIOD. I hope and pray the G-Men atleast make a serious attempt to get him. Take it from a guy that was in MetLife Stadium for the “Miracle At the Meadowlands II” and I’ll never forget what kind of game changer that DJax is!!! 3 ProBowls in 6 Seasons, I’ll take it!

  21. Jim Rome is saying the L.A.P.D. is reporting 2 gang related murders involving people close to Jackson.
    Jackson also flashed gang signs during the Eagles / Redskins game last year according to Rome & the L.A.P.D.
    That’ll get you waived.
    Waving Bye Bye is not a gang sign.

  22. It’s ironic that he’s available for the Patriots to court, with them being so in need of a WR like that. It would be PR suicide for them to even talk to him. Somewhere, Bill is hating Aaron Hernandez a little more.

  23. Hopefully… one of Cincinnati’s AFC North opponents will sign DeSean Jackson just to further highlight the fact that mike brown is a terrible owner who is too cheap to spend on players that could improve the team’s passing offense.

    SEE: re-signing of declined chad ochojohnsoncinco
    SEE: signing of decline, alligator armed terrell owens
    SEE: low character, undependable chris henry
    SEE: low character, undependable jerome simpson
    SEE: undependable andre caldwell

    Don’t worry you can blame it all on Andy Dalton.

  24. Yeah, there are other teams out there interested other than East/West coast teams there, Mike. I know how you guys love to cater to the larger fan base teams(won’t stop talking about the jets), and constantly write pointless articles with completely biased opinions, but it would be nice if you could be accurate. The Chiefs clearly stated they would be interested if Jackson was released. That was for several reasons. One being their shortage of draft picks this year, and two, Jacksons hefty salary the chiefs would be obligated to, if a trade were to happen. Now they can structure a deal that will fit their cap room. There is the little fact the Jackson was drafted by Reid and the Chiefs biggest need which everyone can agree on is a down field threat at WR.

    Stop being such a homer.

  25. At least T.O. wasn’t a gang member. After the Miami locker room/Aaron Hernandez situations very few teams are going to want to risk players with questionable character on their teams.

  26. If there’s any kind of “chase” for DeSean — that would at least seem like Philly didn’t exhaust all options on trading him for consideration in return.

  27. He is an amazing reciever obviously, but I would rather draft a reciever like Mike Evans who diminishes corners and will only cost a fraction of the price.

  28. his alleged gang affiliation didn’t bother them during last season. I don’t follow the eagles so this is news to me. he’s managed to keep out of trouble the entire time in philly,so suddenly he’s poison. he won’t be out of work long and good luck philly with cooper and maclin (coming off of a bum knee),

  29. So the guy has gang ties and they’re blatant enough after the Aaron Hernandez debacle that the Eagles will release their best receiver.

    How many of you people calling the Eagles stupid for releasing him or calling for your own team to pick him up, or both, have made negative posts about the Pats over and over again because of Hernandez ?

    Yet some of you same people thing the Eagles should have kept him or your team should grab him.

    That’s called a double standard by the way.

  30. I’m a lifelong 49ers fan, but I will poop a cold purple twinkie if the Niners end up signing him. DeSean has unlimited talent, but he has more more tainted baggage than a mule on a Colombian airliner.

  31. Anybody who wants this guy on their team is supporting the wrong choice. His personality is SO bad, that rather than trade him the team released him so they wouldn’t be connected to the transaction. That along with him wanting 12+ million should be a deterrent. Don’t do it Hawks!

  32. Your statement that they were not able to line up a trade partner seems inaccurate. ESPN is reporting they chose not to trade him, coming out to say they didn’t want their troubles to be put on another team. They could have gotten a 5-7 rounder in their sleep for him, maybe even more. The reality is, the front office in Philly did the right thing by not wanting to be perceived as cashing in on a deal that would potentially negatively effect another team, and the Eagles knowingly traded him to them anyway. This was a classy way to handle a very difficult/delicate situation.

  33. Well it’s not inconceivable that he could get more than $10.5MM as the situation has changed. Now there is 0 material to surrender, and total freedom to interact with him so he could have a chance to sell a team on why they should give him more. Obviously this is contingent on there being no red flags whatsoever. But that is a concern, he needs to pass that test and if he flunks then it’s better to just move on. I’m very anti players who have gang ties.

    Even if he didn’t get a higher rate, if he’s in a state with a more favorable tax rate he could still wind up with a better deal than he had before, especially if you factor other considerations that are worth something beyond physical cash that you place a value upon. If he passes the red-flag test he should easily get a better contract overall than he had before.

  34. I recall when the Aaron Hernandez news hit, people were crawling out of the woodwork to criticize the Patriots and saying “how could they not know what was going on…”

    I’m sure we will hear a lot more in the coming days and weeks, but if the reports are true, I applaud the Eagles for having the guts to act now even in the face of criticism.

  35. Ummmmm……teams will tread lightly until they know more about the rumored murders.

  36. If Andy Reid doesn’t make a serious play for Jackson that ought to be a wake up call to the rest of the league that Jackson is too much of a hot mess to mess with!

  37. Wow another super talented WR gets cut by the Eagles during the prime of his career, such a surprise!!!LOL NOT. Well on the upside DJax can look at it as a sign he may be headed to Canton, getting cut by the Eagles certainly worked for Cris Carter and T.O.

  38. He’s a buster if he throwing gang signs at the cameras and then to do that to loud mouth D – Hall on the field. Keep him out of Oakland don’t need buster a$$ tricks we are building a blue collar team not a buster team, unless some one can slap him around and put him in check? ?

  39. Dolphins can’t wait for the other shoe to drop so whatever horrible garbage Jackson is involved with will finally take attention away from their their mess.

    Oakland will sign DeSean Jackson before I finish typing this sentence…..

  40. I think the Patriots stay far away from Jackson to be honest, Kraft can’t risk having another similar Hernandez situation. I can see The Raiders they need playmakers

  41. If you’re a gang-banger, you’re a turd…..if you associate with gang-bangers, you’re a turd…..and there’s only one thing to do with turds….flush ’em

  42. If it wasn’t for Hernandez this kid would have pats written all over him. Going forward their reclamation projects are going to be very very specific. A bad attitude is one thing, Talib, a rumored gang influence, no way

  43. No trading partner, personality clash with Chip or off the field issues, spells dismissal.

    Some team will pay him $8 mil for one year to play. Watch’em scramble …

    37 34

  44. no reason Seattle would want him, too similar to Percy Harvin.

    I doubt there was anything stopping teams from trading him but his contract. I don’t expect him to be available for long.

  45. Wow, what a coincidence that a report making allegations of gang ties comes out on the same day a team wants to cut a popular player because they don’t want to pay his salary. mind-boggling stuff.

  46. After the Hernandez debacle, will the NFL teams make a statement and not sign him? I doubt it, but it would be powerful message. I certainly wouldn’t want my team to sign him no matter how good he is. Most teams just dont cut on “rumor”, flashing gang signs, hanging with crips etc….whats the saying, where there is smoke there is fire, imho.

  47. Hypocrisy at its greatest!!!! So let me get this right, he possibly got released because DJax “knows” a gangbanger that is in jail for a murder??LOL Well if thats the rationale shouldn’t the entire Patriots roster/management/owners be admonished for “knowing” Aaron Hernandez???LOL
    Thats exactly why the Eagles have never won a SuperBowl!!! You release DJax for “affiliating” with GangBangers yet you give a 5 year contract extention to a known racist!!!!SMDH ONLY IN AMERICA!!!LMAO

  48. When he told his team mates that he was coming back to the Eagles,that was code for?

    Welcome to the Hotel California….

    Plenty of room out in Oakland California!

  49. This is just in: raiders have agreed to terms with Jackson! Welcome home D. Jax.

  50. I would bet Pete Carroll recruited him for USC. Can you see Percy on one side and Desean on the other?

    I think they have about $million in cap space…

  51. If the gang rumors are true, the “Chase for DeSean Jackson” will start and end with the FBI.

  52. As a Packer fan, I’d hate to see him in the NFC North, but he would be a good fit with the Vikings and Norv Turner.

  53. The news coming out of Philly is that the information that is coming out is only the tip of the ice berg. There are apparently gun charges, pot charges, the possibility that he is a Crip, the multiple pics of him with convicted murderers, his ID and credit cards left at the scene of a murder in a place he owns, and on and on. Good luck to all the teams that are clamoring to sign him!.. The Eagles may not be better without him, but after the Pats Hernandez debacle, I doubt Goodell will let any team sign him this season

  54. Some day, an owner and a GM will try something that’s never been done: Instead of considering good character to be a great bonus in a player, good character will be the foundation for each player drafted and signed through free agency. You won’t have as many stars as most teams but you’ll have a superiorly cohesive team featuring players who conduct themselves like Russell Wilson, Luke Kuechley, Alterraun Verner, Marcus Lattimore, Michael Oher, and Nate Washington.

  55. UNLESS there is TRUE and HARDCORE Evidence that he has done or is doing something (i.e. being in the car with the guy your going to kill and letting him text his sister saying who he is with before he’s killed) then what are we all speculating for, bottom line they didnt want to pay him $10.5 million when there other WR are making $5 mil total.

  56. great so some people want to put jackson on the bucs with mike williams…sound ideal, big win there. last years fiasco with the coach, and now jackson. keep stirring it up. bad idea.

  57. “Gang issues? No problem, I’ll take him tell the world what a great hard working player his is.”
    Pete the Cheat

  58. Another team will give him a chance to grow up and be a true professional on and off the field, but it most definitely will be his last chance to become something he has proven he isn’t at this point in his life. It’s sink or swim time for DJAX.

  59. he wants to win a championship. That leaves that Crap hole team in california called the raiders out of the mix. If he wants to win come to the niners for a 1 year contract. Our offense would be unstoppable.

  60. How in the heck would you say you can throw the Patriots “into the mix”, after the whole Aaron Hernandez debacle?! Do you even remember the never-ending articles you guys wrote regarding Hernandez, and how many other free agents with character concerns, you were quick to point out that made them basically untouchable by the Patriots?

  61. hey seatttle fans. How clueless are you? I guess paying 2 wideouts over 24 million is a good move. Youll never win another championship. Your 1 year window is closed. Next year your in cap purgatory

  62. All I can say is “buyer beware”. I know the Niners aren’t going down that rabbit hole and I doubt the Pats would, either. They’ve already been bitten by Hernandez, so aren’t going to make another err in judgement.

    The Raiders of old would’ve probably jumped on this…it’s well documented how much Al Davis loved speed. Reggie McKenzie’s running personnel acquisitions now…Al Davis is gone forever.

    Don’t be surprised if the Jets don’t get after him…there’s something to the Vick-Jackson combo.

    I’d absolutely love it if NO team pursued him…but that’s highly unlikely. Somebody will bite. Again, buyer beware.

  63. I would say I’d love for him to sign with the Panthers…but those rumored gang ties and his price tag will probably scare them off. Jets or Raiders for D-Jax.

  64. C’mon man! Gang culture is almost mainstream nowadays. Growing up in Cali you’re bound to have friends or associates affiliated. It’s just how things are here. I know police officers that were affiliated when they were young but stayed out of the gang database & ended up turning their lives around. Sad part for Desean is he has to choose between the friends he had before he was rich and the ones that come with money & fame just to please the NFL. Teams will sign him in a heartbeat! The more talent someone has the more chances they get.

  65. Wow, the Eagles sure are the big time losers on this one. They didnt get squat for this guy. Couldnt even negotiate a measly 6th rounder. Even Schaub has more value than Jackson. Poor eagles fans.

  66. Great talent, but if the story is true about his off field issue (Gang connections), don’t put him near the Niners’ roster. I’d rather draft somebody younger & hungry, as well as serving the community for the better.

    Having said that, going to the cross bay Raiders would be the worse case scenario for this league…

  67. Wonder how Eagle fans will react if he signs with another team, produces, and the off the field issues never manifest.

    I commend their franchise for taking a stand like this. I guess you have to ask, Andy Reid was able to put with him for 6 seasons how come Chip was done after one?

  68. Best possible team for Mr. Jackson…Seattle.
    There you have a SB winning coach that believes in second chances and a team that needs a WR after losing both Sydney Rice and Golden Tate.

  69. As a Chiefs fan, I would love the upgrade in talent at WR, but not at the cost of jumping into a deal without all of the information. We know that Jackson has displayed that money is the main priority and that if he doesn’t feel that he is payed enough, he will sulk and not give maximum effort. I also read where a current Eagle’s player basically said “good riddance.” Anyway, there are enough negative reports about how he is in the lockerroom, missing meetings, etc., even if the other issues turn out to not be true, that I would rather pass on him than regret giving him the money he wants, only to have these issues come up later. I doubt any team would sign him without doing their own investigating, and I also doubt that most teams don’t already have some knowledge of him & any adverse behaviors.

  70. If everything checks out, I’d love to have him join the Skins and torch the Eagles twice a year for the rest of his career.

    Garcon, Jackson and Roberts would all complement each other. Add Jordan Reed and RG3 would have a nice set of targets.

  71. For a change, this is one player the Bucs will not be chasing. With Vincent Jackson as their #1, and Mike Williams at #2, they need a number three receiver and not a superstart like DeSean Jackson. They have other needs that far outweigh this position.


    Wait yeah your definitely not flying this year hahahahaha

  73. The character issues are a big part of it to be sure, but almost as big a part of why the Eagles could not find a trading partner was his high contract. Now that he can be picked up for a lot less money, at least half of the teams in the NFL are VERY interested. They are just trying to figure out how to protect themselves against the fallout.

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