Contract bar gets even lower for LeGarrette Blount


Former Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount finished strong in 2013, exploding for 166 yards and four touchdowns in a playoff win over the Colts.

But that wasn’t enough to get Blount big money.  It wasn’t even enough to get Blount paid at a rate reflecting the currently depressed market.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Blount’s two-year deal in Pittsburgh has a total value of $3.85 million, $950,000 of which comes from a signing bonus.  That’s a per-year average of $1.925 million, well below the $3.5 million paid out to three guys who have signed new contracts since March 11 (Toby Gerhart, Donald Brown, Ben Tate).

It’s a bargain for the Steelers, who surely will use Blount again and again and again, either as a complement to Le’Veon Bell or an injury replacement.  And it gives them Blount for two full seasons, no matter how much he produces in 2014.

46 responses to “Contract bar gets even lower for LeGarrette Blount

  1. Great for the Steelers, a good back up RB at a very nice cost. Now if they can get the DL fixed and a corner-back they could be dangerous.

  2. Blount won’t be a backup. He’ll be in a rotation with Bell. This is going to make the Steelers’ ground game very tough to defend.

  3. If he plays like last year this is a great signing for the Steelers. I’m a Steelers fan, but I do have to question why they got Blount at such a low price… And if he was willing to sign at this low price why didn’t the Pats keep him? I have a strong dislike for the Pats, but I respect them and they usually make good decisions on players.

  4. Sounds like Blount really wanted to be a Steeler. But there has got to be more to this story – why did the Pats let him go after a productive season?

  5. Blount had his moments with the Patriots…but overall?…meh… Steelers could have picked an RB in round 5 that would give them what Blount is going to give them

  6. I’m a Pats fan who always thought Blount was overrated. But he showed that he could still play. I think you Steelers fans will enjoy watching him play. Nice pick up b

  7. All RBs are going for bargain prices right now

    Part of the reason may be other teams copying the Patriots “RB by Committee” approach that has a pass catching specialist, a short yard specialist and a traditional HB

    Rotating them keeps them all fresh – and it generally keeps all their stats looking good on a per play basis, but limits the number of RBs who pick up 1500 yards (or even 1000) in a season

    With other teams following the Patriots’ model the price is deflating (in the end teams are probably spending as much on 3 quality RBs as they used to one one featured back – but the end result is better football and teams able to hedge their bets against injury)

  8. Steelers may just draft another RB in the later
    rounds. They could still use a shifty speedy guy
    who can also return kicks, if LaRod Stephens-Howling isn’t healthy.

  9. @pattunya , dude is young ; of course he can still play. Shiano benched him in favor of Doug Martin. Blount has low miles on him. Do u watch football ?

  10. Loved ya blount on the pats! Good luck in Pitt, hope you find a ton of success there!

  11. Well, he’d better be careful with that ball, cuz if he fumbles once, Mike might bench him for the rest of the season or cut him.

    That’s the Tomlin way.

  12. Blount is a powder keg just waiting for a match.

    Why do you think every team lets him go?

    Blount has some mental issues never addressed by a professional.

  13. Steeler fans are drooling over this signing. What a steal! We are the greatest! We have six rings! This is Bettis reborn! In about six months you’ll understand why all the other teams passed. Yeah you can thumbs down but deep down inside you know it.

  14. He won’t see the field that much, just there in case Bell’s unable to go (which won’t happen this year) and for garbage time. So I guess he’ll play the 2nd halfs of the games vs ravens and bengals.

  15. The steelers seized this signing. You can tell Mike T and Colbert wasn’t letting LB walk out the door. Huge Bargain for a guy who is going to move the chains and give Le’veon Bell a breather every now and then.

  16. Right we (Ravens and Bengals) expect the same thing. You’ll be fighting with the Browns using Bell right to the final whistle. Might as well give Bell a break when the Steelers are getting blown out.

  17. Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen are both playing out their rookie contracts and making between $700k-$800k each. Both are Unrestricted Free Agents after 2014. Brandon Bolden is making $570k and is a Restricted Free Agent after 2014. It would be difficult to justify paying Blount double their salaries when Ridley is really the starter and Vereen is a significant contributor as well. It might have created some hard feelings going into contract negotiations, assuming the Pats want to keep those guys, and I think they do. I hate to see Blount go. He had some stellar moments for the Patriots and he adds a level of toughness that is hard to define. If there are holes, he will hit them hard, but if that o-line isn’t very good, he will struggle. If Munchak is successful with the o-line (zone blocking, which Pittsburgh struggled with last year), it could be a good signing.

  18. The steelers have their future star rb Le’veon Bell and just added a good back-up in Blount while the woman beater deals with the media all season on how he beat up his fiance. Steelers moving up, Ravens moving down.

  19. I recall Aaron Rodgers being mic’d after a GB-TB game a couple years ago and complimenting Blount like he was Marshawn Lynch. That resonated with me – this guy is a good power back.

  20. I really like this signing for the Steelers. Blount is their type of back, he’s still got plenty of good football left and he’s a great compliment to Bell. Pittsburgh is clearly trying to get back to pounding the rock and this is a big step in that direction.

  21. Steelers moving up, Ravens moving down.

    Yes sir, everyone in the AFC North let alone the AFC or the NFL are afraid of Lance Moore and LeGarette Blount. You still have to have Has-Been Ben at QB.

  22. You’d have to be crazy to play running back these days. Take more hits than anyone, shortest shelf life, and lowest pay.

  23. His first carry in the NFL was against the Steelers. I remember him dragging Polamalu down the field (who was clinging for dear life to his ankle). Would have loved to see him back up Dougernaut, but the Bucs RB depth is better than most teams. Screw Schiano, though.

  24. Belichick never pays for RBs he uses guys still on their rookie deal and bargain bin guys coming off a down year. And rotates 4 guys. H hasn’t used a bell cow since Dillion. RBs are just not worth much these days

  25. The reason Blount is available for cheap is because he is just a runner. He can’t run routes and can’t block, which means he’s a role player. You are telling the defense what you’re doing when he’s in there.

    That means he’s a good backup so long as you have a solid starter.

    The Pats had to get rid of him because they know he’s not the answer at RB but if they kept him they might be forced to play him over the other RBs because their other RBs are unreliable.

  26. The price was low because people looked at film and saw that Blount piled all those yards up on long runs after he shot through big holes. He is not a grind out the yards kind of back, though he looks like he is.

    Does anybody seriously think Belichick let a good back go for that kind of chump change?

  27. Let’s not get too crazy here. Blount is a good signing for the team. However, he comes with issues… poor work habits, Tampa Bay hired a person just to get him out of bed and to practice on time. I don’t see the Steelers doing that at all. Hopefully, the dude grew up a little. He is a gamer though, runs as hard as any rb in the nfl.

  28. Dude has issues no doubt. But I can remeber yelling at the TV for my Bengals to draft that dude in the 7th round. Nobody runs harder. Reminds me of Brandon Jacobs. Situational, he is a beast.

    Dont see the Bengals Moving down, but this is a great signing if Bell stays healthy to have that Pittsburgh 1-2 punch they used to love and that they used to use. Unfortunately, I will be suprised if Tomlin leads a team that runs the ball more than they throw. He has not done that well since he has been there.

    That is why Pittsburgh fans will bring up past rings instead of the next one.

  29. Steelers fans talked about “past rings” because we can. Only the fanbase’s biggest idiots talk about the “next one” … because there are no guarantees. What’s happened in the past has no bearing on the future.

    The most interesting thing about the Blount signing is how the Steelers were able to pull it off. As of Friday, no one within the Pittsburgh sports media could explain where the money was found to make the deal.

  30. That’s weird. The Steelers could end up having a backfield made up of all Frenchman. Le’Veon Bell, Le’Garette Blount, and La’Rod Stephens-Howling. Go figure. What are the chances of that?

  31. I am disappointed the Pats didnt sign him for $2 million a year, I would rather have him than Ridley, Ridley reminds me of Maroney a lot of talent cant hold on to anything. He should at least be able to push Bell to play better. In todays Not For Long, I would expect the back that plays more is the better pass blocking back.

  32. Schaefer is an idiot, he basically is implying that Blount is being badly underpaid because Gearhart, Brown, and Tate are being overpaid. If you take away the playoff gm what exactly has Blount done to deserve more money. He is 27 and is a great change of pace back, a starter he is not. Nice job by the Steelers for not throwing the guy a blank check unless Jacksonville who is paying Gearhart to be a starter. Good luck with that. No wonder the Steelers have 6 Lombardi’s and Jacksoville is well Jacksonville.

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