DeSean Jackson issues statement, denies being a gang member

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DeSean Jackson is as fast getting the word out as he is on the field.

And he can change directions equally well too.

Moments after his release he tweeted that he was in “Steady GRind Mode God Got the Plan !! Not Me ..

Then came a statement in his name, via Adam Schefer of ESPN. You’ll notice the syntax is slightly different, and the capitalization is much better in this one even if the spelling of a key name isn’t.

“First I would like to thank the Eagles organization, the Eagles fans and the city of Philadelphia for my time in Philly,” the statement read. “I would also like to thank coach Andy Reed [sic] for bringing me in.

“Secondly, I would like to address the misleading and unfounded reports that my release has anything to do with any affiliation that has been speculated surrounding the company I keep off of the field. I would like to make it very clear that I am not and never have been part of any gang. I am not a gang member and to speculate and assume that I am involved in such activity off the field is reckless and irresponsible.

“I work very hard on and off the field and I am a good person with good values. I am proud of the accomplishments that I have made both on and off the field. I have worked tirelessly to give back to my community and have a positive impact on those in need. It is unfortunate that I now have to defend myself and my intentions. These reports are irresponsible and just not true . I look forward to working hard for my new team. God Bless.”

So there you go. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Or something.

93 responses to “DeSean Jackson issues statement, denies being a gang member

  1. The only gang Desean Jackson would be in is the bad reciever gang that’s filled with every receiver except Cordarelle Patterson, Greg Jennings and Calvin Johnson.


  2. Not fair. This takes away the spotlight from Johnny Wildcat.

    BREAKING: Johnny Manziel just farted. Last event at his pro day. BOOM!!!

  3. Point blank, every fanbase should have a ” no complaints” clause in the DJAX deal. Reap the rewards & deal with any consequences. You know what kind of prima donna receiver you’re getting.

  4. Philly only cut him cause they don’t want to pay ANY WR 10 mil a year. ANY NFL team would be dumb to pay that to ANY WR.

    He will probably sign quickly to another team in the range of 5 mil to 7 mil per year.

    As for the gang association, nothing but a ploy to devalue him.

  5. It still needs to be investigated, and apparently it is. By the way, who actually wrote that?

  6. Yeah, all the gang signs the article mentioned and provided pictures of says he’s not a gang member. Right.

    He’s either lying about that, or he’s just another one of these non members throwing up signs of something he’s not in because he knows people who are.

    Living in chicago I’ve seen the effects of that not end well for those people who do that. So he’s either a gang member and a liar, or an idiot. Either way, especially after Hernandez, I don’t blame the eagles 1 bit for releasing him.

  7. What about the pot that was found in his car in 2009 ? Who’s fault is that ? The Eagles don’t cut a three time pro bowler without cause, but I guess Jackson is just misunderstood, perception is reality.

  8. Well that sounds good but that was kinda expected. I want to know what gang members are your friends and if you are giving them money to support their gang activities, because then you would be indirectly fueling criminal activities and that’s not good even if you aren’t officially a member of the gang.

    Give me everything you know about any shady people you are close with or have transacted money or goods or services with and let’s examine that stuff and see what there is to be concerned about if anything.

  9. DeSean didn’t release that statement. His lawyer/agent did.

    I’m guessing if DeSean released it, it would look like the work of a 4th grader.

  10. He can say that after being waived by the Bloods three days ago. No word on who will pick him up, although MS-13 is considering a move to embrace diversity.

    Just kidding. Don’t know the guy.

  11. He’s clearly a crip I don’t know why it took so long for people to figure all of this out his record label name is obvious enough and go read the comments under that instagram pic of him throwing up the set. You can be affiliated and not be in the streets living that life. NBA player Stephen Jackson openly admits to blood affiliations and keeps a red rag in his locker.

  12. Well that should stop him from getting shot anyways . I guess he must just have an incredibly incredibly terrible attitude because man is he talented .

  13. When I first became a football fan in the 60’s we looked up to the players as role models. They didn’t make much money and many had second jobs (My Bills center at the time was also my substitute teachers in 6th grade) and they could actually spell and put a coherent sentence together….now we have guys like this to look down on instead…..

  14. This article should be renamed “Someone in DeSean Jackson’s camp issues statement.” The statement includes far too many words with multiple syllables for me to believe that DeSean was the author.

  15. This is so predictable… he never said a WORD of that thoughtful statement, but for Twitter… yep that’s the guy. He may say he’s not a gangster, but it has been verified that he’s friends with gangsters, and that Jaccpot record label isn’t helping things. Also, good people aren’t involved with porn stars… sorry!

  16. Let’s see who needs a WR like him?

    Jets, Panthers, 49ers, Raiders, NYG, maybe even KC with Reid again if they can get him cheap!

  17. It is difficult to believe that a team would simply let a talent like this go. There MUST be some background information the Eagles have that make the risks outweigh the benefits moving forward. Perhaps after the incident of the theft of bling, guns and cash and the investigation that followed, along with the information the team ALREADY had simply turned up incidents that could not be ignored any longer.

  18. I dont get it.. Nobody is claiming Jackson’s lawyer is a gang member.
    Why would he write something like that?
    All stupid jokes aside. Jackson’s overall stupidity is the most glaring negative. I wouldnt sign him if it was my team.

  19. Something about this stinks. Hard not to think that if he were white and had questionable friends, he’d be fine.

    And yet Ray Rice is arrested for harming his wife and still has a job. The message it clear: it’s okay to hurt women, but not to have questionable friends.

  20. Jackson to Vikings? Philly is definitely dumb for making this decision, they don’t even have hard evidence that he is a gangster or he has done any type of gang activity. Just because you’re friends with gangsters it doesn’t make you one. If majority of your friends cheer for The Packers that don’t mean you cheer for them too!(Cheering for The Packers makes you an idiot)…DJax a gangster??? Nice excuse Philly or should I say Nice excuse Chip Kelly, you DJax hater!

  21. It’s shocking to me the Eagles couldn’t get at least a 3rd or 4th rounder for this guy. I’m a skins fan who hates the Eagles with a passion, and I’m super-relieved I don’t have to watch Jackson burn us twice a year anymore (hopefully), but I’m a little surprised they didn’t wait to see if another team’s receiver got injured in preseason before just letting him walk.

  22. Strong accusations and I hope they have real evidence to back this up because this is something that could really derail his career. I’m not an eagles fan and don’t really have any strong opinion on DeSean Jackson but I think it’s a little unfair to have this get to the media unless they also want to provide the proof they have.

  23. I am fine with his statement being clearly prepared by a PR firm / his agent.

    Where he loses all credibility is not mentioning that he does have close friends who are crips and has regularly made crip hand gestures during games.

    There are dozens of photos with him hanging out with crips.

    That’s what he has to spin. They needed a paragraph about how he is passionate about music and many of the artists under his record label are gang members, but that it’s about the music not them.

    Some team will take a risk on him and hopefully they won’t get burned.

  24. Philly media is making him sound like ‘public enemy.’ Like his arrest is imminent. They have about a 50/50 accuracy rate.

  25. It didn’t say he was a gang member it says he has repeated association with gang members accused of Homicide…right DJax? Association, not a member. Oh and PLEASE go to Dallas just like Owens..except now with Dez already there…oh the sweet sweet story lines. hahaha

  26. I don’t know what a “Crip” is nor do I know Desean Jackson personally. I’ll take his word for it.

  27. “DeSean Jackson issues statement…denies being a gang member”

    LOL @ that.

    Of course he did…like he is really going to say “yes it’s true….I am a gang member.”

  28. Gang member for sure. The internet is filled with pictures of him tossing Crip signs.

    Don’t want to be called a gang member?

    Stop acting like one.

  29. Just sign with “Yo boyz” in Oakland and get it over with already. They will think they hit the jaCKpot.

  30. LOL with all the Hernandez references, being in the car with the guy your about to kill or have killed and letting him text his sister saying who he is with ISNT the samething at all. let all the facts come out but the $10.5 mil a year is a start. But hold up didnt the Eagles make that deal in the first place?

  31. So much hate for this guy it’s absurd! He’s undoubtedly one of the best receivers in the game and arguably the fastest. He’s also a pretty tough receiver for being 175 lbs, I get the move from Philly’s standpoint but I’m surp

  32. Of course he’s not a gang member. I know gang members, legit members, certified OGS, he’s nothing close. Is he a GOD AWFUL rapper? Yeah. Does he show traits of having an urban upringing? Yeah. Does he know people that are affiliated? Yeah. So do a lot of other people. Believe it or not you can know people that do something and not be one of them.

    Just because you have a friend that’s a racist doesn’t mean that you are. Same logic is applied here. When he gets charged for allegedly being at the scene of a homicide, then you’ll have something. But just being affiliated does not make you a ‘bad person’.

    I understand this world as I was raised in it. There’s too much misconception and just bad logic being thrown around and it is a shame.

    Also, ” Also, good people aren’t involved with porn stars… sorry!” this shows just how disillusioned the people who are chiming in on this really are.

  33. Funny how gang affiliation was only mention by the Eagles AFTER the release…

    Why wasn’t it public info when the Eagles were still trying to trade him???

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. Nothing but a ploy to devalue the guy cause you can’t keep him and he doesn’t want to restructure his deal.

  34. “Secondly, I would like to address the misleading and unfounded reports that my release has anything to do with any affiliation that has been speculated surrounding the company I keep off of the field. I would like to make it very clear that I am not and never have been part of any gang. I am not a gang member and to speculate and assume that I am involved in such activity off the field is reckless and irresponsible”

    The above quote was changed from the true quote he said. “Ya’ll don’t know squat about me! I ain’t ever been no part of no gang. If ya’ll don’t believe me you can kiss my azz!”

  35. I am sure that the statement he released was written by his attorney as DJ can’t put a whole sentence together w/o a few ya nos in it.

  36. As a Chargers fan, I just don’t understand this sort of behavior. We’ve never had anyone like this on our team. The worst was Ryan Leaf and we canned him early on.

    Do other teams like Eagles, Patriots, etc. just not do background checks on these guys…? Or do they just not care?

  37. I dont think he bangs but he has friends who do. If I’m starting a label and my artists are crips I might leave the ck out as well out of respect for my “friends”

  38. I would expect that the Eagles had this well investigated and have proof that this is true. For any team to take a 6M cap hit on releasing a Pro Bowl receiver makes no sense unless there was some substantiated evidence.

    One thing I will guarantee, the Patriots will have no interest no matter how talented he is/was.

  39. A lot of people criticized the Packers GM for taking Jordy Nelson one spot ahead of Jackson in the Draft. Guess which one has a Ring?

  40. He is with the Crips, they use God’s name as their cover, Colin Kaepernick is next as he is a blood, but uses “GOD” Tattoos also as a cover.

    They have been doing this for years, so they can make money off people with autographs and selling gear and using children charities as a front. They laugh about behind the people’s backs as they the get over on them.

    Nobody would be a single thing from them if they had gang tattoos all over them and were open about it, the players know, but won’t say anything.

    It’s time to get rid of these charlatans…..!

  41. In this day and age with all the access to a live camera that surrounds people like this, why is it that no one ever issues a statement verbally any longer? Twitter and social media are just not a believable source to normal everyday people. If you have something so important to say, get on camera and say it. No one believes for a second that the statement issued was ever written by Jackson….just lip service from his agent…

  42. Tom Brady is better than your teams quarterback, unless your team is the Broncos and Packers.

  43. I would have to think that the NFL ( and/or the Eagles) have something on him (ongoing investigation?) or some team would have offered at least a late round pick for him. Some team would have taken him unless they were let in on what could possibly be coming in the near future.

  44. “God has a plan” you idiot. I say to the Eagles, DUH!!! Look at the hoodlum.

  45. I love all the suburban parasites who have watched a couple episodes of Locked Up and are now experts on gang signs.

    Also, isn’t it his lawyer’s job to write public statements on behalf of his client?

    Hero worshipers.

  46. Maybe the Eagles released Jackson to help Mark Sanchez, being that he cannot throw that far.

  47. He us a poison pill in the locker room , missing meetings, late for practices.No one wants to deal with that and that’s why chip canned his ass

  48. “DeSean Jackson is a class act. A great and selfless teammate and a model citizen. Someone your kids can really look up to.”

    — No one ever

  49. wisconsinhillfolk says:

    I love all the suburban parasites who have watched a couple episodes of Locked Up and are now experts on gang signs.


  50. That is precisely correct. He was released to help Sanchez, who definitely could underthrow the universe.

    Bottom line. Aaron Hernandez remained a “soldier” in his gang. He was actively involved in several assassinations, and continued to be an active member.

    Regardless of his talent or salary or arrogance or a-hole quotient, he has virtually no criminal record. He was not present nor was he a witness to any crime as far s the LAPD are aware. His criminal history proved is pretty thin.

    People who grow up in areas dominated by organized crime and/or gangs are lucky to have become legitimate successes. To have escaped, they had to still deal with the hood.

    Bottom line. The people he is seen affiliated with are not convicted of a serious crime. Accusations are not enough. Pot was dropped too. Probably a small amount. Big deal.

    Gang affiliation, NOT gang membership was known by the Eagles all along.

    He was released for another reason.

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