Eagles announce Mark Sanchez has signed one-year contract

It’s official: Mark Sanchez is an Eagle.

The Eagles announced on Friday that Sanchez has signed a one-year contract. In Philadelphia he’ll compete with Matt Barkley (who succeeded Sanchez as the starting quarterback at USC) for the right to back up Nick Foles.

Sanchez was released a week ago by the Jets after spending five years in New York. As a Jet, Sanchez started out as a promising young player but ended up a disappointment, never fixing his problems with fumbling and throwing interceptions. He missed the entire 2013 season after suffering a preseason shoulder injury.

As an Eagle, Sanchez will arrive with a lot less pressure, and he’ll adapt to a very different offense under coach Chip Kelly. The 27-year-old Sanchez may some day be a starter again, but a year as a backup under a smart offensive-minded coach could do him a lot of good.

Photo via PhiladelphiaEagles.com.

82 responses to “Eagles announce Mark Sanchez has signed one-year contract

  1. As a giants fan, even if this guy never sees the field, I really like this signing. That goofball brings nothing but potential blooper real moments to the eagles.

  2. He will only be in Philly for 1 year. He wants to prove he can be a franchise QB, and once he does that, he will sign a new deal for a couple years with someone else.

  3. I don’t think he’s better than Vick but, the Eagles seem set at QB now. Foles is on his way to top 10 in the league.

  4. ^^^^^ It’s real hard to convince other teams you’re a franchise capable QB when you never see the field, which he won’t.

  5. scottypiffin609 says:
    Mar 28, 2014 9:26 AM
    Reggie whites face in the background of that pictures says it all

    Perfect! Thanks for pointing that out!

  6. People make fun of the butt fumble, but you have to put it in context: it was part of a borderline miraculous stretch of multiple turnover-TDs, at home, against the Patriots, on national television, on Thanksgiving, to the point where Jets superfan Fireman Ed left the game at halftime and abandoned his persona in the parking lot. You don’t see franchises shift directions that fast even if a 8.0 earthquake hits the stadium during a game.

    It is thus critically important to keep Mark Sanchez in the NFL, because he is flat out magic.

  7. As much as signing the Butt Fumbler is embarrassing, I think it’s actually decent signing. It’s not like they signed him to start or even have a chance at starting. He’s a much better backup than Barkley or probably most others they could sign. As for The Sanchize, I think he folded under the pressure of having NO team around him. They literally had no offensive weapons to work with, and very questionable coaching. No decent TE, RB or WR. Add some injury and some normal ups and downs, and you get he crisis of confidence that hit him over the past two years. It would be nice to see him rehab his career .

  8. Say what you want but having a back-up who has played in some big games is not necessarily a bad thing. With that being said Mark needs to know butt fumbling will not be tolerated in the City of Brotherly love.

  9. Translation….. Hi my name is Chip Kelley and I’ve got a one year stop gap in place while I wait for Marcus Mariota to declare for the draft next year.

  10. Top 5 pick. Top 5 talent. Wasting away on a team that only thinks about defense. Now with the top offensive mind in the game. Hall of fame launch starts in 3… 2…. 1…..

  11. If any team is trying for a dream team it’s the broncos. NFC east fans are upset they can see the gap between te eagles and the rest of the division And the previous poster is right. Sanchez has more playoff wins than rg3 and romo

  12. octom says:
    Mar 28, 2014 9:53 AM
    More playoff wins than Romo & RG lll.


    How come you don’t bring up Eli when you’re talking playoff wins??? He has more than Vick, Romo, RG III, Nick Foles, and the Sanchize combined.

    And by the way no serious Giant fan cares about the 27 interceptions last year. We have 2 SB championships and SB MVPs from this guy. You Eagles fans would do anything just to get one!

    We believe that our coach and QB can do it again because we’ve done it before. You can hang your hat on hope. In the words of Paul Brown (yeah, he was coaching last time the Eagles won a championship) if you get there act like you’ve been there before.

  13. Never saw so much hype over bringing in a guy to compete for # 2 with Matt Barkley. The Eagles have a 25 year old Pro Bowl QB in the fold so what’s the big deal?

  14. how is sitting on the bench behind foles and barkley going to prove he can be a starter again? if he wanted to resurrect his career he should have signed with the bears where he would learn from the man who saved McCown’s career and got him one last fat contract for playing well in 5 games. unless he was scared he could not beat out jordan palmer in which case that says all you need to know about him.

  15. It cracks me up immensely to see posters on here that have no clue about the game of football, making Dream Team 2.0 references to the Eagles signing a BACKUP quarterback. Seriously, go troll somewhere else. It’s not original, clever, or funny. At all. It stopped being funny 2 years ago.

    Regardless of how much of a joke Sanchez has become known to be, as a backup, I’d rather have him than the majority of other available QB’s still on the market. He has playoff and big game experience, and that’s what you want with a backup who comes in with absolutely no pressure to immediately perform.

  16. THank goodness he didn’t hang around long enough for Jerry Angelo to sign him…oh wait, he’s ‘writer’ now.

  17. The big deal is they just signed a guy who couldn’t hit the side of barn with a pass $4 million to hold a clipboard while their Pro Bowl starter is only getting paid $600k. If I was Foles, I would pull a Wilfork and demand a release.

  18. I’m surprised at the support for Sanchez although most of it must be that he’s only going to be a backup. His best pro days are almost four seasons ago. And in his last 19 games that he played he was far more than a butt fumbler. He made terrible decisions on a constant basis and then executed the game plan as poorly as possible. He got benched for Greg McElroy who isn’t even in the league anymore.

    He seems like a good guy and I hope he resurrects his career but, seriously, don’t expect much if Foles gets hurt and he has to play on any type of a regular basis.

  19. “Hey, the Assman’s in town!”

    Kramer: You got that straight!

    Fusilli “butt fumble” Sanchez: one in a million shot coach, one in a million !

  20. Jets fan here:
    Mike Vick for Mark Sanchez?

    On the field – YES
    Off the field – NO

    Regardless, pray for a healthy Nick Foles Eagles fans!

  21. Tomorrow they are going to bring in Matt Leinart…you can never have too many overrated USC QBs…

  22. “crubenst says: Mar 28, 2014 10:05 AM

    Top 5 pick. Top 5 talent. ”

    — Sorry, couldn’t finish reading. Laughing too much.

  23. Chip seems to have a fascination with USC quarterbacks.

    I am sure Matt Leinart will be signed by Monday and Carson Palmer will be traded for by Wednesday.

  24. Sanchez is going to benefit from this signing. He needed coaching that he never got. The team isn’t going to ask him to be a savior or to lead the team to a super bowl, just to be better than Matt Barkley. With the pressure off, and a year to rehab his shoulder, he should hit the market next offseason with decent value. One of the teams that spends a high pick on a QB is bound to draft a flop and injuries happen. Carson Palmer isn’t going to last forever out there in Arizona. Locker’s grip on the job in Tennessee is less than total. When all else fails, a quarterback that “took his team” to the playoffs and beat a laundry list of high profile quarterbacks doing so will draw a look at the least. Especially if they have just come out from under the tutelage of an “offensive genius”.

  25. A lot less pressure and a lot less money too. Good luck to him though as I think he can still be a QB in the league.

  26. I really don’t understand the Eagles thought process on signing Sanchez. You have Foles who did a great job last year & you just drafted Barkley so why throw your money away on Sanchez who is coming off major shoulder surgery. No matter how you slice it–if Foles gets hurt the Eagles season is done. Sorry Eagles fans but that’s the reality for you.

    BTW–It’s also true for a bunch of other teams. If their starting QB gets hurt they’re done.

  27. I’m really surprised how many people are making a big deal over this, in a negative way. Who cares! He’s a more capable backup than many have.

    Also, a lot of people here must not be real football fans. Some of the comments make no sense at all. If you don’t like Philly fine, but don’t be so obvious.

    What willkill4caffeine said was like a breath of fresh air. Anyone who mentions “dream team” is dull and unimaginative and dated. Get current. If you mention that term, you lose all credibility with whatever you are trying to say.

    While I’m ranting… for all those with more Super Bowls than the Eagles, which is a lot of teams, I look at it this way. The Eagles have an incredibly strong fan base, I think one of the best in the country. And they have that without a championship since 1960 that’s saying something.

  28. I don’t give a hoot about the Eagles, but the Dream Team tag line is dead. Completely dead. There is no more humor left in it. Not even crack a smile. It’s closer to watching Mike Sorrentino attempt to roast Donald Trump than it is to actual humor.

  29. Jets fan here who was never a fan of Sanchez’s play on the field, but you have to respect how he dealt with the criticism. Best of luck in restarting your career!

  30. Now all they have to do is pick up Matt Leinart and John David Booty for the complete set. I hear Dwayne Jarrett’s available too.

  31. People can hate on USC all they want but last time I checked USC has 4 qbs in the league. Palmer cassel Sanchez and Barkley. Fight on Trojans!!!

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