Eagles release DeSean Jackson


The Eagles are moving on from DeSean Jackson.

In a two-sentence, 25-word press release, the club announced Friday it had released Jackson, a Pro Bowl wideout who led Philadelphia in receiving a season ago.

“After careful consideration over this offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to part ways with DeSean Jackson,” the club said Friday. “The team informed him of his release today.”

The move — easily one of the biggest headline-makers of the NFL offseason — comes after weeks of trade rumors and public discussion of Jackson’s future with the Eagles.

On the field, the 27-year-old Jackson is one of the league’s most dynamic receivers. He set career-highs in catches (82) and yards (1,332) in 2013, his first year in coach Chip Kelly’s offense. A three-time Pro Bowler, the 5-foot-10, 175-pound Jackson has gained 17.2 yards per catch in his NFL career.

However, speculation the Eagles were looking to move on from Jackson has bubbled all offseason, with the organization doing little to suggest they were not weighing their options.

Now, Jackson is out in Philadelphia, and on the same day that a published report from NJ.com claimed the club was troubled by his off-field habits. The NJ.com report alleged that Jackson’s relationship with gang members was one of the issues that bothered the Eagles’ organization.

The focus now turns to the market for Jackson, who has the sort of field-stretching speed all teams covet. With Jackson’s availability seemingly no secret to anyone in recent weeks, it will be interesting to see if any teams, perhaps having readied for this moment, quickly jump into the fray.

Of course, any discussion of Jackson’s talents now must be balanced with contemplation of why the Eagles bid goodbye to one of their most talented players.

184 responses to “Eagles release DeSean Jackson

  1. Something is wrong. The guy is talented and teams surely were interested in trading for him. Will be interested to see what develops in the coming days regarding their decision to release him rather than trade him.

  2. Note to incoming rookies that hood lifestyle, gang affiliations, homies who dont have your interest at heart, cut them all out. You are not a rapper, you are not a record producer, you simply are a football player, keep your head on straight and then when your career is done, hopefully you transition perfectly.

  3. No trading partner, personality clash with Chip or off the field issues, spells dismissal.

    Some team will pay him $8 mil for one year to play. Watch’em scramble …

  4. The Eagles will probably draft Brandin Cooks or Odell Beckham, same ability with no attitude or guns. As for D-Jax he should go back to Cali. Oakland or San Fran would be good fits. Look out for Carolina too

  5. glad to see the eagles doing stupid things,but why do this when you can take anything for him and get something out of it? bet he ends up in new york with the jets or giants.

  6. He’s a burner, but his alligator arms and lack of 100% effort every play concerns me. I wouldn’t take the risk with this guy. I do like him as a PR though.

  7. Love when owners and coaches put the team and the future of the organization above punk, whiny, drama queen players. Good for you Eagles – you’ll never look back.

  8. Jaguars could use a guy like that with Blackmon always in trouble and the rest of our WRs being 2’s 3’s and 4’s

  9. The eagles organization is a complete joke. Take chances on cooper and vick, but djack cannot be rehibilitated. Hypocrits. Not to mention them trying to fleece the rest of the league and keeping this under raps while they shopped him . They knew about this and tried to bury it when they knew full well that they would be relasing him when the story broke. Bad guys run that organiztion. Players beware before you go to that organization.

  10. As a fan of the Giants who feared DJ, I say that this move will cost the Eagles. Unbelievably stupid move by the Eagles.

  11. So careful yet they can’t provide a detailed rationale or anything to support their basis of labeling this as “careful”? This is a truly pathetic statement regardless of whether the decision makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised though if they researched more into those gang connections and found something that motivated the release. But they should have done that a long time ago if they really wanted to be you know “careful”. Goofy stuff.

  12. Two words: Aaron. Hernandez. The Eagles don’t want to rely on a star player only for him to get arrested when they need him most. Might as well cut your losses and get some good players with the added cap space.

  13. Very curious who might sign him….he’s gotta be GM kryptonite right now. Also curious about what other details the Iggles know about that we don’t yet.

  14. Absolute shocker!! No other way to look at this.
    Wow!! What a windfall for the team that signs him since they will not have to trade for him

  15. He just didnt want to play on a team with no Lombardi’s and whose new quarterback wears headbands

  16. Again, just because he got released it doesnt mean that he’s not a great player.

    Brett Favre, Rod Woodson, Shannon sharpe, and George blanda all saw releases.

    Where are they? In canton, Ohio.

  17. Do not understand this at all! The Vikes got a first rounder for Percy last year, and he has a similar skill set as DeSean (and caused similar headaches.) How did Philly botch this so badly to get nothing for a talented WR still in his prime?

  18. COME ON RAIDEEEEEEERS NOWS ARE CHANCE REGGIE MAKE THE MOVE!!!!!!!! Then draft Khalil Mack and were set.

  19. As Rotoworld reported, L.A. street gang ties led to this. Can you really blame The Eagles? And as a result, I am wrong in believing he will become a Patriot. Forgive me.

  20. this makes chip kelly look really bad. he basically played desean, convincing him he was staying with the team to increase his leverage in trade talks. always struck me as the conniving type.. not a good look for a head coach.

  21. WOW……Eagles leak stories from a few years ago so they don’t look bad in the press when they release him. I agree with the release, but that’s kind of bush league. To those who ask for my proof…please use common sense. Everyone and their brother was wondering why they were trying to trade this guy. Statement is prepared moments regarding his release after the story gets dropped that he has gang-affiliation (we all knew that-see Jaccpot spelling of his name). Not such a great offseason so far for the Birds hope they can right the ship.

  22. As a Bears fan I might as well add in my come here comment that Jackson is never going to read.. so “Come to the Bears…. you can be our 3rd receiver”

    But since that isn’t going to happen, if the Panthers don’t sign him they are idiots. They should be willing to match any offer he’s given.

  23. I see him in the BIG D. Jerry does not believe that there are bad attitudes and off field issues big enough that he can’t handle them.

  24. The problem with D Jack is that a lot of teams would sign him for under 10 mil, but he actually wants more than 10 mil. He’s not worth it, not even close.

  25. As a Giants fan this is fantastic news. A couple years too late…but still fantastic to say the least. Please don’t go to Washington or Dallas. Thanks

  26. you kidding me? No one offered even a 7th for this guy? Not the Panthers, Raiders, Browns? The guy takes out a safety every play just running down the field and catching nothing

  27. You want to hang out with gangbangers, go do it. You want to be a man and make a fantastic living, do that.

  28. So… the ravens sign a REAL #2 wide receiver (Steve Smith)… and… Bengals owner mike brown sits on his cheap hands and limits the team’s offense with an NFL quality #3 wr playing at the #2 wr spot.

    Thanks, mike.

  29. Lot of talent. What a waste. Must be more to this story. Hope he is OK. May be paying the price for a game of chicken between his agent and the Eagles. He’ll be picked up but probably at less money.

  30. You can look at this 2 ways. 1. The Eagles are crazy for letting their top receiver go. 2. The team refused to be connected to a guy who is making too much money for his production and has had character concerns his whole pro career. I will go with the latter.

  31. All raider haters are praying that he doesn’t go to the raiders lol. Welcome to the Raider Nation, Mr. DeSean Jackson! You look great in Silver and Black!!

  32. Some websites reporting that the team had problems with his potential gang affiliations and felt he was a bad influence on the younger players.

    Great talent but I wouldn’t want him on my favorite team if the allegations are true.

  33. Way to go Chip. There is a new sheriff in town and he wants a good locker room. That wins championships as much as so called talent. Whine about a new contract (after just signing a very good one) elsewhere. Coming from a Cowboy fan, but someone who can appreciate leadership.

  34. Constantly complaining about money. Rumours are he’s been hanging out with gang members. Possible reason to be cut

  35. It is going to take a team with a coach/GM who are secure in their positions to sign DJax. PayLoo on line 1.

  36. Where’s there’s smoke there’s Fire. No one is lining up to sign this guy if a potential arrest/suspension is imminent. Teams don’t cut that kind of talent unless something seriously bad is up!

  37. I get that he had to be off the team. Releasing him??? You idiots. You’re honestly telling me nobody would offer anything for the guy? There are teams way below the salary cap that desperately need speedy WRs, how could you not get him traded?

    Oh I know, because you were caught behind the 8 ball once everyone started reporting you didn’t want him, and they knew they could lowball you. Someone’s got a bad leak in their front office…

  38. The Eagles once cut a guy for questionable personal issues and a lack of responsibility for their actions. Said play then went on to become a hall of famer. I’m just saying, DeSean, AP, and Patterson would be one dynamic offense if a halfway decent QB ever shows up in Minnesota.

  39. 49ers, Giants, and other low cap team will NEVER get Jackson.. He want so much money, and the low cap teams can’t make it rain for him.. The only logical teams he sign up is either Raiders or Jets, or any high cap money leftover.. Hopefully he be reunited with Vick with Jets… It would be epic on Jet’s Offense.. Izzy, if ya wanna win the fans support, sign this guy asap!!!

  40. I am sure there was some pretty serious stuff for them to drop him like a hot potato. As an Eagles fan I’m bummed but I understand this isn’t a decision that they took lightly. And they can’t exactly trade him while hiding negative information either, so….

  41. To those saying that should have at least gotten something out of this, you don’t know the whole story. Let’s say that there was some sort of smoking gun that only the Eagles knew and they didn’t want him on the team anymore. They trade him for a draft pick and then that team finds out about this smoking gun. The Eagles look like a shady organization in doing that and now other teams are less likely to deal with them in the future. A possibility is that they were perfectly honest with their intentions to other teams in order to have good faith from the rest of the league. Perhaps that’s why there was no trade offer.

  42. has this guy gotten into any real trouble? I know someone robbed his house or something,but I’ve never heard of him involved in anything.

  43. If the Jets don’t make a serious attempt to use the “playing with Mike Vick” angle to try to sign D-Jax, they are dumb. Him with Decker, and possibly a top TE in the draft would give either Vick or Smith plenty of weapons.

  44. No gangs in Green Bay. Or anything, really. But he would have to sign for league minimum as the stock holders* don’t allow them to sign any free agents.

  45. Couldn’t wait to see Cutler underthrowing him on the Bears.

    Jackson’s first name sounds made up, though.

  46. Teams are not dealing with headaches anymore Jackson, Steve Smith. Justin Blackmon better take notice here.

  47. Before everyone starts to say “I want him on my team” shows you don’t follow football closely. First the Egales have said his work ethic and relationships as a teammate were bad. He has been connected with gang murders in LA as well as it was discovered he is a member of the Crips. this is bigger than football and ANY team should use very very much caution in signing him. i sure don’t want him on my team!

  48. Philly did the right thing in cutting that little drama queen,his mouth on field ,in the locker room and in the press is nothing more than a distraction to the entire team, AND his affiliation with Philly/Camden gangs was the deal breaker.Philly is building a new team,and they WILL be playoff bound this season,so theres no need to keep the boat anchor around.Jackson definitely has talent,but he cant keep his damn mouth shut.I hope who ever signs him ,takes a long,hard look at just what they are buying into.

  49. The propaganda continues, the eagles will never win a super bowl as I said earlier. Brace yourself if he goes to the 49ers, or the Seahawks the rich will get richer. If he goes to one of the teams in the NFC East, it will be like T.O. 2.0. Chip needs to reevaluate his game plan. Desean kept safeties out of the box, so it opened up running lanes for McCoy. Now everything is going to change teams don’t respect maclin deep threat ability, or cooper’s. Brace yourself for a season that is already lost because of Chip’s narcissism.

  50. Redskins take a chance on a one year show me deal.

    Everyone will call you stupid and maybe you are but with that kind of talent, it may be worth the risk…Garcon and Jackson as your 1 and 2…Reed at TE…that’s not bad at all…

  51. Not an Eaglet fan, but kudos to Chip Kelly and the instant credibility this creates for him.

  52. Guess nobody read the actually story about his gang affiliations. Was twice connect (in pics and through his label) with murderers anyone remember last offseason? Aaron Hernandez ring a bell?

  53. Bucs should drop Mike Williams and scoop DeSean. As much of a diva as he is, the dude can ball. The Law Offices of Jackson & Jackson could be deadly. Especially if Sammy Watkins joins the mix.

  54. I was a philly fan now i’m done first McNabb, than Vick now Desean….dumb ass coach…..Philly never gonna get a ring now, not to mention all the other philly players they released, cut , or traded since 2005.

  55. Sign sanchez and release d jack???? Great trade off.
    Makes sense to me,…..as to why the Eagles are the eagles

  56. He will come back to burn the Eagles, instead of getting rid of the extra baggage like “cant stop nobody” Coleman and other idiots who are over paid they got rid of one of the hottest receiver in the NFL.

  57. Eagles cut him cause he has ties to the crips out in LA. If you fans want a player on your team that post pictures up on instagram of himself with gang members who are on trial for shooting and killing a 14 year old kid and those are his so called homies, you can have him.

  58. Man, people are dumb. Do most of you just read headlines and start commenting? It’s explained WHY they let him go for nothing right in the short article – they didn’t want an Aaron Hernandez situation, which seems to be where he’s headed. I commend the Eagles for dropping him.

  59. Look at the parallels: 2 new Head Coaches trying to assert themselves to professional players. Both imposing their will. Star players that resist and are shown the door.
    A) Josh McDaniels – Broncos – QB Cutler and WR Marshall resist and are playing elsewhere. The Broncos fall apart.
    B) Chip Kelly – Eagles – their best WR Jackson, resists and is cut. The Eagles are lucky that the QB was young and a non-starter.
    The Eagles are starting down the wrong path.

  60. Good-bye Djax……thanks for the Miracle in the Meadowlands II……….it was one of the most electrifying plays I have ever seen!

  61. Go back to the hood and rap and sell drugs with your homies. Kudos to Chip for doing what every coach and GM needs to do to clean up the NFL of the hoodlum element.

  62. As I posted 3 days ago (but my post was removed by the profootballtalk morons), Deasean Jackson is heavily invested in the Crips gang. He is friends with many murderers and has been involved in many gang related incidents recently, including his house being robbed of 20 guns and 300K. He will not include CK (crip killa) in any of his social media/record labels (Jaccpot) and has flashed the crips signs many times recently. The Eagles were in a no win situation here because the common moron fan and lazy journalists were not aware of this. As an Eagles fan, I am happy that the Eagles chose them to remove themselves from a very Aaron Hernandez-ish player. The Patriots now have zero chance of signing him due to his gang affiliation. He is a nice player but I don’t want to cheer for a known gang banger/killa. Not worth it.

  63. Should raise a big red flag when an improving team cuts their best receiver while he’s in his prime. Looking back on the Aaron Hernandez story, reports of gang ties is exactly how it started. Hopefully he can avoid trouble and keep his life and career straight

  64. I wonder if the same people complaining about this being an injustice, are the same ones saying the Pats should have gotten rid of Hernandez sooner, because of red flags. Good job Feagles.

    Of course, the Eagles also got rid of Andy Ried.

  65. ESPN are saying that the Eagles did not trade him because they felt it would be wrong to do so when they knew about the depth of his problems. Does that mean that all the PFT reports that they were looking for a trade for the past few weeks were completely wrong or is that just the line that the Eagles are taking because they couldn’t find a trade partner? It is impossible to believe that if the Eagles wanted a trade, they could not have even got a late round pick which suggests that they are telling the truth and never wanted to trade, just to cut him.
    If the NJ.com article is accurate, they did the right thing, Jason Kelce has already come iut and supported the move…

  66. I knew there was something else, you don’t drop one of the top 5 receivers in the conference because of his salary when you are way under the cap. If his contract put them up against the cap, then I could see it. I don’t think unloading him to another team without knowledge of this is just not cool. Some team, like the Cowboys, will pay him a bunch of money even though he has issues, but seeing how the commissioner is, he will probably suspend Desean anyway. Wow, there are new things coming out while I am writing this. This is crazy.

  67. Brady needs a wide receiver, however, it would be a PR nightmare if we signed this guy. Don’t go it Belichick. We’re the Patriots, America’s team. We stand for the greater good. Let the Jets sign him. Doesn’t matter anyway, we have Revis!


  68. If people knew the story behind D. Jackson….they’d think more of Vick.

    This guy will be dead within 10 years from today if he doesn’t straighten himself and his life out.


    Somewhere, a part of hell is freezing over.

  69. So much for busting your tail to get off the streets . I just baffled that someone could be such an idiot . Its not like he’s a kid .

  70. Andy Reid = Have fun with him for the next 10 years. What you saw last year in the playoffs is exactly what we saw for 15 years. Same mistakes. Guy can’t adjust, put teams away. He’s a good coach but will never ever win the Super Bowl. It’s so comical to Philly fans to see people from other cities talk about him and act like Kelly didn’t do the same exact thing as far as turning the Eagles around. We love Kelly here so keep talkin up Reid. We LOVE IT!!!!

  71. Yeah I see the reports about being a gangsta but I think his new agent was playing chicken with the eagles to get a new contract. Eagles didn’t bite and now Djax is going to be out a lot of money and most likely unhappy wherever he ends up. Nobody is paying $10.5 mil for him.

    We’ll see if his new agent gets fired after he signs somewhere else.

  72. On the surface this seems like an incredibly stupid move by the Eagles at this point in time. Maybe they know something that the rest of us don’t about Jackson, but they’re taking a huge chance by risking him signing with the Giants, Redskins or Cowboys and having to face him twice a year.

  73. Okay Marvin Lewis/Mike Brown; how about another reclamation project????? Worked for Vontaze Burfict.

  74. Schmitty2: Bingo, right on it.

    This is shocking. The Eagles may take a step back this year because of this release – it’s unlikely anyone they can draft or sign can replace DJaccs on the field – but if the stories are true, in the long run it’s not only the best choice, but the only choice, the team could have made.

  75. The Eagles would not have cut him without substantial evidence of this type of behavior.

    I’m sure more info will be coming our way soon.

  76. If i see one more post where someone says “It has to be” or “its a lot of people” Im going to throw up. What are they teching in third grade these days????!!!

  77. Dallas Cowboys are the Crips Favorite Team and then the Raiders because of their time in L.A.

    Jackson will look good in the Silver and Blue. It would be toxic for him to go to the 49ers with a Blood Gang Member at QB.

  78. Day dreaming here, off field issues aside, it would be awesome to have Jackson sign with the Cardinals. Just think, Larry Fitzgerald/Michael Floyd/DeSean Jackson. That would be a scary group, last time they had a receiver core that good they went to the super bowl. Heck last year with one of the worst olines in the NFL and a lack of a decent slot receiver Palmer still threw for over 4000 yards. Arians loves to throw it deep, but when you think of his off the field issues its something the Cardinals usually frown upon. I say usually yet they drafted Tyrann so go figure.

  79. Don’t come to dc – pleeeeeeze……

    I could never root for you because you’ve killed us year in and year out

    Allen, don’t sign him. He is our nemesis. Kinda like signing Jason wit ton or Eli manning.

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