Eagles will carry $6 million on 2014 cap for DeSean Jackson


The Eagles have opted to part ways with receiver DeSean Jackson.  But he’ll linger on the books for the rest of the year.

Per a league source, the Eagles terminated Jackson’s contract without the post-June 1 designation.  That means he’ll count $6 million against the cap for 2014.

That’s the remainder of the $10 million signing bonus he received in 2012.  He keeps that money free and clear, part of the $18 million he made in two years under a five-year deal.

If the Eagles had used the post-June 1 designation, Jackson would have counted $2 million against the cap in 2014 and $4 million in 2015.  However, his full cap number of $12.75 million would have remained on the books until June.

As it stands, the Eagles have created $6.75 million in cap space, and they’ve saved $10.75 million in cash.  And they’ve moved on from a guy that, for whatever reason, they no longer wanted.