Jason Kelce tells Eagles fans to remain calm, all is well


Say this for the Eagles, after parading Mark Sanchez out this morning, and then cutting DeSean Jackson, they’re efficient with their damage control.

Eagles center Jason Kelce grabbed the bull of public opinion by its horns, tweeting out his support for the team’s moves.

[tweet https://twitter.com/Jkelce/status/449591986836631553]

Of course, Kelce signed a seven-year contract with the team a month ago, one which will pay him a guaranteed $13 million and is worth more than $38 million total.

So obviously, they are good and wise.

Seriously, it helps the Eagles to have boots on the ground saying stuff like this, because cutting one of your best players and getting nothing in return is the kind of thing that might otherwise cause a riot among a fan base not prone to patience.

19 responses to “Jason Kelce tells Eagles fans to remain calm, all is well

  1. I’m not even a fan of this team and I’m upset so good luck keeping hardcore fans calm. I suggest they revolt and send in complaint letters to whatever fool owns this franchise.

  2. Lemme say this.
    Cut Desean for alleged not proven, but alleged gang ties.
    Keep riley cooper for being a proven racist on camera, and even give him an extension.

    Eagles organization lost real hard.

    Raiders we gon get Desean.

  3. I think getting drunk and verbally shouting something racist is a little different than being involved in violent gangs that actually, you know, do something physically violent.

  4. Great…..now they waste a 1 on getting a slow WR and continue to ignore a defense that is in dire need of talent.


  5. This has little to do with character issues. That’s how Chip may try to spin it in the locker room but this is all about the almighty dollar. The guy was untradeable due to his salary. No teams were actually interested in him unless he came at a reduced salary. Eagles didn’t want him but also didn’t want to get massacred in the public eye for releasing their leading receiver with no compensation. Cue NJ.com story about his gang affiliations which are already widely known.

    If this guy was getting paid 5 million instead of 10 this year he’d be on the roster. Simple as that.

  6. didn’t ESPN do some heart-warming story about Desean Jackson? Now he’s a gang member? Or is it the Eagles didn’t want to pay a WR $10 mil a year? Oh well,not my team,they can battle the NFC East for that 8-8 championship again.

  7. It’s times like these that make me think twice about rooting for this team. I thought mismanagement was over, but it’s still alive and well here in Philly. Decisions like this one and letting BDawk just walk 5 years ago are some of the examples why this team will never win a world title. Good luck spreading the field and producing numbers like last season on offense. It’s tough being a philadelphia sports fan.

  8. We have now heard from Kelce, Maclin and Herramins and nobody has taken Jackson’s back yet.

  9. I’m gonna lmao when the eagles go nowhere this year. Oh by the way if this stuff about DJAX isn’t true there’s still this thing called slander which is illegal AMD o hope its not true so he cam lay the hammer down on the people that started this.

  10. You people are so funny. The only mistake the Eagles made were giving jackson 10 million a year for #2 stats making him untradeable. 53 catches,5.3 tds are #2 stats(6 year career) those 82 catches were good for 19th last year. he is going to a team were garcon had over 100 catches and is the “true #1” there. Wait until he starts his crap there. just a matter of time.

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