Jets make a lot of sense for DeSean Jackson


When DeSean Jackson was still under contract to the Eagles, Jets owner Woody Johnson was the only decision-maker on another team who was willing to brave the possibility of a tampering violation to publicly express his interest in Jackson.

Now that Jackson has been released by the Eagles, the Jets look like they would make a lot of sense as a destination.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that people in the Jets organization remain interested in Jackson, despite the report today that Jackson has alleged gang ties. Mehta doesn’t say who those people are, but a good bet would be that two of them are Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and Jets wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal. Mornhinweg was the offensive coordinator of the Eagles for five of Jackson’s six seasons in Philadelphia, and the fact that Jackson already knows Mornhinweg’s offense is a big plus. Lal was an offensive assistant at Cal in 2005 and 2006, when Jackson played there.

New Jets quarterback Michael Vick has also said he would welcome Jackson to New York. A rapport with Vick, who has a good chance of beating out Geno Smith to become the starting quarterback, would serve Jackson well with the Jets.

And despite signing Eric Decker, the Jets still need help at wide receiver. After Decker, the Jets’ depth chart at wide receiver consists of Jeremy Kerley, Stephen Hill and Clyde Gates. Not exactly a bunch of big-play threats.

The Jets (and every team with any interest) will want to closely scrutinize Jackson to determine exactly why the Eagles got rid of him. And if the Jets don’t like what they learn, they won’t want to sign him. But on Sundays, there’s little doubt that Jackson would be a significant upgrade for the Jets.

72 responses to “Jets make a lot of sense for DeSean Jackson

  1. yep , their is no east coast bias media in NYC….i can’t think of any……next topic will be the Patriots makes sense….the Giants makes sense, the Eagles make sense, oh wait…

  2. Why does every east coast team “make the most sense” for almost every high profile free-agent?

  3. Birds of a feather flock together. The Jets released Santonio, they should sign Jackson. And the Pats fake injury reports.

  4. Makes a lot of sense, the Jets have a long history of making poor decisions.

  5. Please no, while the talent is undoubtably there, do we need another questionable character issue? Idzick should remain patient and follow his plan

  6. David Nelson would be after Kerley and Gates will not be on the Jets next year. DeSean makes a lot of sense for the Jets for numerous reasons but mainly it frees them up to go BPA in round 1 which I think is huge for Idzik.

  7. Come on guys you know hes going to oakland so he can be with his boys in the bloods or crips. On a serious note i hope he comes to the jets and then we draft ebron in the 1st round our offense would be awesome

  8. I personally don’t believe he is a gang member, he’s a grad of UC Berkley and has done community service projects in Philly, but there is always a chance. This could just be Chip Kelly’s ego of creating a college-like atmosphere.

    If he checks out in his off the field issues (No gangs) I would say sign him, then the Jets can draft a corner in 1st or 2nd round.

  9. Love Jackson’s skill set, but don’t want him in Oakland for the same reason Jet’s fans would not want Kenny Britt in Jersey.

  10. Kansas City can make it happen. they re-sign Smith and the money is there. Reid and his old WR coach went to KC. KC needs a WR, needs to save face over Sanders bolting town to join Denver despite KC offering a 1 year vs Denver’s 3 year offer.

    if KC wants to actually compete with the players on the roster, the 10 guys who have been to a pro bowl on roster, then they need to make this move. that special team coach Taub, would make Jackson even better as a PR.

  11. if Jackson wants to win, he will go somewhere else. if he wants just money and only money, he will join the jets and eric decker as underperforming WR’s on a mediocre team that will likely need a new head coach within 2 seasons

  12. We need receivers true. His locker room or any other presence will be questioned.
    We just axed Holmes & don’t need another cancer.
    That being said I don’t believe Rex Ryan or anyone else on the team will put up with any negativity -anymore.
    It’s a New day around the league. Taunting rules, bully investigations etc. These professionals, these 1% of all college players to make it to this level need to understand that the day has come.
    Management, Teammates & Fans alike have had enough!
    You come here, you do your job, help your team or the door is open for your departure.
    Has he learned that from his departure from Philadelphia?
    I’m betting he has.

  13. The only team that “makes sense” would be the Seahawks. Carroll has been in DeSean’s home recruiting him in high school. Pete has walked the Compton streets at all hours trying to help the city’s youth to steer away from gangs. But, the question is, does Carroll have confidence in Jackson with the chemistry of his team. Carroll and Schneider would probably give DeSean $1m quarantee on a $4m 1 year “prove it” contract. The burden is on Jackson. However, I do think since DeSean and Pete have history, Jackson may agree to those terms.

  14. It’s logical for Jackson as well. Go to a system you’re familiar with with a mentor you enjoy being mentored by in Vick. A HC like Rex doesn’t hurt. I do welcome all the media scrutiny that’ll come NYs way if we have both Vick & Jackson on the team, geez.

  15. The real question is how much guarantee money will teams offer Jackson.

    Doesn’t it seem that the Jets, more than the Giants, attract guys in free agency that have issues that the New York market only serves to exacerbate? Places like New York and Miami are like kryptonite to these guys.

    Jackson would be better-off going to a small market team willing to give him some serious guaranteed money or to a west coast team like the 49ers that does not get too much scrutiny despite their excellent record and talent.

  16. Morality and anti-gang contract language will be included. I doubt he needs to have a “prove it” contract as he already has done that……..It is just the off field activity that has folks wondering. Contract language to protect the team is all that is needed to move forward with a multi year agreement. 3M per year guaranteed with 7-9M per year contract over 4 years.

  17. Jets should scoop us DJax for a one year deal, draft Ebron and a WR in the 2nd with a high ceiling. That would be the biggest/quickest weapons upgrade in Jet’s history. Jackson, Decker, Kerley, Ebron, Martavis Bryant (or someone similar). I’d be very satisfied with that group as a Jet fan.

  18. I can see Desean in a Jets uniform for sure, and having a good rapport with Vick certainly helps. Other than them I can see Desean playing for the 49ers, seeing how he went to Cal. Also, I’m thinking Jackson could be playing for Seattle or how about lining up across from Calvin Johnson?

    *Outside of those teams, I got a weird feeling that the Giants could take a chance on Desean…seeing how he burned them big time in one of the most dynamic punt returns in the history of he NFL.

  19. Wake up! A team doesn’t cut a 3 time pro bowl rcvr unless they know something, something that is going to harm the franchise. I applaud the eagles for being proactive. But if the jets sign him it wouldn’t surprise me consdering the dog killer signing.

  20. its ok jettsy fans..sign him..we have REVIS covering him!!..


  21. God Waves His Terrible Towel™ says: Mar 28, 2014 4:26 PM

    We have six rings. We have standards.

    Too funny Steeler Fans with the rapist QB

  22. I am sooo confused. What has he done to earn such a bad rep?

    He produces and stays out of trouble…….

    Because he raps is about the only thing I see that folks don’t seem to like…Hernandez has all these teams scared

  23. His best opportunity is with another team in his division.

    The cowboys make the most sense to me. Pairing him up with Dez Bryant put’s a huge spotlight on Tony Romo to produce wins as there will be little excuse for him not to with 2 weapons like that.

    Jackson knows the rest of the NFC East, he knows which guys he can torch already.

    Cowboys seem like the most logical choice for a hothead diva player cut much from the same cloth as one Terrel Owens.

  24. The giants will never make sense. If the Giants signed him I would become a fan of a different team. Hey Jets fan at least you found a replacement for holmes and he is an even bigger and better DBAG

  25. Jets have had a strong ground game despite having no deep threats. Signing Jackson forces safeties to stay back and will really open up underneath for Decker and Kerley. Jets rushed for 306 yards in 2 games vs Pats last year.
    Sign Jackson and that number goes to over 400.
    And oh yeah, Jet D #4 in the NFL against the run.
    This could get real interesting .

  26. Jackson didn’t buy into Kelly’s system of trying to run 100 plays a game and getting QB’s hurt.
    Kelly, being a college coach, wants everybody to buy in and Jackson didn’t.
    All the other crap is heresay. Kelly (like Schiano) will learn being a dictator doesn’t fly in an NFL locker room.

  27. I suspect that once the rest of the iceberg is revealed, Jackson will be done.
    Malevolent little wart….

  28. Leave it to Philly to dump the black guy (with no proof of any wrongdoing) and keep the white (fact) racist.
    Philly is the most racist city in America behind Boston. I’ve lived in both and I’m white.

  29. reesesteel23 says:

    I am sooo confused. What has he done to earn such a bad rep?


    Well documented that he’s a bad teammate with a poor work ethic. The fact he raps has nothing to do with it.

  30. vincentbojackson

    Well documented? His poor work ethic put up 1300 yards and a lot of touchdowns last year. (don’t know exact stats)

  31. Riley Cooper gets extension and is a racist but Desean gets run out of town because he makes too much ? He didn’t draft his contract, the Eagles did !!!! Furthermore, if additional information comes out I might agree but the media slamming this young man over unproven gang affiliations ? Riley Cooper got off ( fact ) !!!!

  32. I can’t wait until Geno wins the starting qb job especially since nobody is giving him much of a chance!

  33. They SHOULD sign DeSean ….

    Then, see if Aaron Hernandez is available at TE
    This could be BIG !!

    (is Aaron a Crip or a Blood?)

  34. I would bring in pistol packing Plaxico Burress to help keep him on the straight and narrow.

  35. New York and places that don’t have gang activity like LA make sense

    Keep him away from places like Green Bay and Minnesota where all the gang activity may impact this guy

    Signing Jackson would greatly improve the character of the Jets locker room

  36. Why don’t teams just make personal conduct requirements when writing player contracts which voids most or all of said contract? Player doesn’t agree, then he’s probably not a good fit for you team in the first place. No gang signs on social media, no beating up women, no unregistered weapons, etc, etc. How is this so hard to figure out??

  37. I would’ve liked to keep Djax bc he has talent, but I understand why they did it. Even if he’s not a member, flashing the signs producing a crip members song under his label, missing meetings….doesn’t sound like good business if you’re paying a guy like that 11 mill a year for another 3 years. They’ll draft another WR maybe add another during camp and their offense will still be real good. The defense is what they need to fix. Go eagles!

  38. If you were Jackson and you were going to sign a one year deal you would sign it with a club and a quarterback that will make you look good for your next contract. The Jets don’t pass that test (when have the Jets ever made a receiver look good) but I can think of several clubs that do.

  39. dlk47823 says:
    Mar 28, 2014 5:36 PM
    Leave it to Philly to dump the black guy (with no proof of any wrongdoing) and keep the white (fact) racist.
    Philly is the most racist city in America behind Boston. I’ve lived in both and I’m white.
    Well Sir, 1st and foremost THANK YOU for being honest and saying exactly what I was thinking. I wouldn’t write that sentiment because then I would be accused of being a “ABM”(Angry Black Man) and playing the race card. How is it that loosely founded “gang affiliations” is deplorable and not a good influence on “team chemistry”, while a documented racist gets a contract extension? Only In America…….

  40. Who cares if Cooper got an extension and Jackson didn’t. Jackson has off field issues more than one (fact) and cooper was drunk and dumb out in public once (fact). If Jackson isn’t happy he will randy moss it. I have yet to see cooper play like that. Either way I don’t care because I don’t like the eagles or the jets. I hope Geno beats out Vick though. Dog killers shouldn’t be allowed to make millions in the nfl.

  41. hrmlss says: Mar 28, 2014 4:34 PM

    The real key to Rex is what do his feet look like….

    OMG these are so old and way past being funny. Can’t believe people are still going on with it. Kinda like Bills fans that have to keep reminding everyone that their team is the only team in history to go to 4 Super Bowls. Then I remind them they lost all 4 and have the longest play-off drought in the NFL. Come up with something new and be original.

  42. Yep, makes perfect sense. The Jets are the “Raiders of the East.” Wouldn’t surprise me to see them stake a claim for Hernandez. They can start getting all their free agents from the penal system!

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