Jones-Drew says he was “done wrong” by the Jaguars

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After waiting for 17 days for a new contract from a new team, veteran running back Maurice Jones-Drew returned to California on Friday, inking a three-year contract with the Raiders.

In his introductory conference call (via Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle), Jones-Drew said that he’ll have a “chip on [his] shoulder,” and that “I know I felt like I was done wrong” by the Jaguars.

It’s unclear how or why he was “done wrong.”  Jones-Drew earned every dollar of a five-year, $31 million contract.  Two years ago, the Jaguars opted not to give Jones-Drew a new contract after he held out in an effort to get one.  Last year, he made $4.95 million — nearly $1.5 million above the annual average at the top of the veteran market for running backs.

So before assessing whether the Jaguars did Jones-Drew wrong, it’ll be interesting to see how much he’ll make in 2014, 2015, and 2016 from the Raiders.  It could be that the market continues to do veteran running backs wrong, and that the Jaguars actually did Jones-Drew right in 2013 by paying him a lot more than he made once he finally made it to the open market.

The fact that the numbers haven’t already been leaked suggests that Jones-Drew would love to be getting the $4.95 million this year that he received last year in Jacksonville.

71 responses to “Jones-Drew says he was “done wrong” by the Jaguars

  1. No worries MJD, you should fare well and win the starting job in Oaktown. After all, whenever you played us our D had 11 missed tackles.


    A Raiders fan


  2. thats ok, you home now, and you now have a bunch of maulers to run behind now…bye bye with that zbs bs.

    What the heck, sign Richie to play LG as well.

  3. Well they should have traded him a long time ago like some people suggested. The Jags did themselves wrong more than anything. And when the team does wrong by itself that’s a really serious problem with the franchise. Not sure why he’s complaining though but who cares, his prime is over now and he took his shot with the team he picked.

  4. These athletes are such freaking babies.

    They gave up steady employment for 8 years and made you richer than any of us could possibly dream.

    To say anything negative about an employer that did those things is a slap in the face to the rest of us who actually work all year round.

  5. Why taint your legacy in Jax, MJD? You gave so much, gained so much, and now wreck it just so you can have the last word? Sad…

  6. Kind of hard to pin blame in Jacksonville. Three different coaching staffs in three years. Two different general managers, two owners. Maybe he just didn’t like the city itself.

  7. MJD did absolutely nothing once he got that contract (yes, he was injured 2 years ago – but what about last year?)

    The JAGS were done wrong by this pudgy prima-donna.

  8. They allowed him to hit the open market which gave him the opportunity to make millions of dollars 20 minutes from where he grew up. Bastards!

  9. Moj was done wrong by the Jaguars, lost his job, had to move to Oakland. His pickup truck broke down and he ain’t seen his old dog Elmer since that truck stop in Waco…..

  10. Being “done right” is playing for the Raiders? It’s like Detroit west and the football team is even worse. Good luck with all that… but at least he isn’t being “done wrong”.

  11. Um, MJD needs to come back down to Earth. On what planet were you done wrong? Considering how awful your teams in Jax were I’d say you got overpaid on that last contract that you willingly signed & then tried to holdout for more. If anything, you did them wrong bro. It’s not like they had you locked into your rookie deal. I’m not saying you were the reason the Jags have been terrible but you certainly weren’t carrying the team. This guy is such a prima donna but no one realizes it because he played in Jax. Dude, get over yourself. The Jags did more than right by you.

    Signed-A Jags hating Titans fan.

  12. Way to show some class. And this is after the Jags just posted a nice Thanks for everything, Mojo post from their Facebook profile.

  13. Of course he was done wrong, the Blaine Gabbert experiment took years off his career. MJD faced 11 in the box.

  14. ton of mileage on an older back, yet played out the contract which is a rarity in today’s nfl especially for rb’s. i’m sure half the nfl would like to be done wrong like that too.

  15. MJD is done. Compare his runs last season to those from a couple seasons ago. He has no burst. He has no power. He about a 1/10 of the back he was when he lead the league in rushing.

    Time has caught up to you buddy.

  16. Done wrong? Prove it. Prove that they didn’t do the rest of the team wrong by not cutting you after the 2012 season.

    Blaine Gabbert doesn’t explain 3.4 YPC. Look at what AP did with Christian Ponder and the rest of the Viking gomers trying to play QB a couple of years ago.

  17. rbanks 51-

    “They gave up steady employment for 8 years and made you richer than any of us could possibly dream.”

    You make it sound like the Jaguars are the reason for his success. MJD earned his job. He made the Jags richer than any of us could possibly dream. You’re attacking the wrong person, the players are paid way less than what they make for their organization.

  18. Whether this is sour grapes or not doesn’t matter. I love that all these new Raiders are pissed off and have chips on their shoulders. I want angry players looking to prove themselves and show people what they’ve got! NATION!!!

  19. When he came up, I was impressed by him as a player. Then an announcer mentioned that he selected the number 32 because he was upset that he wasn’t drafted in the first round, 32 teams passed on him. I thought, “What a jerk.” And his holdout for a bigger contract cemented my lack of respect for this child.

  20. Look, I’m more sympathetic to the players’ cause than most, but MJD doesn’t have anything to cry about. It wasn’t as if he were being milked on a rookie deal, he was rewarded with a big contract extension early. It isn’t unreasonable that the Jags wanted him to play it out.

  21. As he signs with a new team he then runs that yapper from across the States knowing Shad Khan would set his GREEDY UNGRATEFUL WORN OUT CRY BABY BUTT UP! hE EARNED His contract was up and they moved on. So the Midget RB best say a few prayers of THANKS considering he’s signed with another losing franchise and will be a 3rd down back at best. Jax DID HIM AWESOME . Just another whiney cry bay wanting his diaper changed!

  22. jeremycrowhurst says: Mar 28, 2014 8:12 PM

    Done wrong? Prove it. Prove that they didn’t do the rest of the team wrong by not cutting you after the 2012 season.

    Blaine Gabbert doesn’t explain 3.4 YPC. Look at what AP did with Christian Ponder and the rest of the Viking gomers trying to play QB a couple of years ago.
    Jones-Drew wasn’t done wrong. Not too many players are. Rashad Jennings averaged 2.8 in 2012 for the Jags, and bumped it up to 4.5 last year in Oakland. Maybe the Jags just suck at run blocking. I get tired of all these guys whining about being disrespected.

  23. So he signs with the Raiders in a fit of pique. The very definition of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  24. Sorry to see you go MJD.

    For the fools on here that don’t get it – MJD was injured and the former crappy GM and head coach didn’t want him to have surgery to fix his foot. Last year he gained over 800 yards rushing and had over 300 yards receiving w 43 receptions on a team with Gabbert/Henne at QB and Blackmon suspended for most of the year. Luke Joeckel broke an ankle right after we traded Monroe. The Jags were a mess last year. He might have lost a step but I doubt any RB in the league would have had much more success on my team. Drew is a valuable vet that clearly is on the wrong side of his career but for those of you thinking he is done – you are more than likely wrong.

    Pocket Hercules was awesome here in Jax. I hope you do well for the Raiders and one day come back to be honored for all that you did.


    The sour grapes right now will be forgiven.

  25. “I was done wrong” he will be worshipped by the EBT Nation with this vocabulary.


    He will be playing in smaller crowds than Jax.

  26. Probably the frustration of playing on a bunch of crappy teams combined with not trading or cutting him when he held out. In his prime, he was one of the best in the league but I’m sure he was frustrated playing for a perennial loser.

  27. Its funny how when there’s a dispute, the majority of fans tend to side with rich, billionaire-owned teams as opposed to a player who has more in common with the typical fan than the 32 billionaire owners do. Why is that?

  28. This is the way that MJD motivates himself…you know, I chose #32 to represent all the teams that didn’t pick me…it’s what he does…Jags fans love him, and understand this technique…Still, MJD this is NOT a step in right direction for you…Horrible field, (lisfranc) horrible stadium..and maybe a little karma for the holdout, and coming in overweight last year….maybe you “done”the Jaguars wrong.

  29. When you hold out for a bigger contract and that team doesn’t sign you to a bigger one when you’re aging and injured. I think its just good business by the Jags in this one.

  30. Anyone else notice that every Raider veteran signing has said they feel they were wronged by their former team?

    I don’t know what that means but there are sure a lot of pissed off guys in Oakland. Hope they put it to use on the field

  31. Bottom line is…. Your not what you’re asking for.. Contracts are given to guys who produce not ones that have in the past… Your numbers were good.. You made a lot of money while you were productive… Your not productive anymore.. Hope you saved some of your money

  32. All I know MJD is all that bragging you did about “all the teams that passed on you in the draft will be sorry”? Reggie Bush has a Super Bowl ring and you were a perennial loser in Jacksonville. Done you wrong? Riiiiiight…….

  33. If you are a RB in the NFL, the only chance you have at a big money deal, is to put up big numbers every year of your rookie contract. Like AP, McCoy, and Chris Johnson (although he fell off once he got paid).

    If you aren’t a top 3 HB in the NFL after your rookie deal, you aren’t getting more than 5-6 million. By the time your 2nd deal runs out, you are considered old, and are only getting 3-4 mil

  34. MJD is so dramatic. Coming out of college he was “done wrong” by 31 other teams(in the draft), so he’s gonna wear number 32(picked in draft) as a remainder. Jags paid this man enough money for generations of Jones-Drews to live in luxury.

  35. It’s not the Jaguars who did him wrong, it’s the running back market. The Jags saw how Carolina signed TWO running backs to fine deals and watched how it came back to bite them. So blame the market, not the Jaguars.

  36. I don’t know why these guys have to beat up their old teams when they leave. Gone is gone, and he will last 1 year with the Raiders.

    With Toby Gerhart, the Jags won’t lose a beat…

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