League has no comment on DeSean Jackson’s alleged gang signs


So if former Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson was indeed showing gang signs during an NFL game, would the league do anything about it?

The answer is yes.  But the league won’t say whether Jackson has been investigated for showing gang signs.

Here’s all the league would say on the matter, via email to PFT:  “Gang signing is considered conduct detrimental to the league and is subject to discipline, the severity of which would be determined in accordance with provisions of the Personal Conduct Policy.”

That rule would also seem to apply to off-field use of gang signs, too.  In comments to NJ.com, LAPD detective Eric Crosson opined that Jackson was displaying gangs signs in social media images and once during a game.

While the NFL may say nothing more about it publicly, the league surely will let any and all interested teams know privately whether there’s anything more to the story — and whether Jackson has faced or is facing any type of discipline for gang signs or related activities.

19 responses to “League has no comment on DeSean Jackson’s alleged gang signs

  1. sign him today Reggie. Mark better be demanding it …5 years 50 million…who cares.he is legit.

    Go Raiders….GO Reggie

  2. So, if he signs with the Partiots, he will be cleared of all charges and all videotape evidence of the games will be destroyed but if he signs with the Saints he will be suspended for a season. Got it.

  3. Some Heads up info from WIP radio via Howard Eskin:

    Robbery report from Jackson that someone stole 250,000 dollars and a gun from house, turns out it was 200 hundred dollars, trying to falsify theft to cash from the insurance company

    Jackson has 0 cash flow, he has blown through all the signing millions over the last 20 months, and was sniffing around a new contract to float a signing bonus

    Andy Reid threatened to cut Jackson after pot arrest traffic stop, was talked out of doing it

    Eskin reports on WIP the tip of the iceberg is small compared to what the Philly media and the Eagles security department has on DJax.

  4. The League should have had something to say when half the broncos front office were arrested recently for drunk driving, because that’s unacceptable. Swept under the rug, as usual. That said, how can the League do anything when Jackson hasn’t been arrested for any gang dealings and/or crimes? An actual arrest for drunk driving, or worse is more serious than a gang sign flash or photo among the millions that are on twitter, snapchat and vine. I’m guessing Kelly had enough of his antics being late for meetings, the animosity between the two didn’t help, plus the big cap hit. I think his production dropped off, as well. Eagles are being proactive, which is always a good thing.

  5. nfl has some influence over teams’ personnel decisions. nfl wanted vick back in the league. eagles accommodated them. nfl wanted jonathan martin back in the league. nfl wants incognito out of the league. nfl wants sam in the league. nfl wants jackson out of the league. so eagles cut him.

    if my theory is true, no one will pick jackson up. he will effectively be blacballed. and eagles will get rewarded for the vick and jackson moves with the next cold weather super bowl, at the expense of more deserving chicago.

    we shall see…

  6. motsuret06 says:

    Mar 28, 2014 3:17 PM
    The market just went lower on Desean Jackson and Jaccpot Records. jus sayin
    If all this turns out to be true, he may never play in the NFL again.

    Especially with what’s happened/happening with Hernandez.

  7. PFT is turning into a cheap tabloid rag, sports version of The National Inquirer. What ever happened to journalistic integrity, verifying sources and having a measure of credibility before smearing people in the media to be judged in the court of public opinion. I use to have some respect for Mike Florio, as an attorney I expect more but he is becoming the epitomy of what most people think of lawyers in general. Geez!

  8. Shocking Eagles would cut their third or fourth most productive offensive player. Common sense tells us that have some that there are more reasons behind Jackson’s release. It’s way beyon football ability. Something will be exposed shortly or the Philadelphia Eagles are really stupid.

    I’ll bet on Kelly being right.

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