Mike Evans will attend draft, visit Philly


Not long before the Eagles made the not-surprising-but-still-stunning decision to part ways with receiver DeSean Jackson, a young wideout entering the 2014 NFL draft told PFT Live that he’ll be visiting Philly soon.

Texas A&M receiver Mike Evans, a top-10 prospect, said he’ll visit the Eagles on Monday.

Evans didn’t mention any other teams he’ll be visiting, although there surely will be.  And there surely will be a trip by Evans to New York City in early May.  Evans said he’s been invited to the draft, and he’ll be going.

I haven’t been invited to the draft, but I’ll be going anyway.  And Evans likely will be drafted long before the Eagles are on the clock.

Unless the Eagles trade up.  And they cut a guy today who could have been ammunition in an effort to slide up to the top 10.