Norv Turner calls Johnny Manziel “amazingly accurate”

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Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner came away impressed after the much-hyped Pro Day of former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

He was amazingly accurate,” Turner told the Houston Chronicle. “He showed all the things he needed to show. People who’ve watched a lot of tape on him are pretty familiar with what he can do. It’s good to see a guy in person, though.”

Turner, however, has been talking up other quarterbacks in this year’s draft as well. Turner previously raved about Derek Carr after Fresno State’s Pro Day, and even after Teddy Bridgewater’s Pro Day, which most observers said was disappointing, Turner said he thought Bridgewater looked fine.

So the Vikings are probably going to avoid tipping their hands about which quarterback they like by saying they like every quarterback.

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  1. Even on many of the throws from last season’s tape when he showed awkward mechanics he was often delivering the ball into a catchable area. And he clearly has shown some quality refinement. What else is there to worry about with Manziel now?

  2. I used to respect Norv Turners opinion. That was until he and Chud with all of their wisdom said the Browns best chance of winning last year was by slotting their QB’s in the following order:
    1. Weeden
    2. Campbell
    3. Hoyer

    Our season was over before it even started.

  3. At least if Johnny did get drafted and decided to raise a family here he could sleep easy knowing that his kids can breathe the fresh air, drink the tap water, and have endless outdoor recreational opportunities.

  4. Both Texas teams should go after this guy. I can even see the Cowboys trading up for him.

  5. I used to respect Norv Turners opinion. That was until he and Chud with all of their wisdom said the Browns best chance of winning last year was by slotting their QB’s in the following order:
    1. Weeden
    2. Campbell
    3. Hoyer

    Our season was over before it even started.


    And what evidence do you have that Norv made the depth chart on his own? Don’t you think the OWNER would have a say in putting your recent first round draft pick on the field?

    Besides that, did you see how well Campbell and Hoyer played at times? THAT is one of MANY examples of how Norv gets everything you can possibly get from a QB. Norv did not draft Weeden.

  6. The NFL is a different ballgame. Manziel and his running around might do better in the CFL, where the field is like a half mile wide…

    No one in Cleveland will miss having Norv around.

  7. Please rick spielman please norv turner please mike zimmer take JOHNNY FOOTBALL! PLEASE! Trade up for him if you have to. If he isn’t picked first id trade up to the number 2 spot to take him. If we dont get one of these top 3 QB’s Christian Ponder will take another snap in purple, I dont care if ponder plays in pre season but if he ends up getting another shot in a regular season game it wont be good, the viking fans cant take another ponder go around. He could be a better qb on another team, but he aint gonna work out with the vikes. Hopefully turner doesnt try and be a qb guru and make ponder work. Johnny manziel is the answer ive been saying it for a year now! Can you imagine the playmaker that is johnny maziel with the beast adrian peterson and the lightning bolt cpflash. Manziel will have many weapons around him. I think Minnesota is a perfect fit for him. The strong running game will compliment him very well. Make it happen Spielman!

  8. Hmm Ponder was amazingly accurate as well when he show cased. The game though was different than he was used to with added pressure, his true colors showed. What I want to know is how accurate will he be with the top DE’s trying to brake your bones?

  9. Anyone notice the young, sloppily dressed kid wearing a Vikings shirt who approached Manziel immediately following his workout? Turns out that is Norv’s son, Scott Turner, the Vikings QB coach. If you noticed Manziel’s reaction, it was pretty much like, “who the #$#%* are you”. Not sure how Maziel would take going from his two personal QB coaches Kevin O’Connell and George Whitfield to a kid like Scott Turner.

    To me, if the Vikings were going to draft a QB early, they would have brought in a better QB coach, at least one who has been one before. Last year Scott was the WR coach in Cleveland. Not your ideal person to groom your franchise QB, which has clearly been the missing piece for years. Of course Norv probably only agreed to be OC if his son was on the staff. At least put on some clothes that fit and maybe walk on a treadmill once in a while. He looked like he just came from an all night World of Warcraft session. Just saying…

  10. Puffs of smoke. If he’s available in rd 2, maybe.
    The Vikings will draft the best defensive player available at 8, and there will be excellent linebackers and cornerbackson the board, both positions of need.

  11. @benlarson Quit talking like you know something. Nepotism is huge in the NFL and it doesn’t indicate intentions on QBs. Norv is in charge, don’t make any mistake about it, and he wanted a qb coach who would do what he said, plus what father wouldn’t want to do that for his son if he could.

  12. Dead on banlarson…..we all know fat people are worthless. The vikes should fire him immediately……

  13. Norv is hoping someone else takes him high, so he can play against him, know , full well that people will take his statement and inflate it to enormous proportion.

    Suddenly throwing in your underwear under controlled conditions, is the determining factor.

  14. Bill Belicheck wears sleeveless hooded sweatshirts, Andy Reid looks like a walrus. I don’t think you would question their coaching abilities.

  15. @BenLarson – I love that you think you’re somehow in a position to be able to judge how capable any QB coach in the NFL is. Of course, I come here to get a good laugh at people who know nothing about coaching but love to act like they’re experts.

  16. I sincerely hope and pray that the Vikings make Manziel their Qb with their first round pick.

    Not only will he be a bust, but he will cost the Vikings another 3 years in football futility (defined as finishing in last place, you know, sort of like last year) not to mention the Vikings could have secured a real stud by picking someone worthy of the #8 spot overall.

  17. To heck with all of these unproven rookies. In reality, the Vikings are angling to sign Kevin Kolb as their franchise QB of the future.

    Just kidding in order to make light of the absurd predictions of success in the next season for the plummeting Vikings as they try to catch and overtake the failure ridden Oakland Raiders who are trying to cement their claim to being the worst NFL team in this century. Schaub will just be a repeat of Carson Palmer if they do not protect him, give him a running game to lean on, and sign at least two receivers who can cleanly run accurate routes and then hang on to the ball when it gets there. So far, the Raiders look to no better than last season unless they find a miracle rookie in the draft who will take over the team and lead.

  18. This guy was a great college QB, but has no pocket presence as noted in two years worth of college games. The NFL ain’t college. Remember, Jamarcus Russell, Gabbert, leaf, et al, looked like a hall of famers at their pro days when there were no defenders in their faces. I hope to heck he’s picked before the Vikings pick comes up.

  19. Read between the lines. He said Bridgewater looked fine, but Manziel and Carr looked amazing. Translation, Bridgewater didn’t look good.

    These things get over stated though. Ponder looked stellar at his pro day by all accounts and was Senior Bowl MVP. But unlike Bridgewater, he didn’t have a 38-4 TD-INT ratio coming in.

    It was really funny though because Zimmer talked like he was unimpressed with Manziel while Turner raved. Classic good cop bad cop routine.

  20. Love how they refer to it as a PRO Day.when the receivers are all of the QBs teammates and he’s not facing any defense. I enjoyed watching Manziel play. I think he’s exciting and Fun to watch,but the gushing by the Media over a glorified work out was just ridiculous. There are High School QBs who could have done the same thing under the same circumstances. Judge the Player by what he did on GAME DAY and not in a SCRIPTED work out.

  21. Manziel has proved he can lead a team to win games…Yes, lead a team, look up The Aggies vs Blue Devils game. Manziel showed a lot of leadership qualities during that game. So, he can throw, lead, and win, what else do you want from this guy JFF Haters?

  22. im not sold on him…. his college tapes are inconsistent. I like his fire, competitiveness, his never say die attitude… but his high int ratio what was it like 1 in 3 Tds? I hope we take gilbert or mack or…. and find a QB for turner later… round 2 or 3 or…

  23. I think Norv is going to make this statement about the top 3 or 4 QB’s because their plan is to draft a QB in the 3rd or 4th round and they don’t want any attention focused on the guy they actually want.

  24. there’s no way Manziel gets past cleveland… anthony barr or khalil mack would be scary good for the Vikings defense

  25. Manziel is arrogant and has a superiority complex that won’t quit. He brags about things that haven’t happened yet. He will fit in perfectly in Minnesota.

  26. Frazier is right on. The only way to get Johnnie Football is to trade up and lose draft picks and we DON’T WANT TO DO THAT!!

  27. JFF is a gamer for sure but I’d rather have a qb like Bridgewater who calls his own protections, read defenses, calls audibles, and completes 70% of his passes. JFF does not call his own protections nor can he read defenses anywhere near as well. The Viking have excellent targets in Jennings, Rudolph, Patterson, and Adrian. They don’t need a QB who takes off and runs after two reads no matter how well he can run. The Vikings need an intelligent and accurate pocket passer. They need Teddy Bridgewater NOT JFF.

  28. everyone is getting caught up in the flash that is Johnny… He won’t go top 12 and its incredibly possible we see only one QB go in the top 8 as their are several positional players that are much higher rated by scouts than they typical QB QB draft order.

    Right now, I see the Vikings trading back unless Bridgewater is available at 8. Trade back to somewhere in the top 15 and get QB, Mosley or a CB and then adding a QB, G and LB or CB in the second round. With the additional 3rd, it is likely Rick will try his hardest to either have two 1st rounders this year or one 1st and three 2nds.

    Vikings still have huge holes on the roster. CB / S / LB / G / QB (future) / backup RB that will be filled in with a 4th or 5th rounder. with that said, trading up int he 1st will not happen, Rick needs all the draft picks he can get his hands on in the top 2 rounds, he needs starters

  29. I agree with norseyapper when stated:
    Mar 28, 2014 10:02 AM
    Puffs of smoke. If he’s available in rd 2, MAYBE.(I hope not)
    The Vikings will draft the best defensive player available at #8, and there will be excellent an linebacker and/or cornerback to choose, both positions are of need. DEFENSE needs more help than OFFENSE. Guaranteed; VIKINGS first two picks will be DEFENSE, then are QB will be drafted in late 2nd round, because of the pick we acquired when trading down in first round. IT’S MONEY!

  30. Zimmer quote:

    “For me, it’s the character of the guy. Will this guy lead our football team?” Zimmer said. “I want to make sure that the guy we bring in has the athletic ability but I also want him to have my persona. Because him and I are going to be tied together, whoever we draft. I don’t want him to be a completely different personality from me if I can help it. I want this guy to be a leader and a guy who wants to take a bunch a guys and make a great franchise.

    This quote sounds more like Bortles, Carr, Garoppolo, McCarron, Fales or Murray and less like Manziel or Mettenberger. Bortles will more than likely be taken in the top 5. If they can trade down 5-7 spots my guess would be Carr. Murray is coming off an injury and I don’t think they will wait that long to draft a QB. Carr and Garoppolo both had very personality test scores indicative of success for becoming franchise QB’s, they both have big arms that fit Turner’s offense and both are not diva’s that would have the head coach want to kick their ass day in and day out. Manziel and Zimmer does not sound likely. Bridgewater is a possibilty but I don’t see it as being likely. Just my opinion at this time.

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