Packers to give JC Tretter first shot at center job

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When Scott Wells left following the 2011 season, the Green Bay Packers elected to sign Jeff Saturday in free agency to fill their hole at the center position.

As it turns out, the best answer was already on their roster in Evan Dietrich-Smith.

The Packers are hoping the same logic will apply this time around after Dietrich-Smith signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason.

According to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers will give the first shot at their vacant center position to former fourth-round pick JC Tretter.

Tretter didn’t play in a game for the Packers last season as he spent most of the season on the physically unable to perform list with a broken ankle suffered in training camp. He came off PUP late in the season and practiced with the team down the stretch but didn’t play

However, head coach Mike McCarthy said at the owner’s meetings in Orlando, Fla. that Tretter may have earned the starting job over Dietrich-Smith last year had he not been injured.

“Good question,” McCarthy said. “We obviously were very excited about him when we drafted him.”

The Packers are still kicking the tires on other veteran options as well. Mike McGlynn met with the Packers earlier this week and has experience at center as well.

No matter who takes over for Dietrich-Smith, they will be the fourth different center to work with Aaron Rodgers in the last three seasons along with Wells, Saturday and Dietrich-Smith.

28 responses to “Packers to give JC Tretter first shot at center job

  1. Ted has the piece in place for center. Now just go to the draft and pick up a safety, lb, and wr with 4 picks in the first 98 and we will be in contention once again.

  2. He’s a better athlete than EDS – he’ll have Josh Sitton helping him out.

    and if he doesn’t work out – then just throw Barclay at center, he can run block.

  3. Atleast u get to play on that mediocre o line instead of that pathetic laughable defense.they should just find any overweight cheesehead fan to play center,they would probably be better than what you have but that’s not saying much and eventually they will get lazy.notice how the vikings o line is already intact.SKOL

  4. The only requirement for any packers o-linemen is strong hands due to all of the holding they are allowed to get away with since their terrible!

  5. Aaron Rodgers is a system QB. Aaron Rodgers is all the Packers have. Aaron Rodgers will suck because he has no line to protect him. Aaron Rodgers….

    After 6 years of all that and four straight years of a Super Bowl and division titles, you’d have think that division rival fans would do one of two things. Realize that their football analysis is flawed or that as bad as the Packers are, they continue to be better than their team.

  6. An unproven second year player that didn’t play high level college ball and has never played center? At least he’s only protecting one of the highest paid players in the league.

  7. The younger players like Tretter are hungry for that coveted first world championship of their careers, so that their names will be immortalized alongside the all time Packer greats.

  8. just wait til linval joseph and sharrif floyd throw this guy out outta the way and slam rodgers into the ground and tell us all how its a good idea again

  9. Why do Vikings fans think the Packers O-line is the worst in football? If that were true, that would make Eddie Lacy a better running back than AP. As a Packers fan, I don’t believe that’s true, but I guess it’s good to get those kinds of props from Vikings fans.

  10. Floyd going to throw him around? That first round scrub barely seen the field last year. The vikings line was one of worst look it up.

  11. hahahahahaha…another low round draft pick expected to start. Typical Thompson…Without the Packer (not plural since there is only 1 legit player)..This practice squad would win about 3 games. Look at last year…

  12. You Viking fans must feel awfully foolish getting beat, year in and year out, by just 1 player.
    I mean, especially with your “stacked” roster you’re always bragging about.
    Viking fans are hilarious and stupid.

    Tretter was in the works last year to compete at Center until he broke his ankle, this isn’t exactly new news.
    Even so, I still expect Green Bay to draft one or at least a lineman that’s projected that way.

  13. hopefully someday the economy in the waste land to the east of the Great State of Minnesota, will finally turn around so the packers can afford a real center…. All kidding aside, did you know that the Great State of Minnesota has been ranked higher in basically every category, than “wisconsin”. infact “wisconsin” doesn’t even crack the top 10 in any category.. sad I know, but don’t fret. The Great State of Minnesota is still here to provide for you needy folks. Jobs, non-pretend healthcare, overall quality of living.. You folks may have a more successful football team. we have a more successful state.. like you know where you choose to call home… if not for “wisconsins” one profitable company know as the Packers, “wisconsin” would be the siberia of the United States….

  14. To BE the best, you’ve got to BEAT the best… and the Pack has just owned the division, and everyone else in it, for quite a few years now. That’s the reality of it.

    One day, the Pack will fall behind… but today is not that day.

  15. I’m not a mathologist, but Wells in 2011, Saturday/Dietrich-Smith in 2012, Dietrich-Smith in 2013 and Tretter in 2014 seems like four different centers in FOUR years.

  16. I’m not a mathologist, but Wells in 2011, Saturday/Dietrich-Smith in 2012, Dietrich-Smith in 2013 and Tretter in 2014 seems like four different centers in FOUR years.

  17. Here is question for Packer fans. If your hats are made of cheddar how come they have the holes of swiss? You think people that got that fat on cheese would know the difference.

  18. It doesn’t matter what a viking fan says. At the end of the day, the packers have owned that team. Their words mean nothing if they can’t back up their trash talk. Just a bunch of trolling words that show their jealousy.

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