PFT Live: Mike Evans and Dolphins talk with Armando Salguero


For the last few days, most of the references to Texas A&M’s workout for scouts were called “Johnny Manziel’s pro day.”

Of course, there were other people there, including a guy who made Manziel look very good throwing deep balls.

Aggies wide receiver Mike Evans, himself a first-round prospect, will join Mike Florio today on PFT Live to talk about his thoughts on his own pre-draft process, and his rock-star quarterback.

We’ll also catch up with Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald to get the latest on the Dolphins, who added some legitimacy to their ground game with the signing of Knowshon Moreno.

You can see it all by clicking right here at noon, ET.

9 responses to “PFT Live: Mike Evans and Dolphins talk with Armando Salguero

  1. I wouldn’t say Manziel did things differently than everybody else, he did things the right way, and everybody else just looks silly going out there without the gear on. He was normal while everybody else chose to be abnormal. Maybe because they aren’t real gamers I don’t know why they did that. They got bad advice if they weren’t encouraged to do things the way that Manziel did. I don’t want to see a QB throw the ball without any pads or helmet on.

  2. Great interview with Evans, he had some good answers. I like the contrast between him and Ebron with that draft invite question. Ebron went into a whirlwind of an answer, but what did Mike Evans say to those 2 questions?

    Yes. Yes.

    Simple, sweet, and short. That’s impressive for such a tall fella!

  3. No way he lasts until 19, but you can still trade up for him! I think he should go in the Top 10, I like this guy a lot. What would you like to offer to Detroit at 10 if he makes it that far?

  4. Mike Evans, the man who made Manziel should go way before him.

    Minus the jump balls to Evans, Johnny Wildcat is relegated to the 3rd ring of a 3 ring circus.

  5. make or break year for the dolphins. lets hope ryan Tan can take that step.. i mean jets and bills are no problem and we can beat the pats 1 time.. linebacker away from a better def

  6. The first thing Miami needs to do is get Stephen LOSS to SELL THE TEAM! The second thing would be to MOVE THE TEAM! The third would be to FIRE JOE PHILBIN!

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