Redskins sign veteran center Mike McGlynn

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There is other business in the NFL right now.

Thus, the Redskins have signed someone who is not DeSean Jackson.

The team announced they had signed veteran center Mike McGlynn, who had drawn interest from several teams.

The Titans, Rams and Packers had all shown interest in the 29-year-old, who spent the last two seasons with the Colts.

When the Redskins released center Will Montgomery, the reported plan was to shift guard Kory Lichtensteiger inside, but McGlynn gives them another big and experienced body in the middle.

Also, he is not DeSean Jackson.

17 responses to “Redskins sign veteran center Mike McGlynn

  1. Mcglynn is terrible, but he’s better than the two bums we have competing for the center job.

  2. rufustfireflyjr says:
    Mar 28, 2014 3:37 PM
    The ‘Skins signed him as a depth guy for their interior O-line, so “OK” is good enough.
    Hopefully “OK” can beat out Chris Chester in training camp, because he is “Terrible”– at least in pass protection. I like the Redskins new Mike McCarthy approach of limited spending in free agency to keep the team together. But it won’t matter how well the team stays together if Griffin keeps taking hits like he did last year.

  3. billco6192013 says:
    Mar 28, 2014 4:51 PM
    Another old guy getting over paid by the skins
    825k for a one year deal with a 29-year-old backup. It’s Adam Archuleta all over again.

  4. When does 29 make you old, especially for the interior OL. The Redskins have done a good job so far with the money that they have.

    They had to sign Orakpo with the franchise tag or let him go somewhere else and continue develop into a superior DE or OLB. They’ve done too much of that in the past for the benefit of other teams.

    This guy McGlynn is not the best, but a good pick up to up grade and add depth to an awful OL that gave up almost 30 sacks last year.

    He kept Andrew Luck upright enough for the play offs so he should be able to hold a pass block for 3 seconds.

    RGIII and Kirk were running for their lives at the snap of the ball on almost every pass play. Montgomery is a bum and Chester is terrible.

    They needed to overhaul the OL and they are doing that at a modest price with cap room left.

  5. He blocks a lot of air in pass protection. Really. When he snaps the ball he chops his feet and avoids contact on pass plays. He is an aggressive run blocker though. He gives you 100% effort every play. But as James Ingram said in his song: “But I guess my best wasn’t good enough”… with that said, I hope he makes the team.

  6. You’ve got to be kidding me if you think this is a dumb move for the redskins. McGlynn can play any position on the offensive line which brings even more “Depth” than most of you realize. Why don’t you watch actual games with him from last year with the Colts and tell me his footwork and aggressiveness won’t help any quarterback in the league. There’s a reason why a lot of teams wanted him in the first place.

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