Report: Chiefs are pursuing DeSean Jackson


Big Red and Little DeSean could be getting together again.

We suggested during Friday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN keeping an eye on the Chiefs.  Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star reports that, indeed, the Chiefs are keeping an eye on Jackson.

Per Paylor, the Chiefs are pursuing Jackson, whom coach Andy Reid drafted back in 2008.

The NFLPA’s daily cap report pegs the Chief’s cap space at $4.5 million.  Which could make it difficult to afford Jackson.

But it’s fairly easy to create cap space, if a team wants to do it.  Contracts can be restructured easily, creating more than enough cap room to afford Jackson.

With the Broncos going all in to pursue a championship and plenty of Chiefs players leaving via free agency, Jackson would help Kansas City close the gap with the three-time defending division champions in Denver.

73 responses to “Report: Chiefs are pursuing DeSean Jackson

  1. Makes sense. That’d be a heck of a fast offense with Jackson and Charles… geez.

  2. They need to keep 1.5-2 mil for draft signings. So they really only have 2.5-3 in available cap to sign DJax. Contract wizardry is great in all, but I don’t think they could manage this.

  3. Hard to believe they would do a signing bonus for him, which would also be a way to keep under the cap for this year……

  4. Eric berry is redoing his contract. he hinted at it on his Facebook page. his cap number his huge and this would create the space for Jackson

  5. So they want to acquire a legit deep threat receiver but they have a qb who rarely takes chances down field. Seems like Jackson would get tired of captain check-down real quick..

  6. They better be pursuing a new quarterback if they want to actually throw the ball down the field. Otherwise Jackson would be useless on that team.

  7. This was my first thought after he got released. We all know Andy don’t care what gang you’re in.

  8. Theres no way on earth Reid gets DeSean. He grilled him all the time with his off field life. No way he brings that guy there.

    Plus crips only wear blue.

  9. ^
    Gee whiz you Chiefs fans are sensitive about your QB. You haven’t even heard the trade offers yet!

    Forget it then, just extend some of the best young players and you have all kinds of room.

  10. You don’t need to heave the ball 60 yds down the field to get it to Jackson. Alex has a stronger arm than many think…he’s historically had mostly possession type receivers to throw to. Jackson would give the Chiefs a legit downfield threat…trust me Alex could get it to him.

  11. As a Chiefs fan I am weary of a guy that reportedly wasnt happy making 10 million a year and wasnt the best locker room teamate. Yes he is talented, and he would help this offense alot. But, there defense is what let them down last year. They gave up alot of yards towards the end of season and the Colts tore them apart in the playoffs.

  12. Raiders……he will not wear red….no way….that is why he went to cal, and not usc

  13. What is with these morons once again saying that Alex Smith can’t throw the deep ball? They say it every year and he proves them wrong every year. If they knew football they would realize Alex Smith plays to the way the game is played. If he doesn’t have to make plays, he’s a game manager. However if he does have to make plays he’s lights out.

    “Alex Smith has 9 TDs, 0 INTs, 873 pass yards in 3 playoff starts. 127 rush yards. 7.66 YPA.”

    Nuff said.

  14. the nfl, due to the alleged gang ties, may be pulling the strings on this one. they may have urged eagles to cut him and will urge teams not to sign him.

    nfl may want jackson out of the league if the gang ties are indeed true.

  15. He’ll never go to the Chiefs – their colors are red like the Bloods, Jackson is a Crip. They wear blue.

  16. I think these uneducated posters need to watch the “Alex Smith Deep Ball Myth” on youtube. Go get learned.

  17. Sure seems like a lot of you people don’t understand the salary cap. The Chiefs can very easily create the cap space if they want to.

    It’s been reported by MANY now that the ‘gang’ ties are being blown out of proportion. It was an excuse used by the Eagles to cut a guy they didn’t want to pay. DJax has some unsavory friends…..shocking!

  18. As a Chiefs fan, I don’t want to risk signing Jackson, if the reports we are hearing have any validity. I’ve also read where he isn’t well-liked by his teammates, misses meetings and we all saw how he sulked and wouldn’t give much effort, when he was wanting more money. There is nothing worse than someone tearing a locker-room apart, or who alientates teammates and coaches with his selfishness. Chief fans need to take a breath and evaluate the pros vs,. the cons. The Eagles obviously didn’t want him, after one of his most productive seasons. That should tell us something. The Eagles center basically said “good riddance”, in a tweet about Jackson.

  19. The Chiefs don’t have the cap room or a QB. Let’s be very clear; Alex Smith on his best day couldn’t beat Andrew Luck on his worst day.

  20. My apologies to Alex Smith and Chiefs fans. I have to admit Alex Smith is a halfway decent QB. Against the Colts it was in the first half.

  21. uhhh go check all the QBs tat brought two different franchises to the playoffs and it will be a bunch of above average QBs including Peyton Manning

  22. Andy did a great job with Jackson with McNabb and Vick throwing him some deep balls. Alex Smith just isn’t that down the field QB. He opened up a little bit last season but KC fans are dreaming if they think Jackson is the piece that opens up that passing game.

    As for the deep ball “myth”, you know he has played in 100 games right and in 100 games of football some deep balls are going to be made. I bet you I can put together a Jamarcus Russell highlight reel. Look at Smith’s 6.5 Yards/A versus Rogers 8.22 yards/A.

  23. I’d be disappointed in Reid if he went for DJax… he should know better… TO??

  24. rumor is that the Redskins are also trying to land jackson and are tryig to create cap space. word in ashburn is that desean jackson will have a visit on monday and Gruden doesnt want him to leave without a contract.

    Rg3 , Morris, garçon, Roberts, Moss, jordan Reed, Logan “Thor” Paulson and soon to be Desean Jackson and Owen Daniels all on the feild at the same time!!! that offense will be lethal and creat carnage on defenses.

  25. The Chiefs had a very unusual season, good for them. This year they will have a usual season and be lucky to have 7 wins. Currently living in Philly the Eagle fans were beyond excited when Reid was sent packing. Hr was lucky he had alot of injured players returning, but last year was an aberration and one more year of those KC ribs will cause him to EXPLODE. Peyton will be broken this year

  26. Cant believe I am the first to comment on that unreal photo. Its an amazing shot, for numerous reasons. Just wish I could see how high reid got off the ground. Thats typically not a fat mans celebration.

  27. alex smith didn’t play against andrew luck in that playoff game. he played against the colts defense, and andrew luck played against the chiefs defense. alex actually put up better numbers – one of the best playoff performances in recent history – but his defense let him and the team down.

  28. Colts fan, and was at the playoff game, and the Colts didn’t “rip KC apart”. If it hadn’t been for a fumble that Andrew Luck picked up and went Superman with, the Chiefs would have won the game. As for Alex Smith, I was impressed with the strength he had throwing the ball after hearing all the ‘no arm’ stuff. You don’t have to throw a ball 50 yards to someone like Jackson to score TD’s. Throw him a 20 yard up and out, and let him run the rest of the way. Pretty simple really. The off field matters are a different story, of which we the fans actually no very little about.

  29. I am reading some comments about restructuring Bowes contract and that is ludicrous. The Chiefs are getting a discount against the cap this year with Bowes contract and any restructuring will cost them cap space. The players deals that need to be redone are Eric Berry, Tambia Hali and Brandon Flowers contracts. Do not believe me the go to and see for yourself.

  30. slick50ks says: Mar 28, 2014 8:35 PM

    One thing we do know for a fact. Jackson isn’t nearly old enough, and past his prime for the faiders to try to sign him.
    Average age of Oakland’s current roster is 25.8. The Chiefs? 25.9. Don’t let facts overwhelm you the way third grade did.

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